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05/05/2022: The subdivision water system startup will begin on Saturday May 21.  Once system startup procedures, water testing and approvals from Mono County Health Department are complete it is estimated we will begin serving members with potable water around Thursday the 26th or Friday the 27th.  An update will be provide when the date is known.

Road conditions in the subdivision still have some snow on roads especially in shaded areas. However, Pinecrest is drivable to Tip Top with some snow on road surfaces and Summit is drivable to the top. Other road surfaces still have snow but should be accessible within the next week or so if temperatures remain warm.

Ice conditions on Big Virginia Lake opening day was around 3 feet thick with no open shore except for a small area where water enters from Blue. There were approximately 35-45 hardy fisherman on the lake. A couple trucks were parked at the Little Virginia resort driveway but heard the lake had some open areas. Trumbull had no vehicle parked at the entrance gate and lake surface was not observed. Weather condition were clear sky and a very slight wind during the morning and early afternoon, however it got windy and cold in the late afternoon.

Several large rainbows were observed caught around the 3.9 pound range that had been tagged  by Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Foundation (BFEF). One 3 pounders tag was dated 2021 with the fish being 18 1/4 inches long.

Fishing on Sunday was also busy with similar weather. Come Monday the wind had picked up and was pretty strong with few folks on the lake. Wednesday very few fisherman were on the lake and the lake surface had soft snow slush due to warmer weather. However the ice depth was still around 3 feet with some new open water at the outlet area. Shore line did not have any open water areas except at the inlet and outlet areas. Some darker areas on the surface were appearing towards the southwest areas of Big Virginia.

Check out the "Picture" tab for a few pictures.

On Friday, May 29, Mono County installed 25 MPH Zone Ahead and 25 MPH signs at the East and West ends of the subdivision along the Virginia Lakes Road. This should help in keeping the vehicle traffic speed down. A speed study was completed a year or so ago and it is assumed the new speed signs area result of that study.

04/25/2022:  The annual assessment billing was sent out today April  25. Payment is due by July 31, 2022. A late payment fee of $50 will be applied if payment is not postmarked July 31 or prior.

Weather conditions have been warm lately but there was 8 inches of new snow received last week. 
Summit Drive is somewhat drivable but the remainder of the subdivision roads are not. Ice conditions on the Virginia Lakes is questionable for opening day on Saturday April 30th. Should the lake ice be soft caution should be taken or remain completely off the lakes. An updated report will be provided on Thursday or Friday of this week on ice conditions., 

04/02/2022:  Big Virginia Lake still has ice and snow on it. With opening day 4 weeks away there is a possibility the ice may not be safe to walk on unless weather conditions change. Check out the pictures tab for a few pictures of the lake and roadway from 4/1/22.

03/31/2022:  Virginia Lakes road is open all the way to Big Virginia Lake. Drive safely as there is still some snow and ice on the roadway in several areas. Subdivision roads are not drivable. Check out the "Pictures" tab for some recent pictures.

03/28/2022:  Last week Mono County began plowing Virginia Lakes Road on Monday the 21st. By Thursday they had made it to Dunderberg Meadow Road. No plowing was done on Friday the 25th. Today, Monday 3/28 they made it into the subdivision area. Some areas were full two lanes and others were one lane. A road closure sign is posted in an area to show that is not safe to legally drive beyond the sign.

Two vehicles had driven up to Trumbull Lake campground entrance area on top of the hard packed snow on Tuesday the 22nd. They got stuck up at the Trumbull area and had to dig down to the road base, a good 3-4 feet, to get the vehicles out and moving. However, they got stuck again around Lodgepole. High Sierra Snow Cat folks helped to get one of the vehicles out but the other one was still stuck in the middle of VL Road as of today 3/28. That particular vehicle a Jeep Cherokee had some damage done to it when trying to extract it from being stuck. It was heard that the vehicle occupants spend at least 3 nights in their vehicles. Some pictures will be posted shortly to show the effort they went to get out.

The annual member assessment letter and billing will be sent out the first part of May - Please keep an eye out for it and get your assessment payment in as early as possible so this summer projects can be fully funded.

Snow level in the subdivision was still around 2-3 feet with some drifts higher. Recent temperatures have been high during the day but still cooler at night.

It is anticipated that the water systems will be turned on in late May timeframe depending on weather, snow and temperatures. An update will be provided once that date is known.

03/17/2022:  No recent snowstorms just a few small showers of a few inches now and then. Current snow level varies from 2-3 feet with some higher drifts and in shaded areas. Virginia Lakes road remains closed at the lower parking area. Snow conditions on Virginia Lakes road are getting iffy with some road areas bare. Cross county travel is pretty much impossible due to lack of snow. The bypass area just west of the bridge is lacking of snow in some areas but somewhat passible.

Mono County is planning to begin clearing VL Road starting next week, hopefully Monday the 21st. They have already deployed a snow blower and grader to the parking area to start the clearing.

Temp have been cool at night in the 20s but getting into the 40 during daytime. The hard pack snow is softening up during the day resulting in post holing when walking around. Winds have been high at times in the 60 plus range but no trees have been observed down with a limited review.

01/22/2022:  Virginia Lakes road remains closed at the lower parking lot. The road in however is passible by foot, ski, snowmobile etc. on hard packed snow that is somewhat rough. Snow depths vary along the road depending on snowdrifts and sun exposure from 1 foot to three feet or more. There are a few open road areas but mainly along the sides.

In the subdivision snow depths are generally around 3 to 4 feet but some areas have snow drifts from prior winds. The snow is fairly hard and dense.

Temps have been in the low 10s at night to the mid 30s during the daytime.

Big Virginia Lake has drifts on it but some area of the parking lot are bare.

Check out the "Pictures" tab for a few recent pictures.

01/03/2022:  Happy New Year! Snow level in the subdivision is high according to several sources. Wind drifts are everywhere! Snow level in some areas are 8 to 10 feet.

High Sierra Snowcat & Yurt put in a track on VL Road to Rand road this last weekend and cut a track through the bypass area (just past and to left of the bridge) below the helo port to avoid the huge snow drift above the bridge area at the top of the incline. Travel on VL Road should be much better for snowmobilers etc. Road is closed at the lower parking lot - but the parking area has been plowed.

Storms around Christmas time were pretty heavy with snow too deep and soft to run a Polaris Ranger with snow tracks with out bottoming out. Be careful on lower Pinecrest, near VL Road, if you go up as the Shaff's Ranger is parked to the side and stuck for the time being. Winds were pretty high during the snow storm and there has not been a report of any downed trees. But - keep an eye out as some could be down or hung up!

Schat Internet service is currently offline due to equipment outage at the Baggett cabin. Power is fine at the cabin but Schat equipment is not working. Schat techs plan on going up this week sometime to determine what the cause is.

No photos have been received from those that have been up - so can't post anything to show what it looks like up there.

High Sierra Snowcat & Yurt folks will be back up this coming weekend and will continue maintaining a track on VL Road.

If you have any recent photos of the area. - please send to and I will review and post appropriate photos received.

12/22/2021:  Great information was received from Mike Deacon of High Sierra Snowcat & Yurt. They put in a snowcat track on VL Road yesterday the 21st from the lower parking lot to their yurt site at the upper campground area (along VL Creek) just above Dunderberg Meadow Road.. Also after this new storm cycle they plan to improve and maintain the track on the road.

12/20/2021:  Virginia Lakes Road was closed last week by Mono County at the lower parking lot near 395 due to a snow storm that came in last week. A new storm is coming in this week which may keep the road closed longer or for the remainder of the season. You can check the road closure at the Mono County Road Status link at:

Trash service ended for the season on Thursday !2/9. Please take your trash home with you when visiting your property/cabin to make the dumpster space available for full-time residents. Trash service will not resume until the May/June time frame in 2022 depending on road and snow conditions.

Check out the "Pictures" Tab for some recent pictures that have been provided by members of the road and surrounding areas.

10/23/21:   The water systems have been shutdown for the winter season. Winter water is available at the overflow pipe by the solar shed. It is also available at the yard hydrants at the bottom of streets along Virginia Lakes Road. A winter water key is required to opened the yard hydrants except at Glacier Dr. keys are $5 for members only and available per request via the “contact us” tab. Check out a couple pictures at the 
Pictures Tab"

Due to a change in current and future weather and temperature conditions, the water systems will be shut down earlier than 10/23 & 10/24 as previously planned. The new schedule is a follows:

  • High tank system will be shutdown Wednesday 10/20 by noon.
  • Low tank system will be shutdown Thursday 10/21 by noon
  • Gravity system will be shutdown Friday 10/22 by 10:00am.

10/15/2021:  There will be a Board meeting on Friday October 22, 2021 at 1:00 PM to be held at 50 Tamarack Lane. Members are welcome to attend but no guests. Due to COVID-19 concerns Social Distancing and face masks will be required for all attending. A notice of this meeting will also be posted 10/15  on the bulletin board at the Solar Pump House. If any member would like a copy of the agenda sent electronically, please complete the form on the "Contact Us" tab.

The subdivision had freezing temperatures 4 days ago resulting in the the pump house and pumps system freezing up. As a result, the pumps will remain shutdown for the remainder of the season. Current water levels in the high and low tanks should be sufficient to last until the season shutdown is started on Saturday October 23. Should the tanks water supplies run out prior to shutdown they will not be refilled. Check out a couple pictures at the "Pictures Tab" of the pump house area from 10/12 of the freeze!

If you have not shut your cabin or lot water system down it is suggested you do so before another freeze comes in.

09/26/2021:  The water system shut-down for the winter will begin on Saturday October 23 and will finish on Sunday October 24. It is anticipated that the high tank system (Summit Dr.) will begin on the 23rd and the Low tank system and gravity on the 24th. Winter water will be available from the overflow at the Solar pump shed area and at the yard hydrants along VL Road as in previous winters.

09/03/2021:  Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest has closed or restricted some areas. For further details please check out their site:

08/19/2021:  On 08/17/2021, due to extreme fire dangers, Mono County Supervisors approved an "Urgency Ordinance" Prohibiting Open Fires on Private Property and County-Operated Campgrounds within the Unincorporated areas of Mono County. The ordinance was effective immediately. As such - Outdoor fires, including campfires, bonfires, pit firs, stick fires or an other open flame fire (but excluding propane or charcoal barbecues used for cooking) are hereby prohibited on all private lands within the unincorporated area of Mono County and within all County-operated campgrounds ({i.e., Lundy Campground. We have placed temporary notices on the dumpster, log cabin and solar pump shed bulletin board until we can obtain copies of the sign Ordinance.

07/27/2021:  A set of keys with a key fob were found at Lodgepole and Virginia Lakes Road. If you have lost your keys - please check out the ""Pictures" tab to view a picture of the keys. If you can identify the various keys and markings on them they will be mailed to you - but you will need to pay the postage. - If they are yours - sent a note via the "Contact Us" tab and you will be contacted.

Very high fire potential in all areas on Mono County. No outdoor fires are recommended anywhere in the subdivision - you don't want to be liable for starting a fire!!

07/16/2021:  The Purple Air quality sensor at Virginia Lakes is back on line. To check the air quality - go to the "Links" tab and click on the "Virginia Lakes Subdivision - Purple Air Sensor" link.

A reminder: Yearly water assessment payments are due by July 31. To avoid the late payment of $50 your assessment must be paid or postmarked by July 31.

06/28/2021:  The Virginia Lakes Road (VLR) Slurry project has been completed and the road has been stripped. Some signage has been replaced but the speed limit signs are pending installation. The County recently completed a speed study on VLR this spring  in the subdivision area beginning at Glacier Dr. so it is possible the existing 25 MPH speed may increase to a new level as traffic speeds have tended to be higher.

Reminder: The annual Member meeting is Saturday, July 3 at 2:00 p.m. A meeting agenda will be posted at the solar shed bulletin board. Any member wishing a copy of the the agenda via email can go to the "Contact Us" tab and request a copy be sent to them via email.

06/20/2021:  Happy Father's Day!

Beginning Monday 6/21, a slurry mix will be placed on Virginia Lakes Road over the existing asphalt paving. It is understood that this will take approximately one week. There will be traffic escorts on the road by the contractor to move vehicle traffic around their work areas. Please drive slowly to ensure safety of yourself, other traffic, pedestrians and the workers. We currently do not know if road stripping will take place immediately after the slurry mix had dried.

The Annual Member meeting will take place on Saturday, July 3 at 2:00 PM at the pump house location - 67 Tip Top Lane. Please bring a chair for comfort. Please maintain a safe distance between all members and wearing of face masks at this time is required to ensure safety of all in attendance. Some packaged refreshments will be made available. This meeting may be longer than prior meetings as we will also be presenting information that would have been given during the 2020 meeting that was cancelled due to COVID-19.

As a reminder, Yearly water assessments are due and/or postmarked by July 31 to avoid the $50 late fee. Feel free to bring your assessment payment to the meeting if you have not already sent it in.

All current Board Members are willing to serve for this coming 21-22 period. Any other member(s) wishing to be a candidate for a board position should be prepared to present their qualifications and be nominated. 

06/13/2021:  There will be a Board meeting on Friday June 18, 2021 at 10:00 AM to be held at 50 Tamarack Lane. Members are welcome to attend but no guests. Due to COVID-19 concerns Social Distancing and face masks will be required for all attending. There will be no refreshments provided. A notice of this meeting will also be posted 06/13 on the bulletin board at the Solar Pump House. If any member would like a copy of the agenda sent electronically, please complete the form on the "Contact Us" tab.

05/25/2021:  Water system start-up has been completed. Authorization from Mono County Heath Department has been received to begin water service beginning Wednesday May 26. Luckily there were no broken service pipes or valves left open to member lots this start-up. All water tests have been completed. Please remember to conserve water. Thank you to board members Eric, David, Ross, and volunteer Steve Peters for getting the system up and running after our winter shutdown.

The water system start-up will begin on Saturday May 22. Once the start-up process is completed, water samples submitted for testing, and approval is received from Mono County Health Department to begin serving potable water to members, an update will be posted on the website. The anticipated date to begin service to members is Thursday May 27.

05/04/2021:  The annual assessment billing will be sent out on May 5. Payment is due by July 31, 2021. A late payment fee of $50 will be applied if payment is not postmarked July 31 or prior.

There is a possible opening on the water board for the coming 2021/22 season. If you as a member are interested in becoming a board member - please submit your name along with info/experiences/qualifications etc. that would make you a good candidate for the board opening via the "Contact Us" tab. All candidates would need to be present at the annual member meeting on July 3rd to present themselves for nomination should the board opening become available. More info will be provided closer to the meeting.

Opening day 4/24 was windy and cold! There were around 40 plus folks on the lake but winds were very high and cold. Most fish caught were pan size but a few bigger ones were caught and lost.

During trip to the subdivision 4-20 to 4-29 the snow in the subdivision varied from zero feet in open sun areas to 4 feet in shaded areas. Temps were from 13.1 at night to 46.7 during the days, with some windy, cloudy and clear days. The projected snow fall of 6-12 inches never happened with only 1/4 inch one day and 1/2 inch another. The only subdivision road drivable was from VL Rd. on Tip Top to just a little above Hawthorne. Snow on the lower portion of Summit Dr. was melting quickly and by 4/29 was almost drivable to the snow drift.

Check out the "Picture tab" for around 23 new pictures.

04/18/2021:  Latest word yesterday from Caroline from the resort that there was 4-5 feet of snow and ice on Big and Little Virginia Lakes. No info on Trumbull Lake. VL Road is plowed all the way to Big Virginia. Roads in the subdivision are still covered with snow and are not drivable yet. The snow drift up on Summit drive is much less that previous years and is melting out fairly quickly. Some additional cinders are going to be placed on the snow there to help the melt. check out the "Pictures" tab for a few recent pictures.

04/07/2021: Per email from members at the sub-division VL Road is cleared all the way to Trumbull campground.

04/05/2021: Note today from Kevin Julian - Road Operation Superintendent - Mono County:

Please forgive the delay in sending this email out.  I have communicated with a number of you individually, but for the group – we are starting our clearing of Virginia Lakes Road today.  I cannot give you specific details on how much we can clear each day, but we will have it opened by the 24th.   We plan on moving the closure to the closest safe place behind where our work ends for the day so you will see a moving target in that regard.

04/01/2021:  Latest word is that Mono County will start plowing Virginia Lakes Road beginning Monday 4/5 in preparation for clearing the road for opening weekend of fishing season.

03/13/2021:  Recent snow storm brought in about 4-6 inches of new snow in the last couple of days. There is between 3-4 feet of snow with drifts in windy areas much higher. Virginia Lakes Road remains closed with parking down at the lower parking area just in a way from 395. Check out the pictures page for a picture from today - 3-12 looking south from Tip Top down to Summit Dr. and a couple taken from a commercial aircraft on 3-5 of the Big V area.

Yearly member letter and water assessments will be going out the first part of May - so keep an eye for for that. Also all new members will receive their new member letter and member certificate at the same time.

02/01/2021:  The recent storm dumped a lot of snow in the subdivision and surrounding areas. It was reported that there was 8 feet up on Summit Dr. As of yesterday: Lower parking not yet cleared by Caltrans. Snowcat came all the way down to 395. Snow drifts 4’-5’, but also bare asphalt in spots. check out the "Pictures" tab for some pictures on VL Road just above the bridge crossing and below the Helo pad area.

01/25/2021:  A winter storm is coming in this week. Prior to this, weather has been pretty nice and VL Road open. However with this coming storm there is a possibility that VL Road will be closed at the lower parking area near 395. To determine if VL Road has been closed - check out the "Road Closure:" link at  - - Please see the message below:

Good morning Virginia Lakes Home Owners:

We have enjoyed some pretty calm weather patterns so far this season which has made it possible to keep VL Road open.  However, with the combination of wind and snow fall predicted for this week (Wed night – Thursday especially)  we can expect significant drifting at the road cuts – so please be prepared for temporary to permanent closure at the lower parking lot.  Tomorrow (1/26/21) the “Road Closed” sign will be placed at the bottom parking lot, and the road will be open to over-snow travel. Residents are encouraged to relocate wheeled vehicles to bottom parking lot prior to the closure. The closure determination will be revisited every weekday thereafter, and snow removal operations will resume when weather, avalanche conditions, and resources permit.  

Please share this message with others as my contact list from last year may be incomplete.

Kevin Julian

Road Operations Superintendent

Mono County

C: 760-616-4365

D: 760-932-5449

01/05/2021:  Happy New year! There is approximately 1 to 2 feet of snow in the subdivision with some areas having more due to drifts and shading. Approximately 8 inches of new snow fell around December 27/28. Subdivision roads are not drivable however some folks have tried! Temps during the holidays varied from a low of 4.5 to a high of 34.7. Winds were low most of the time. Some storms have been predicted for heavy snow fall recently but have not happened as of yet. Mono County has kept Virginia Lakes Road plowed during weekdays but do not plow on the weekends.

Trash service has been stopped for the winter. Last pickup was on Thursday December 31. Service will not be resumed until the May timeframe depending on weather/snow conditions. It is important for all members to take their trash home with them during the winter  when visiting so that room in the dumpster remains for the full-time residents during the winter.

Check out the "Pictures" tab for a few recent pictures.

12/01/2020:  Received some picture taken Thanksgiving day from member Niel Fischer. Check out the "Pictures" tab for a view. Snow level is low and temp have been cold at night.

11/25/2020:  Wishing everyone a safe Thanksgiving holiday.

A check today with Mono County determined that all burn permits are suspended - no outside burning is allowed in Mono County.

11/18/2020:  The water systems were successfully shut down on 10/20 & 10/21 just in time for the cold weather that came in about a week later. Winter water is available at the spring overflow by the solar pump shed or along Virginia Lakes Rd at the gravity hydrants at Pinecrest, Tamarack, Lodegepole, Easy or Glacier. A special key is needed for the hydrants. If you (members only) need a key they are $5.00 and can be obtained by filling out the "Contact us" page.

Winds have been high in the subdivision beginning around Friday 11/13 with winds ranging from 50-75 mph. One cabin on Summit Dr. had a side door blown open and a roof skylight blown off.

A portion of a tree came down early evening 11/13 on Tip Top on the northside by the pump house. Branches were cleared from the roadway and is drivable. Another tree came down 11/17 which blocked the old road portion to the east just off Tip Top and VL Road. That tree has not been cleared and may remain for some time due to its size. Check out the "Pictures" tab for a couple pictures of the trees.

Frank Chop made a round of the subdivision on 11/17 and did not see any cabins damaged by down trees.

Some snow came in on 11/7 and 11/8 for a total of 4 to 6 inches. Mono County kept the road cleared of snow.

Temps got down to -0.1 to -2 during the period 11/7 to 11/13. Daytime temps varied from the mid 10's to 40 for the same period.

Some additional pictures are posted to show the various areas of the subdivision for the 11/7 to 11/13 time frame.

10/15/2020:  There will be a Board meeting on Wednesday October 21, 2020 at 1:00 PM to be held at 50 Tamarack Lane. Members are welcome to attend but no guests. Due to COVID-19 concerns Social Distancing and face masks will be required for all attending. There will be no refreshments provided. A notice of this meeting will also be posted 10/16 on the bulletin board at the Solar Pump House. If any member would like a copy of the agenda sent electronically, please complete the form on the "Contact Us" tab.

10/04/2020 : One weather station, one air quality (Purple Air Sensor} and one web cam have been added by a couple members in the subdivision. The weather station and web cam are in the area of Summit Dr. and Tip Top lane. The web cam is looking south and shows Summit Dr. The Purple air Sensor is at the top of Summit Dr. at a cabin. It is believed the web cam only updates every 30 minutes and is off (dark) at night time. Owners of the installations have allowed us to post the links on our web site. The links will be listed under the "Links" tab and are posted below in this message:

Weather Station:

Web Cam:

Purple Air Sensor:

An issue has been corrected with the web site. The "Contact Us" tab was not forwarding the information filled out in the form to the web master. That is now corrected.

Added some pictures from the Upper Tamarack/Tip Top/Beaver Run water line replacement work done in August 2020. Check out the "Pictures" tab.

Also, all pictures prior to 2020 have been moved to the "Old Photo History" tab. This makes life much easier when posting new pictures.

09/30/2020: The water system shutdown for the season will begin on Tuesday October 20th. If you have water storage tanks be sure and fill them up before this date. Once the system is shut down water will be available at the spring overflow outlet just behind the solar pump house. The gravity main line will remain on to ensure good spring flow but street laterals will be turned off with water available at the hydrants along Virginia Lakes Road at each street entrance.

09/09/2020: Mono County issued an emergency ordinance yesterday 9/8 prohibiting open fires on private property due to the extreme fire hazard conditions. This includes campfires, pit fires and etc. However covered BBQs and propane cooking is permitted. As such this includes our subdivision. A notice is also being posted at the solar pump house bulletin board and trash dumpster.

08-22-2020: has been installing internet service via a dish to several cabins in the the subdivision lately. Schat has installed re-transmitters at two cabins which can then provide internet service to other cabins. If your cabin is able to get a signal from the Baggett cabin up on Summit Dr. or from the cabin high on the ridge south of the subdivision you might be able to get service. You will need a power source to obtain service. WiFi calling is much better through their internet service than through cell phone service up there. If you are interested, you might want to give them a call at their office in Bishop at: 760-873-4377 for more information.

The Annual member meeting that was rescheduled from July 4th to September 5th has been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns and the prohibition of group gatherings by Mono County.

Overdue assessment notices were mailed out today and include the $50 late fee. If the assessment is not paid by December 31, 2020 an additional 6% will be added.
The waterline replacement on Upper Tamarack and a portion of Tip Top was completed Thursday 8/13. Road base has been added to the area.

07/31/2020:  Water assessment payments are due today to avoid the $50 late fee. Payments must be postmarked prior to or on July 31 to avoid the late fee. A second notice including the late fee will be sent to those who have not paid. Those assessments not paid by December 31, 2020 will also incur a 6% interest charge.  Without timely assessment payments it makes it more difficult for us to complete water improvement projects.

07/24/2020:  Waterline replacement on Upper Tamarack Lane and Tip Top Lane (east of Tamarack) will begin on Monday August 3rd and continuing for about one week. There will be no water service on Tamarack (above Beaver Run), Beaver Run, and Tip Top (east of Tamarack) during this period of time. Road access to these areas will also be limited if not at all. Water service work-around  may be available for some cabin locations. Please contact Ross at 58 Pinecrest Dr. if you are up and need water at your cabin location. Water is also available at the Spring overflow located next to the solar pump house.

There will be a Board meeting on Sunday August 2nd. at 1:00 PM to be held at 50 Tamarack Lane. Members are welcome to attend but no guests. Due to COVID-19 concerns Social Distancing and face masks will be required for all attending. There will be no refreshments provided. A notice of this meeting will also be posted in the bulletin board at the Solar Pump House.

Water assessments are due July 31. No avoid the $50 late fee get your assessment in and postmarked no latter than 7/31.

The refrigerator was taken to the Mono County dump site in Bridgeport on Sunday 7/19. Who dumped it at the old gravel pit is still unknown. If you have any information on who dumped it please let us know through the "Contact Us" tab.

07/14/2020:  Someone dumped a Crystal Cold propane refrigerator, a bird feeder, and Styrofoam packaging from a new refrigerator in the old gravel pit just off Virginia Lakes Rd and Dunderberg Meadow Rd. This area is not a dump and such items should be taken to one of Mono County's public dumps. Who ever dumped this refrigerator and associated items should remove them immediately. You should be ashamed for dumping such items! See the "Pictures" tab for the pictures. 

06/10/2020:  The Annual Member meeting for July 4th at 2:00 PM has been cancelled. Mono County is only in Expanded Stage 2 and gatherings with people who do not live in your household are prohibited until in Stage 3. The Annual Member meeting is tentatively rescheduled, pending further COVID-19 developments, for Labor Day weekend on Saturday, September 5th at 2:00 PM at the pump house location - 67 Tip Top Lane Virginia Lakes - Subdivision. Further updates on the Annual Member meeting will be posted here on the Website, on the solar shed bulletin board, and via an Email listing of members who have provided an email address. The above notice was also sent to the Email listing and will be posted on the bulletin board..

06/03/2020:  The Annual Member meeting scheduled for Saturday, July 4th at 2:00 PM may be cancelled due to prohibitions of group gatherings at this time due to COVID-19 guidelines in effect for Mono County and the State of California. Mono County is currently in Stage 2 and group gatherings are not authorized until Stage 3 is entered. The following link from Mono County ( MONO COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT Public Health Officer Order: Prohibition of Non-Essential Public Gatherings) is available to review and is still current.

You can also go to the Mono County COVID-19 website for further information:

Any update to the cancellation of the annual member meeting will be posted here on the website.

05/22/2020:  The water system start-up has been completed. Approval from Mono County Health has been received to begin serving our members.

Weather has been in the mid 50s to low 60s during the day but in the high 20s to low 30s at night. Trash service is active with dumpster pickup on Thursday morning.

05/14/2020:  All subdivision roads are drivable at this time. Please drive slowly and be cautious of some soft spots that still remain from the snow melt. Also when driving up Summit Dr. towards the top to use 4 wheel drive to slow down the damage done to the road surface when in 2 wheel drive. The road surface in that area, from just south of the peak near the Keller cabin and down to the Andersen cabin below, was re-graded towards the end of last year to smooth out the majority of the wash boarding conditions on the road. A sign in that area has been installed as reminder! Check out the "Pictures" tab to see the picture!

05/11/2020: The annual member letter and assessment statement has been mailed out. Remember to get your assessment payment in by July 31 to avoid a late fee of $50.

The annual member meeting will be held on Saturday, July 4th, at 2:00 p.m. at the pump house location (67 Tip Top Lane). Please bring a chair and a mask if social distancing is still required. If you can not attend, please return your proxy statement with your assessment payment so that we can have a quorum for the meeting. Thank you!

05/10/2020: The water system start-up will begin on Tuesday May 19. Once the start-up process is completed,, water samples submitted for testing and approval is received from Mono County Health Department to begin serving potable water to members, an update will be posted on the website.

Also check out the "Pictures" tab for some recent pictures from 5/7 and 5/9.

05/03/2020:  The snow in the subdivision is melting at a fairly quick rate lately. The drift on Summit has been clear by Art Baggett and Frank Carey with the plow on their snow cat. We do not have a report on the subdivision roads as to whether they are drivable yet. Some pictures of the upper area of Summit have been provided. Check out the "Pictures" tab for a few recent pictures.

We still do not know when the water system will be started back up for the summer season. This will depend on further snow melt, access to all the areas of the water system equipment, valves etc. and off course night time temps. Once a date is known it will be posted here on the web site. 

04/22/2020:  Added a few pictures from 4/16, 4/18 & 4/22. Check them out at the "Pictures" tab.

04/21/2020:  Opening of Fishing season delayed: See the below announcement that was made late this afternoon:


After Coordination with Local Government, California Department of Fish and Wildlife Delays Trout Season Openers in Three Counties
April 21, 2020

As requested by county officials, California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Director Charlton H. Bonham delayed the start of the trout opener in Alpine, Inyo and Mono counties. The director made this decision in consultation with California Fish and Game Commission President Eric Sklar.
The trout season was scheduled to open in these three counties this Saturday, April 25. The delay to the opener in these counties expires May 31, 2020.
“After talking with the county representatives, we agreed this was a necessary step toward being responsive to local needs in this public health emergency,” said CDFW Director Bonham. “These counties asked for our help, and we responded.”
Specifically this means all waters in these three counties not currently open to fishing will remain closed to fishing until May 31. After local government coordination in Alpine, Inyo and Mono counties, CDFW is also making minor adjustments to bag and possession limits in waters that are currently open for fishing to protect and conserve the existing fisheries that may be affected by increased angling pressure or harvest. These modifications will also expire May 31. Pursuant to the emergency regulation approved by the Commission, CDFW will provide accurate information for the angling public online or by phone at (916) 445-7600.
Today’s decision does not affect the trout season in any other county.
Early this week, CDFW had discussions with county leadership regarding trout fishing, which typically draws a high tourism influx to these counties. Local officials are concerned that people traveling to these areas to fish would exacerbate the transmission of COVID-19 and put a strain on their healthcare systems. Further, all non-essential businesses in these counties including lodging, dining and camping options are closed in compliance with state and local public health officers’ orders.
On April 15, the California Fish and Game Commission authorized CDFW to temporarily delay, suspend or restrict recreational fishing if the director of CDFW, in consultation with the president of the Commission, finds that such action is necessary to protect against the threat from COVID-19 based on state, federal, local, and tribal public health guidance and public safety needs.
At the request of counties or tribes, CDFW will consider action to address needs regarding fishing seasons amongst the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a county or tribal representative with questions or would like to provide input on potential angling related delays or restrictions, please contact Roger Bloom, Acting Branch Chief, Fisheries Branch, by email at
Media Contact:
Jordan Traverso, CDFW Communications, (916) 654-9937

04/10/2020:  A good of foot or more of snow has come down in the past few days. Art Baggett sent along some nice pictures to show what has come down. Check out the "Pictures" tab for a view.

04/05/2020:  The "Pictures" tab section has been updated with approximately 46 pictures covering the period August 2019 to Feb 2020. Some of the pictures show the waterline replacement work on Upper Pinecrest Dr. and Tip Top Ln. done in August and September. Others show the low amount of snow at the end of last year and the first part of this year.

04/04/2020:  A nice storm is coming in this weekend which might bring several feet of snow. Member Art Baggett sent a couple of pictures from the area on Summit Dr. that he took 4/4 or so. Check out the "Pictures" tab.

04/03/2020:  Snow levels have remained low this year. Currently there is approximately 28 inches of snow. Subdivison roads are closed. Snow drifts are high in some areas. Due to the recent Corona Virus event travel has been very limited by members. The yearly member letter and Assessment Billing is planned to go out the first part of May as usual. Assessments will remain the same amount for 2020 as they were in 2019. The following notice wil also be included in the member letter. 

“Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors on October 23, 2019 has levied an assessment, for calendar year 2020, of $250 Non User; or $300 Gravity User; and or $400 Pumped User per membership upon the memberships of the corporation payable to Virginia Lakes Mutual Water Corporation 621 Myrtle Avenue Glendora, CA 91741 on or before June 1, 2020. Any memberships upon which this assessment remains unpaid after July 31, 2020 will be delinquent and subject to a $50 late fee. Unless payment is made prior to delinquency, the said memberships or as many of them as may be necessary, may be forfeited to the corporation. Ross Oswald, Secretary, 621 Myrtle Avenue Glendora, CA 91741”

At a recent Mono County Supervisor meeting on 4/1 the follow was an agenda item: 

Recommended Action: Hear update from Staff and receive public input regarding the upcoming fishing season/stocking in light of COVID-19 and the Governor's "Stay-At-Home" Order.  Consider and potentially approve proposed letter to the Governor and the California Fish and Game Commission requesting that fish stocking and/or fishing opener be delayed, consistent with the Stay-At-Home Order, for the protection of public health and safety. Provide any desired direction to staff.

It is believed that a letter is being forward regarding his agenda item.

Water systems remain off for the season. It is anticipated that system turn-0n will be towards the end of May as usual pending weather conditions and now possible futher developments regarding the Corona Virus.

Any further updates on water start-up and turn-on dates will be posted here on the Web Site.


01/24/2020:  Virginia Lakes road is open to Trumbull campground entrance. There are some ice areas on the road and a couple narrow areas but generally two lanes. 

Virginia Lakes road to be closed today at 12:00 PM due to the storm that is coming in. Reopening will be re-evaluated after the storm based on conditions. See the note below from Mono County Road Operations:

Good morning Virginia Lakes Home Owners:

As mentioned in my previous correspondence, this storm is promising to bring intense snowfall with strong winds over a short duration this afternoon into this evening.  With that said, we have decided to CLOSE VIRGINIA LAKES ROAD at 12:00PM today. We will re-evaluate next week based on drifting and future storm foecasts to decide if this is a tempoary or permanent closure for the winter.

Thank you,

Kevin Julian

Road Operations Superintendent - Mono County

01/13/2020: Happy New Year to all!  There is around two (2) feet of snow in the subdivision with drifts from wind up to 3-4 feet in some areas. Summit Drive has drifts that are much high just above the Keller cabin.

Virginia Lakes Road may end up being closed this week from down at the lower parking area due to winds and snow storm coming in. Please see the attached not from Kevin Julian - Mono County Road Operations Superintendent:

Good afternoon Virginia Lakes Home Owners:

 We have enjoyed some pretty calm weather patterns so far this season which has made it possible to keep VL Road open.  However, with the combination of wind and snow fall predicted for this week (Wed night – Thursday especially)  we can expect significant drifting at the road cuts – so please be prepared for temporary to permanent closure at the lower parking lot.  We will monitor the situation as the storm rolls in and I will send out an update if we do in fact need to close the road.  Thank you for your understanding.

 Kevin Julian

Road Operations Superintendent

Mono County

Check out the Mono County Road Closure web page at the "Links" tab to obtain current info on area road closures: