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01/23/2018:  Mono County is having a public meeting at the Lee Vining Community Center on January 30 at 5:30 P.M. to discuss avalanche risks in the County and how the County operations are impacted as well as the ways in which local and non-local property owners can stay informed about conditions. The County has also mailed a flyer to all Virginia Lakes property owners and other areas, to their address of record.

Here is the flyer info:

MONO COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS POST OFFICE BOX 457 • 74 NORTH SCHOOL STREET • BRIDGEPORT, CALIFORNIA  93517 760.932.5440 • Fax 760.932.5441 • monopw@mono.ca.gov • www.monocounty.ca.gov 

Parks • Community Centers • Roads & Bridges • Land Development • Solid Waste Building Maintenance • Campgrounds • Airports • Cemeteries • Fleet Maintenance 
January 30TH, 5:30 P.M.  Lee Vining Community Center 

1. Risks to life and property within avalanche terrain 2. Forecasting methods 3. County Operational Decisions 4. How to stay informed 5. Comments and Questions 

How do I stay informed of developing emergencies? 
Avalanche threats, like other emergencies and natural disasters, frequently arrive at a moment’s notice and require immediate action to protect life and property. Traditional notification methods like land-line ‘reverse 911 calls,’ emergency sirens, road closures, announcements, and knocking on the front door of a home are all effective – so long as the person is physically present to see or hear it.  
When an emergency situation arises when a Mono County resident is away on vacation, or a second home owner is not present, the risk to their life safety is eliminated but the risk to their property remains. Fortunately, there is a method to stay informed, which is to subscribe to Code Red Emergency Notifications.  
This is a free service to all residents, visitors and property owners. The Mono County Sheriff’s Department subscribes to this service and oversees the implementation of notifications.  
How does it work? 
1. Sign up. Enter your name, identify one or more addresses (place of business, residence, rental, etc.) where you want to receive notifications, and provide one or more contact phone numbers for the address. It takes about 5 minutes.  2. When a disaster/emergency occurs that requires notification, the Sheriff’s office determines what area is impacted, and initiates Code Red Alerts for that area. If your address is within that area, the number you provided will receive a phone call notifying you of the emergency.   
Sign up for Code Red by visiting this site: 

Another way to stay informed of developing situations in the County is to check the County Road Closures page, at https://www.monocounty.ca.gov/roads/page/county-road-closures. This page is updated regularly, and provides basic information on County Road Closures that are currently in effect. Closures may be due to flooding, snow removal, avalanche risk or other factors, and may impact access to and from private lands within the County. 

01/08/2018: HAPPY NEW YEAR! The website has not been accessible to update since early December due to updating of the format and platform by Go Daddy. This process is still ongoing but your web master was just able to gain access to the old site to be able to do current updates until the new platform is on line.

On 1/7 there was around 7 inches of snow on Virginia Lakes Road at the subdivision area. The road had not been plowed by Mono County this past weekend from the recent storm.

This morning the 8th, the weather had changed and wet moisture was hitting the ground turning the snow into mushy snow on the road areas. VL Road is clear at lower elevations.

The weather is supposed to change to snow this afternoon and continue into Tuesday with the potential of a foot or more. Weather to clear on Wednesday or so.

The last trash service pickup was on 12/25. This has been the latest yearly pickup since trash service was started. The dumpster has been locked off with a special lock to only allow year-round residences access to the dumpster until trash service is re-started in May-June 2018. Please take your trash home with you until the trash service is re-started.

On 12/15 twelve (12) "No Trespassing/Private Property/Unauthroized Parking - Tow Away" signs were placed on "A" type barricades at the various driveway entrances into the private property areas along the north side of VL Road and also at Rand Road. In addition, Three (3) "Private Property/No Trespassing" signs were placed on the north side of the subdivision at the end of Tip Top, Glacier, and near the high water tank were the subdivision private property boundaries are located.

Also, once more snow is on the ground, additional vertical "Private Property/No Trespassing" signs on 8 foot orange poles will be placed along VL Road and Northern private property boundary areas to supplement the "A" barricade signs. The sign and poles will be moved up as snow depth increases.

Hopefully the signs will advise recreational skiers and snowmobilers where the private properties are and to notify them of areas not to enter or cross.

Mono County Sheriff's office has advised that they will respond to calls of trespassers on private property. Also, unauthorized vehicles parked on the private property areas have the potential of being towed per California vehicle code (CVC) 22658(a)

Check out the "Pictures" page for a look a few signs.




Weather has been nice in the subdivision the last several weeks. Temps during the day have been in the low to mid 80s with night time temps in the mid to low 40s. Some afternoon rain last week was nice to bring moisture to the trees and settle down the dust on the roads.

Repair work was completed on 8 water valves/risers that had been damaged by vehicle run- overs when the snow run-off was taking place and roads were soft and muddy. Five (5) of the valve locations were at the top of Tip Top Lane and Pinecrest Drive and 3 were at or near the Easy St. entrance at the old VL Road right-away. Repairs hours just for the Tip Top/Pinecrest valves was 8 hours of labor with backhoe work, replacement risers, and sand and road base fill. Large boulders have been placed around the valves at both locations to hopefully protect them from further drive over and damage.

A conversation took place with County Supervisor John Peters today regarding various issues that are of concern. Mainly, vehicles speeding up and down Virginia Lakes Road through the subdivision areas (big SAFETY concern); need for additional speed limit and residential signage; snowmobilers and skiers going through the private property of the subdivision during the winter; winter parking issues at the snow park area on VL Road just up from 395; road plowing and etc. 

Supervisor Peters would like to hold a "Town Hall Meeting" during the Labor Day weekend period here in the subdivision if there is an interest from property owners.We think this would be a great forum to express our concerns regarding the above issues, especially being able to SAFELY walk along or drive out onto VL Road without being run over by speeding vehicles.

If you are interested in having a "Town Hall Meeting" with Supervisor Peters, PLEASE, send a note via the "Contact Us" tab to us. We will forward any interest received to Supervisor Peters. Should a "Town Hall Meeting" be arranged, the date, time, and location will be posted here on the Web Site, along with an email to all those that sent in a "Contact Us" note regarding the meeting.

Thank you! Have a great summer - it is almost over!

07/21/2017:  The annual member meeting on July 1 was attended by over 30 members. Handouts and various reviews and updates were provided as well as all the 2016 accomplishments and 2017 potential projects. The Board Members for 2016/17 somehow volunteered to continue serving and were re-elected for the 2017/18 period. The 2018 Annual Member meeting will be held on Saturday, July 7, 2:00 P.M. at the pump house area - 67 Tip Top Lane.

Snow melt run-off was still an issue, especially at the top of Tip Top Lane with small streams of snow melt going down various roads and across lots. There were quite a few soft mud areas where run-off was heavy and collecting. Some of the run-off was below the surface in other areas such as Easy St. causing soft road areas.

Several of the water valve risers and covers have been run over by vehicles, driving where they should not have been, causing some damage to the risers and covers. This damage will require many hours of repair work to dig them up, replace any damaged pieces, straighten them up, fill with rock and sand, and place boulders or barriers around them to prevent further damage. This damage is very frustrating to the Board as the damage was very visible but no one came forward to advise a board member of the damage done. In the future, if the party causing the damage can be determined, the costs to repair the damage will be passed on, and not just passed on to all members via funds in the general fund.

Mono County Supervisor John Peters also attended the meeting and provided an update on several things going on in the County as well as his goals and a little of his background. He also provided his contact information should any member wish to contact him: Email: jpeters@mono.ca.gov; Office: 760-932-5532; FAX 760-932-5531; and MOBILE 775-671-7126.

One recent issue has been about the increasing amount of noise throughout our sub-division from barking dogs, mainly during night time periods. One instance was continual from 8 PM until Midnight. While we understand dogs are part or our families and bringing them up with you is fine, we ask you to consider the impact on others.  Most of us come to our cabin/homes up here for peace and quiet and away from city noise.  Thank you very much for your cooperation.

06/26/2017:  The weather between 6/18 and today 6/26 has been very warm. Night time temps have been between 42 and 46 degrees with the day time between 81 and 85. The snow melt was pretty bad with almost all subdivision roads impacted with rivers of water.  Trumbull Creek was overflowing at the Tip Top and VL Lakes Road area culvert that goes under VL Rd. The majority of that runoff went down the old VL Rd area on the north side of VL Rd. That particular runoff has subsided and most of the creek flow is making it under VL Rd now.

The snow melt runoff has created many deep mud areas on subdivision roads. The most severe have been the lower portion of Easy St. just off VL Rd.; the top of Pinecrest Dr. and Tip Top Lane intersection;  Tamarack at Beaver Run; and on the lower portion of Tip Top by the pump houses. Caution should taken "Enter at your own risk"  when crossing the above areas - especially Easy St just off VL Rd. where there is deep mud and water runoff coming from underground - beware of ORANGE SAFETY CONES in this area - do not drive over water valve covers; Top of Pinecrest with surface water runoff, and at Tamarack and Beaver Run with surface and underground runoff.

The runoff is slowing down and some road areas are starting to dry out on the surface. However, they can still be soft underneath.

 All roads are currently clear of snow except for the upper portion of Summit Dr. at the typical snow drift area. The Summit drift may be clear with a single car path by this coming weekend due to some hand shovel clearing yesterday to help accelerate the melting process. The very upper portion of Summit Dr. still has 10-15 feet of deep hard snow.

Trumbull Lake Campground and the two along Lower Virginia Lakes Creek remain closed. A conversation with the Forest Service on 6/20 indicated that there is the possibility all three campground areas may remain closed for the season.

On 6/22 Big Virginia Lake still had lots of ice on the lake - but not safe to venture out on. Little Virginia is ice free and the VL Resort is open. Trumbull was mostly ice free except for a few areas.

Water systems are operational but we are still waiting for Mono County Health Department approval to serve our members. The approval should be this week as all water tests have been completed.

A liner was installed in the upper "High" storage tank this past weekend to take care of tank leaks. The liner will allow the tank to be filled to capacity for the first time in many years.

Check out the "Pictures" tab for a picture of Big V ice and Easy St.

There will be a Board Meeting on Saturday, July 1, at 9:30 p.m. at 32 Lodgepole Drive. Any member is welcome to attend the meeting.  Also, The Annual Member meeting will be held on Saturday, July 1, at 2:00 p.m. at the pump house area at 67 Tip Top Lane. There will be refreshments after the meeting. See you there!

The meeting agendas, for both meetings, were posted on 06/25 in the Bulletin Board enclosure on the north side of the solar pump shed next to the trash dumpster. If any member would like a copy of the agenda (s) sent electronically, please complete the "Contact Us" form via the tab on the left.

06/14/2017:  Check out the "Pictures" tab for a few recent pictures of the subdivision roads.

06/13/2017:  On 6/12 the morning temp was 22 degrees and snowing! Go figure! This year has been a crazy weather year.

Many roads in the subdivision are still not drivable due to snow drifts in many shaded areas. However, if the weather remains warm this week many roads should be drivable. Here is a status as of this morning:

Glacier still has snow on the roadway and surrounding land areas. The road should be clear by this weekend if the snow melt continues.

Easy is about the same as Glacier.

Lodgepole is clear at the bottom but blocked with snow at the tree area just before Beaver Run.

Beaver Run is blocked with snow.

Tamarack is clear at the very bottom in about 1 cabin but snow bound in areas above that all the way up to Tip Top and the Summit intersection.

Pinecrest has snow on the road but one can get through with 4x4 a ways only to Hawthorne. Snow drifts block the rest of the road clear up to Tip Top.

Tip Top off VL Road is clear up to just above Hawthorne, Watch out for the hole in the road just across from the log cabin as you turn right to go up the hill. Road is very muddy due to water run-off.

Hawthorne has snow on the road and many high low areas. There is a big snow drift just before hitting Pinecrest.

Summit is clear to the top just before the snow drift area where the road flattens out. Just past the big drift the road is blocked with snow drifts all the way past all the cabins.

Trash service was started back up on Thursday June 8th luckily due to Mark Stoltz clearing out most of the snow in the area with his snow cat/Piston Bully, a week or so before, to aid in the snow melt process.

The water systems will be turned on the week of the 19th once all the system lines and tanks are chlorinated, flushed and tested. Once that is done approval to serve everyone has to be received from the Mono County Health Department according to a new California State requirement.

If any updates are received from members on subdivision road conditions they will be posted here on the website!

06/01/2017:  The snow is melting quickly due to the warmer weather in the High Sierras. But here is a little info from a week or so ago:

On May 19 and 20th the lows at night were between 18 and 19 degrees F with daytime temps in the low 40's. The temps then started to go up at night to the low 30s and then into the mid to high 40s during the day. Typically the night time temps was around freezing causing the melting snow surface to turn crusty instead of mushy as it was during the daytime.

Snow levels in the subdivision varied considerably from dirt in some areas where the sun had melted all the snow to 6 -7 feet in shaded areas. During the time between the 19th and the 30th a good 2 feet or more had melted in some areas. The snow drift on Summit Dr. was still 10-15 feet high but a path had been cut through it, via Snowcat, to help it melt quicker. Many deep snow drifts remain within the subdivision on various properties and road areas.

Little and Big Virginia Lakes and Trumbull still had ice on them and a few brave souls where fishing out on the ice. Trumbull Lake was melting along the edges and had a few areas in the middle that had melt streaks.

The subdivision roads were still not drivable by normal wheeled vehicles and probably will not be for a few weeks yet. A good way to describe the road conditions in the subdivision is "they look like a roller coaster" or worse.

The water systems will not be on for several weeks due to the snow depth covering critical valves, pump tanks, holding tanks and pump houses. Also, due to the amount of water run-off from the snow melt, it would be impossible to located any water leaks from member water lines should there be a broken line from winter freezing or a valve left open.

At this time the earliest anticipated turn-on for the water system is approximately the week of June 19 unless there is considerable snow melt prior to then. Almost all properties in the subdivision are only accessible by foot at this time. A posting will be made when a date is known for the water system turn-on.

The road to Big Virginia is muddy and wet. Dunderberg Meadow Road was plowed by the County in form from VL Road about 1/2 a mile but it was snow bound into the trees at the top of the hill and further along into more trees and shaded areas.

The remaining snow is very heavy and as such, as it melts, it is pulling away from cabin properties. This condition may cause some damage to railings etc. Also, the deep heavy snows from the prior months may have caused other types of property damage. Property owners should review their property once the snow melts to check for any damages.

Also be aware of potential broken branches in overhead trees that could come down and cause injury etc.

Check out the "Pictures" Tab for a few recent pictures.

05/12/2017:  The County has finished clearing Virginia Lakes Road to the lakes as of today. They have created a parking turn-around area at Rand Road, a parking area near Lodgepole, and possibly parking at a few street entrances, questionable though. They have removed their snow clearing equipment as well.

05/09/2017:  It is a little early for the Bridgeport 4th of July parade and activities. However, here is a link to the flyer and event schedule. 


05/09/2017:  Opening day, Saturday the 29th, at Little and Big Virginia Lakes was very interesting. The VL Road had only been clear to within a 1/2 mile of Dunderberg Meadow Road by Friday so it was a long walk into the lakes. Little Virginia had about 7-8 feet or so of ice and snow. Once the holes were drilled, there was perhaps 1 foot or a little more of open water below the ice in the deep areas of the lake. There were 11-12 fishermen on the lake, but no one caught a thing in the morning. Some folks left and others went to Big Virginia. There was no one on Big Virginia until late morning. The snow and ice at Big V was about 8-9 feet with very mushy snow/ice till about a foot or less before breaking through. Several holes were made near were Blue Lake comes into to Big V and a few to the southwest in deep areas. The weather was very nice with mostly blue sky.

Fishing was slow at first but picked up with some small Rainbows, Brookies and Browns between 10-12 inches. However, three young girls with their dads caught a couple nice ones about 12 to 18 inches (2 plus pound range) using worms. Still perhaps only 10-12 people on the lake.

Sunday the 30th, there was no one on Little in the morning and about 7 on Big V. Fishing was slow again to start with, then picked up in late morning. Most fish caught were in the 8 to 12 inch range. Again weather was nice with blue sky. Sunday late afternoon, there were only 2 fisherman on the lake with the same results as in the morning - nothing big.

The County began clearing VL Road again on Tuesday the 2nd and made it just past Dunderberg Meadow Road with mostly 2 lanes open and some snow on the road here and there. Snow depth was high in the drift areas and was hard packed.

By Wednesday May 3th, they had made it to Lodgepole with a little between 1 1/2 lanes open.

On Thursday the 4th, they cleared 1 1/2 lanes to Rand Road, created a parking area there and were widening the previously cleared road to the west of Lodgepole to 2 lanes.

On Friday morning the 5th, the county goal was to widen from Lodgepole to Rand Road for 2 lanes and just start to work past Rand Road. By the end of Friday they had 1 lane open just past VL Resort's entrance road. There would be no clearing on Monday the 8th, workers day off, with startup on the 9th again. The county goal was to clear the road to the lakes by the end of Friday the 12th.

On Saturday and Sunday around 8 to 9 inches of new snow fell. However, due to warmer temps most of this new snow has melt down with 1 to 2 inches remaining.

This morning, the 9th, the county was working to widen VL Rd. from Rand Road to the resort to 2 lanes and start clearing the road to Big Virginia.

As of today.  there is still lots of snow in the subdivision. Snow depth ranges from 4-8 feet in most areas with drifts in many areas with greater depths. The snow drift on Summit Dr. was still 15 feet or more. No subdivision roads are open to drive a vehicle on except via snow cats or snowmobiles etc.

Some damage to solar panels mounted on roofs and short pole mounts was observed. Some building fascia boards have been damaged by overhanging snow and ice. I am sure there may be other damage to some buildings that is still covered by snow and not yet visible.

A date for opening the water system has not been determined due to the amount of snow remaining. A review of snow conditions and facilities will be conducted in approximately 2 to 3 weeks to come up with an estimated date to open the water systems. Once determined a date will be posted here on the web site. I would not expect the water system to be on by Memorial weekend based on what the current snow  conditions are today!

Check out the recent pictures taken at the "Pictures" Tab.

04/26/2017:  The county cleared VL Road from the heliport to the lower campground gate (Road #139) this afternoon. However, they are still working to clear the drift at the curve area east of the heliport to two lanes to ensure safe travel through that area. There is no information on any parking areas along the road so far cleared. It is possible the county may make further progress on clearing the road, but it is almost certain they will not have it cleared to the lakes come this Saturday.  This will be the last update before opening day unless a good internet connection can be obtained.

Check out the pictures of the road area west of the heliport to the lower campground gate at the "Pictures" tab.

A check at Big Virginia Lake found that there is approximately 2 feet of snow on top of the ice on the lake. Ice thickness was not checked. The lake edge is sound and has not melted away as in past years.

04/25/2017:  The latest news from today is that Mono County may only be able to clear Virginia Lakes Road to the Heliport area just after the big curve in the road. The snow drift on the curve before the heliport is between 40-50 high and is pretty much solid ice. The county has broken two snow blowers in their attempt to clear the road for 2-way traffic. They hope to make a parking area near the heliport area if they can by Friday this week. They have asked that folks not block the road or their equipment. Also, if folks park in the snow park area that they park to the west end of the parking area as the county will be parking their equipment on the east end of the parking area. If there is a road closed sign "Do not" drive past it.

There has been some new snow in the area this week, but temps are helping to melt the new snow as well as old snow. There have also been strong winds in the area.

The last update on road conditions will be on Wednesday evening the 26th as the Webmaster is unable to update the site while in the subdivision area due to the terrible internet connections etc.

Check out the recent pictures of the curve drift area and road conditions near the heliport and lower campground road.

04/18/2017:  Mono County began clearing snow on Virginia Lakes Road on Monday 04/10. However by Saturday morning the 15th they had only made it to the big drift area at the top of the first incline past the bridge. There was about a foot of new snow on Thursday the 13th with high winds. Snow conditions were nice for snowmobiling. Several skiers were in the area as well. Temps were from the mid 40's during the day to mid 10s to 20s at night. A recent storm on Sunday 16th brought some new snow and high winds again. There are still high snow drifts in the sub division and with general snow depth settling but still in the 6 plus foot range.

Check out the "Pictures" tab for a few recent pictures.

The State of California Fire Prevention Fee has been sent out by the State. Be sure and go to the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association site at http://firetaxprotest.organd check for the update on their lawsuit. Also click on the "Petition" box and send in your Petition for Redetermination to protect your rights and protest the fee. Below is a quick up date from their site:

Fire Tax Update

Published on April 5, 2017 by Fire Tax Protest in Uncategorized

We have finished reviewing and classifying the 12,000 pages of documentation we obtained from CalFire through discovery! We now need your help to file our “Motion for Summary Judgment.”

The final evidence needed for our “Motion for Summary Judgment” is written testimony directly from the people paying the Fire Tax. We are especially interested in hearing from those who have paid the “Fire Prevention Fee” but never received an inspection or any particular service in exchange for the “fee.” If you would be willing to give your written testimony, please click on “Submit Information,” or click here.

This massive “Motion for Summary Judgement” will be based on the undisputed facts gathered from CalFire’s documentation and on the written testimony we receive from people like you. We hope this Motion will allow us to get a final decision on the case this summer.

Of course, we do have to accept the possibility that, should we prevail, CalFire may appeal. But that is true of every lawsuit. We know this case has taken a long time to prepare, and we are sensitive to the fact that you have been paying the tax in the meantime. But we’re making good progress. Thank you for hanging in there.

04/04/2017:  The following information was received from the Mono County Road Department regarding the start to clear Virginia Lakes Road of snow: "My crews were expecting to get started on Virginia Lakes Road later this week. It will take some time to get it open due to the drifting and total snowpack.  However, there is another large storm headed our way later this week which will delay our efforts."

Also as a side note, they have asked that people do not drive past the "Closed Road" signs as the County will have equipment on the road and the road may be one lane for a while until they can widen.

There is a big storm coming in around Thursday/Friday and is expected to drop a lot of snow.

03/26/2017: A trip to the subdivision between 03/11 and 03/17 was a fun and snow digging time. Since the last trip in February there had been more snow with caused multiple locations for digging snow out for access to cabins, water, shed, and snowmobiles. There was probably 1 1/2 to 2 feet of additional snow in general areas but up on Summit Dr. there was much more caused by the wind and snow drifts.

Day time temps were in the mid 40's and night times around the mid 20's. Weather during the day was generally clear with some winds from time to time. Virginia Lakes Road was still closed at the snow park area - so if walking or skiing in it was a good 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours of exercise. Snow has built up on many cabin roofs to over 4-6 feet depending on the area which may cause some issues down the road. The snow is very heavy!! Some solar panels that have been mounted on several cabin roofs have been damaged from the weight of the snow. Solar panels mounted on "Pole Top Mounts" that are high enough have managed to escape any damage. Poles mounted too low have snow build up if the open area below the panels is not over 8 feet.

Snowmobile riding was good up to the Virginia Lakes area and out Dunderberg Meadow Road.

A few cabins up on Summit Dr. have a fairly large amount of snow buildup around them which mainly has been caused by winds. One cabin only had the top 1 foot or so showing of the chimney vent.

The last word received from the County on 03/17 was that they would be starting to clear Virginia Lakes Road in 3 weeks. Based on that, it would put their time-line around Friday 04/07 or Monday 04/10.

Check out the "Pictures" Tab for a few pictures.

Recent storms have brought an additional 1 to 2 feet but the snow has been settling due to warmer temperatures. There is still over 7 plus feet in most areas with the snow drift on Summit Drive at about 15 to 20 feet.

02/25/2017:  The yearly member letter and assessment was mailed out to most members on 02/21. Also included was a membership certificate(s) that is appurtenant to your Mono County Assessor's Parcel Number and associated subdivision and lot(s) as appropriate. Suspended members will not receive a certificate until the membership is in a "good standing" status. Member name data for the certificate was obtained from Mono County Assessor's records. Some name data had to be shortened or abbreviated due to space availability on the certificate. If the name is incorrect and/or this is a concern to you, please provide the appropriate documentation i.e. Grand Deed or other official documentation that has been filed with Mono County for us to correct our file records. Please mail documentation to the address that is listed on your billing information.

Lots of snow in the subdivision based on a trip between 02/13 and 02/20. VL Road remains closed just west of the snow park area. Getting west is still via ski, sled, snowmobile, snowshoe, snow cat or walking. The main route just west of the bridge is to the left and up the draw then right up the cut ending up just west of the Helo pad area. Winds have been strong with many snow drifts on the road.

Snow in the subdivision is between 6 to 8 feet or more. Snow drifts are in many areas especially on Summit and Tip Top near the end. Snow has accumulated on many roofs to depths of 2 to 4 feet so their many be a possibility of some structural damage if snow storms keep coming. Some snow drifts have surrounded cabins. The snow drift on Summit Dr. is approximately 20-24 feet high.

If traveling in the area, be sure to bring a shovel and survival gear as the walk/ski in is taking around 3 hours or more. There have been days when there are white-outs when the wind is blowing.

Check with Cal Trans/CHP for road closures on 395 if a storm is happening. The drive down on 2/20 saw several cars off the road and/or on their side or turned over between Crowley Lake and 1/2 way down Sherman Grade. Drive carefully and slow in snow - always carry chains!

Check out the "Pictures" tab for a few recent photos.

02/11/2017:  Just received some pictures from 02/10 that show several more feet of snow and some even deeper from snow drifts. Check out the "Pictures" page.

02/08/2017:  A recent trip to the subdivision between 01/30 and 02/05 proved to be interesting with lots and lots of deep snow. Virginia Lakes Road is not plowed and is only cleared to the snow park area just in from 395. Depending on winds, the snow covered VL Road is easily passable with snow cat, snowmobiles, skies or snow shoes. Snow depth varies but near the subdivision area the snow is around 6 to 7 feet with snow drifts as high as 20 feet - especially up on Summit Dr. Some cabins have 2-4 feet of snow on their roofs and snow up to the eves. During the period mentioned above about 8 inches of new snow came down. A storm since then has brought an additional 8 inches or so with more coming later this week.

Roads within the subdivision are all snowed in with snow drifts in varying places - especially on Tip Top, Pinecrest, and Summit.

Sierra Snow Cat Services has been going up and down VL Road to near Virginia Lakes Pack Station and keeping the road packed down. Snow drifts do begin to fill in areas along the road when winds pick up.

There has been some activity with skiers in the area and very limited snowmobile activity. I imagine there are lots of groomed snow trails down near June Lakes and Mammoth for the snowmobilers. DJ's at Smokey Bear Flats has lots of snow as well as other areas along 395.

Check out the "Pictures" tab for some recent pictures.

01/26/2017:  More pictures have been received that were taken on 01/25. They show the snow drifts along some cabins as a result of the winds. Check out the "Pictures" tab.

01/24/2017:  Check out the latest picture that was taken of the Lodgepole Dr. street sign that sits along Virginia Lakes Road. The snow level is just below the name sign.

01/23/2017:  More snow in the last couple of days, adding several more feet at a minimum. Check out the pictures, at the "Pictures" tab, of the solar pump house area that were taken this morning. VL Road is only plowed to the snow park area just up from 395 on VL Rd.

01/21/2017:  Check out the "Pictures" Tab for a few pictures that were taken today. Snow depth varies depending on wind. Big storm coming in tonight into Monday.

01/15/2017:  Subdivision snow update was received yesterday evening. VL Road has only been cleared to the snow park area with the parking area cleared about 75%. The remainder of VL Rd. is accessible only by ski, snowmobile, snow cat, snow shoeing and or walking. Snow depths vary from 6 feet to 13 feet depending on snow drifts. The typical snow drift on upper Summit Dr. area is around 18-20 feet high. Still waiting on some pictures - so hopefully those will be received this weekend. Another storm is coming back into the area Wednesday evening lasting into the weekend with considerable amount of snow expected. If you are up in that area and have taken some pictures - please send us a picture or two to: ross@virginialakeswater.com and they will be reviewed and possibly placed here in the 
"Pictures" tab.

Update: Here is a picture, from this morning of VL Rd. at Conway Summit/395 viewed from the Cal Trans building. See the "Pictures" tab.

01/01/2017:  Happy New Year!

A recent trip to the subdivision beginning on 12/25 and ending on 12/30 was a very cold one! The night time temp on 12/25 got down to 1 Deg F. Highs during the day ranged from 27 to 43 with most of the lows  at night in the high 10s to mid 20s. There was no new snow during that time frame but the existing snow on the ground varied from 1 1/2 feet to 3 feet depending on areas where the sun shined or wind blew. All subdivision roads were not drivable unless one had a snow cat as there was considerable fluffy snow that was not packed down.

The snow berm on Summit Dr. just past the Keller cabin was about 7 feet tall due to the typical snow drift from the wind. Virginia Lakes Road was plowed to Rand Road where the road was closed. VL Road had a few inches of snow at first but was later cleared in most areas by the County snowplow folks. There were quite a few icy areas in shaded areas on the road.

Back country skiers where present and generally parked at Rand Road.

Dunderberg Meadow Road was packed down from VL Road to the Cavanaugh turn off by the High Sierra Snow Cat folks which made the road nice for snowmobiling and cross country skiing.

Check out the "Pictures" page for a few pictures.


11/05/2016:  Very little snow in the subdivision at this time. Sub roads can be driven on. Water is available at the spring overflow. A special lock has been placed on the dumpster for the winter so that access is only available to year-round member residents since there is no trash pickup until the May-June 2017 time frame. Please take your trash home with you until trash service is restored next year.

10/27/2016:  The water systems were shut down beginning on 10/20 and ending on 10/23. Winter water remains on in the main gravity line out of the red/orange winter yard hydrants along VL Road at the various street aprons. Gravity street laterals have been shut-off. Winter water can also be obtained at the spring overflow adjacent to the solar area pump tanks. If a member needs a key for the winter hydrant please go to the "Contact Us" Tab on the home page to request a key. There is a $3.00 charge for a key that is mailed and $2.00 for a hand delivered key. A list is maintained of all winter hydrant keys issued.

Trash service has ended for the season with the last pickup today 10/27. Service will not be resumed until the May/June 2017 time frame - weather permitting. As noted previously, If visiting the subdivision, be sure and take your trash home with you as room needs to be left in the one dumpster for the year-round residents until next May or June. 

Winds have been up and down this week with some rain. Temps have been in the low 30's at night with highs in the 40-60s. A storm is coming in this Friday and may bring more rain or some snow.

10/18/2016:  Cold weather persists in the early morning hours with around 4-5 inches of snow recently. Water system shutdown is still planned to begin on the 20th. Winds have lessened and daytime temps are expected to be in the high 40's to low 50's.Trash pickup on Thursdays for the year is planned to stop around 10/27 and will not begin until May or June of 2017. If visiting the subdivision, be sure and take your trash home with you as room needs to be left in the one dumpster for the year-round residents.

10/14/2016:  Heavy winds are scheduled to hit the subdivision today with ridge top winds in the 85-105 MPH range. Then lowering some tonight but picking back up on Saturday from 85 to 100 MPH at the ridges. Sunday ridge wind gusts from 105 to 130 MPH decreasing in the afternoon. There is also the possibility of rain/snow coming in as well up until Monday or Tuesday if the snow makes it over the top of the Eastern Sierra Mountains. Night time temps may dip into the high teens and the low 20s up until Monday or Tuesday. Day time temps may be in the 40s to 50s or possibly a little higher. Weather after Tuesday or Wednesday may change to warmer temps. Here is a link to the weather conditions for Mono County (projected wx conditions seem to change by the hourly lately): http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?zoneid=CAZ073

Water shutdown is on a day-to-day review right now depending on the weather conditions we might get in the next day or two. We are still hoping to shut down starting the 20th (or a couple days later if conditions warm up) but that could change and be earlier as noted above. Any earlier shutdown changes will be noted here on the web site if possible.

There will be a Board Meeting on Friday, October 21, at 1:00 p.m. at 32 Lodgepole Drive. Any member is welcome to attend the meeting. The meeting agenda has been posted in the Bulletin Board enclosure on the north side of the solar pump shed next to the trash dumpster. If any member would like a copy of the agenda sent electronically, please complete the "Contact Us" form via the tab to the left of this "Home" page.

10/02/2016:  The water systems will be shut down for the winter beginning October 20 and finishing on the 21st. The high and low tanks will be cleaned and other system equipment readied for system turn-on for May/June 2017. The gravity main line will remain on but all street laterals will be turned off and drained except for lower Lodgepole and lower Pinecrest. 

Winter water will be available at the spring area overflow adjacent to the solar pump shed and at the orange yard hydrants (key required) along Virginia Lakes Road. If a member needs a key for the winter hydrant please go to the "Contact Us" Tab on the home page to request a key. There is a $3.00 charge for a key that is mailed and $2.00 for a hand delivered key. A list is maintained of all winter hydrant keys issued.

A date to stop trash pickup has not yet been set but will probably be in early November depending on when snow hits and making it difficult for the trash truck to gain access.  A date will be posted when service has stopped. Once trash pickup has stopped it is important to take your trash home with you as there will not be any trash pickup until the May or June time frame in 2017.

Temperatures are starting to be in the low 20's to high 10's during the night time with a possibility of snow this evening. Fall colors have hit the trees with some beautiful orange and yellow colors. Check out the "Pictures" tab.

09/13/2016:  It was a nice summer with great weather most of the time. Fishing was generally good with some fairly nice sized trout caught from reports received. Our Annual Member meeting went well with the board members being re-elected. The Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws passed by votes received back from the mailing sent out to all members. They were then ratified at the Annual Member meeting and subsequently recorded with the appropriate State and or County authorities.

All our water systems ran great this summer without any water shortages.

It is early September and the first snow has fallen. The water systems will be shut down approximately October 20-23 depending on weather conditions. Shut down could occur earlier if we get cold weather sooner. Notification will be posted when we get closer to late October.

Construction along 395 and Mono Lake is taking place to reinforce the hillside areas from rock slides etc. as was done last year as well. Also the fires in June, in the same area, have created the potential for mud slides should heavy rain come. CALTRANS has installed cement "K" rail barriers along most of the west side of 395 through the burn area. Traffic is controlled each way during the week.

Check out the picture received of snow up on Summit Dr. today. Not much, but it is a beginning with hopes for a very wet and snow filled winter this year.

06/27/2016: There will be a Board Meeting on Saturday, July 2, at 9:30 p.m. at 32 Lodgepole Drive. Any member is welcome to attend the meeting.  Also, The Annual Member meeting will be held on Saturday, July 2, at 2:00 p.m. at the pump house area at 67 Tip Top Lane. There will be refreshments after the meeting. See you there!

The meeting agendas, for both meetings, have been posted in the Bulletin Board enclosure on the north side of the solar pump shed next to the trash dumpsters. If any member would like a copy of the agenda (s) sent electronically, please complete the "Contact Us" form via the tab on the left.

Fire update: 

Highway 395 is open in both directions Monday as the Marina Fire near Lee Vining, Calif. is now 46 percent contained, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

The fire's size has been adjusted to 654 acres. All evacuations have been lifted.

The fire started Friday morning. Its exact cause has not been determined.

Mop up operations continued in all areas of the fire and along Highway 395. Hot spots still exist within the fire perimeter and will continue to produce light smoke as it consumes the unburned vegetation.

Eleven hand crews, 23 engines, two dozers, six helicopters, two fixed wing aircraft, three water tenders and 493 personnel are assigned to the incident.

Over the weekend, the Tioga Lodge and two residences were evacuated, and Lee Vining and Mono City were under an evacuation advisory.

06/26/2016:  Fire update - 30% contained with 758 acres burnt - traffic on 395 North of Lee Vining to 167 being escorted.

06/25/16:  There is a 600 acre fire just north of Lee Vining along 395. Here is the latest update from this morning. Please note the 395 road closures.

9:06 a.m. update:

The Marina Fire remains at 600 acres this morning and is 5 percent contained, according to a news release from the U.S. Forest Service.

The fire is located north of Lee Vining and west of Highway 395 and is burning in pinyon and brush.

Crews worked overnight to secure fire lines near the communities and the highway, taking advantage of cooler temperatures and calm winds and are continuing the effort.

Highway 395 is closed at the town of Lee Vining on the south at the turnoff for Hawthorne (Highway 167) on the north. There is no estimated time for the highway to reopen at this time. The Tioga Lodge and two additional residences have been evacuated. Lee Vining and Mono City are under an evacuation advisory, according to the release.

Seven hand crews, 23 engines, six helicopters, two fixed-wing aircraft and two dozers are assigned to the fire. There are approximately 300 personnel involved at this time.

The fire is under Unified Command with the U.S. Forest Service and Mono County Sheriff’s Office.

06/02/16:  The water systems are all operational. Most of the snow has melted off subdivision roads except for the drift at the top of Summit and at the downhill part of Summit near the low tank. Those two areas are not drivable. Ice on the lakes has gone bye-bye and fishing has been slow for some reason. No bears had been spotted during the period 5/24 thru 5/31 - no new info since then on the bears.

Temperatures are up and down depending on the varied weather conditions lately.

Trash pickup of the dumpster is taking place each Thursday morning. Be sure to break-down any cardboard boxes (helps on space) and please keep the dumpster locked.

The Amended and Restated Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation were mailed out 5/26. Be sure and get your vote in by 6/26 as we want to have the results for our annual member meeting on July 2. Hope to see you there!

Dunderberg Road was closed at the North end area, after the Aspens and just before breaking out into the open meadow, due to some deep snow drifts on the road.

05/23/16:  Weather has turned cold the last few days which has stopped the rapid snow melt. There is snow on some roads that will not allow driving yet. Glacier, Easy, Lodgepole, Tamarack, Pinecrest, Tip Top below Pinecrest, Summit to just past Keller's are all okay with perhaps a little snow here and there.

We heard that some of the mountain passes have been closed due to freezing/ice conditions on the roads.

Current lows the last few nights have been in the mid to low 20's. The temp at 11:30 AM today was 42 degrees. Weather reports indicate potential of snow coming in tonight, Tuesday night and Wednesday with  showers and thunder storms the rest of the week.

Attempts will be made to get the water systems up and running this week beginning Wednesday the 25th. All will depend on any new snow conditions and night time/versus daytime temps as pumps will freeze if cold all day.

The first trash pickup service since October is scheduled for Thursday the 26th, weather permitting.

A mailing will be going out shortly to all members in good standing for a vote on the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Be sure and send your vote in as soon as possible. A self addressed return envelope is being provided. If you haven't sent in your yearly assessment payment and proxy yet this might be a good time to send it in and save yourself a stamp! 

05/09/16:  Big Virginia had around 3 1/2 feet of ice for opening day with Trumbull having around 2 1/2 feet. Conditions at Little V were not checked but word was it was about the same as Trumbull. Fishing was slow but some nice fish were caught. It snowed around 4 inches on Friday the 29th putting a nice blanket of snow on the lakes. The eastern shore of Big V was solid with no problems getting on or off the ice. There was open water at the inlet and outlet of Big V. Trumbull had open water at the outlet and over by the big rock on the northwest area. The bay area to the east had a soft shoreline.

Temps were crazy with lows from 21.3 up to 35.2 at night and highs during the day from 43 to 48. Snow was melting fairly quickly during daytime hours. There were some large snow drifts within the subdivision on the roads and on lots. However, there were many areas that were down to dirt where the sun had melted the snow. Tip Top Lane down by the pump house was drivable with snow just opposite the pump house causing a little problem as it was uneven from melting. Summit was passable  with a little snow at the "Y" at Tip Top, some near the Wells cabin and then clear up to the snow drift just past the Keller cabin. All other roads in the subdivision were not drivable.

When leaving on the 5th, snow was melting but a storm was due that afternoon and evening. Current conditions are not known at this time.

Fish and Wildlife Wardens were up at the lakes checking on what was going on Saturday and Sunday. Also three Mono County Sheriff vehicles were observed up at Rand Road all at one time on Sunday - but no info is known as to why. 

Check out the "Pictures" tab for a few pictures.

04/27/16:  Info received on lake conditions today from Carolyn at the Virginia Lakes Resort:

Recent snow storms of 2 inches and 5 inches has covered the blue ice on the lakes. One must watch the edges of the lakes and kick off the fresh snow to see if there are any holes or cracks. Big V has a 6 inch or more crack down the entire east side of the lake about 2 or 3 feet out from the shore. There is open water at Little V inlet and the outlet - but not great large areas - but ice is pulling away from the shores. Remember to kick any new snow to check the ice to make sure it is safe. She was hoping to send some pictures taken today - but her camera had battery issues. The only pictures she sent were taken on 4/19.

Check out the "Pictures" tab for some pictures. Pictures were taken 04/19/16.

04/26/16:  Ice has melted some on Trumbull Lake at the outlet.  Check out the picture. The condition of Big and Little V's is unknown. Hopefully their status will be known by tomorrow.

There will be a Board Meeting on Sunday, May 1, at 9:00 a.m. at 32 Lodgepole Drive. Any member is welcome to attend the meeting. The meeting agenda has been posted in the Bulletin Board enclosure on the north side of the solar pump shed next to the trash dumpster. If any member would like a copy of the agenda sent electronically, please complete the "Contact Us" form via the tab to the left of this "Home" page.

04/24/16:  The Fire Prevention Fee Assessments are being mailed out by the Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention via the State Board of Equalization. If you wish to protest this billing you still have to send in your payment. To protest - go to the Howard Jarvis - Fire Tax Protest site at this link: http://firetaxprotest.org/ then click on "Refund" and then on the "download forms" area. Read the HJ site and it will give you more information as to why you should protest if you want a refund if the current court case is successful.

Snow levels in the subdivision are still high in most areas except up on the lower portion of Summit Dr. The snow drift at the top of Summit Dr. is still around 6 feet high. Roads in the subdivision are not drivable yet.

Mono County is scheduled to plow the road from Rand Road into Big and Little V lakes the beginning of the week to allow for opening day traffic. More info will be posted once available.

The lakes are still frozen as skiers have been going across them. It is hard to say what the condition will be come 04/30. However, cooler weather is due this week with some possible snow showers and rain.

Lots of skiers were up Saturday and parked at the Rand Road area. Check out the picture of all the vehicles at the "Pictures" tab.

04/19/16:  There was lots of snow in the subdivision from a 04/03 to 04/11 trip. The snow levels were between 3-4 feet in most areas with some even higher in shaded areas. The Summit berm was still around 8 feet high. Some areas in the sun was down to the dirt. Saturday the 9th brought 4-5 inches of new snow. However, temps were in the mid 40's during the day and snow was melting pretty quickly. The lowest night time temp was 26.8 with a high of 35 one night. VL Road was clear of snow on the roadway and open to Rand road. Big V and Little V were still frozen - although we did not venture out on the ice to check for depth of ice.

All subdivision roads were not passable with a motor vehicle due to snow depth, unless one had a snow cat or similar type vehicle.

It was possible to snowmobile in the area at the end of Tip Top Lane but with the snow melt the rocks were beginning to show up on the 4th. By the 7 and 8 the snow had melted at least 1 foot and the rocks were more prominent. A drive out Dunderberg Meadow Road with the Polaris Ranger and snow tracks found large areas of dirt road just past the old gravel pit area till the top of the hill. Then snow on the road in shaded and tree areas. Snow in the open road and ground areas farther down the road had melted considerably and was generally not useable for any snowmobiling. Higher elevation areas up to the west may have been okay but getting there with equipment would have been difficult. Vehicle access at the Dunderberg Meadow Rd. and VL Road intersection was not possible due to snow depth on the road at that location and farther in for some distance.

One could snowmobile from the snow berm at Rand Road into Big and Little Virginia Lakes, although some road areas were bare.

There were lots of skiers parked at Rand Road and skiing the nearby slopes to the south and west above  Big and Little V Lakes. Snow skiers were also up north of the subdivision in the avalanche area skiing down toward the Glacier, Easy and Lodgepole street areas.

Check out the "Pictures" Tab for a few pictures from the trip.

A recent report received indicated snow at 3-4 feet and clear spots on Glacier Dr.

The Annual Assessment billing was mailed out on 04/16. So, keep an eye out for it to come your way. Please get your payment in as soon as you can as this allows us to fund and schedule our system projects early in the summer. Assessments are due by July 31 to avoid a $50 late fee. 

Also, plan on attending the annual member meeting to be held at the pump house area on July 2, at 2:00 PM. If you can't make the meeting be sure and send in your proxy as we will need a quorum for the meeting.

If you would like information on Bridgeport's 154rd Annual Fourth of July Celebration schedule click on the link: http://bridgeportcalifornia.com/fourth.php - Once there click on the link that says "See the complete activities listing!" -  or click it here: http://bridgeportcalifornia.com/pdf/fourth_flyer.pdf

The link shows the 2015 info - however, the link is correct - they just haven't updated their site yet for 2016!

03/17/16:  A recent trip to the subdivision between 03-08 and 03-11 found lots of snow. There was between 3 to 4 feet with wind drifts up to 10 feet up on Summit Dr. and some smaller drifts elsewhere. Temps ranged from 27.9 to 31.7 lows at night to a high of 41.1 during the day. Winds were very strong on some of the days with the strongest on the 11th. VL Road was clear of snow for two lanes of traffic to Rand Road by the 10th - but the County still had the "Road Closed" sign up down at the snow parking area just in from 395.

A couple pictures of VL Rd are in the "Pictures" tab.

Parking was available at Dunderburg Meadow Rd, Rand Rd, and most of the driveway aprons for the subdivision.

Snow was coming down on the morning of the 11th and had left over 6 inches of new snow by the next morning.

03/02/16:  Mono County has been clearing VL road - so it should be open to Rand Road. A picture was sent of them on VL Road on Tuesday 03/01 around Tamarack and Pinecrest. See the "Pictures" tab for a nice blue sky picture. A storm is coming in this weekend and into the first of the week. So more snow should come. Overall snow levels are around 80-90 % of normal per recent snow reports taken by the State and other agencies. Let's hope for more snow!

02/26/16:  Temps have been warm lately but the snow storm last week brought around 14 inches of new snow. Snow levels remain around 4 feet plus depending on shade and sun areas. VL Road is open more-or-less with 2 lanes in some areas and 1 lane in other areas. The "Road Closed " sign is still up but locals and skiers have been going around it. Be careful when driving VL Road and be on the lookout for other vehicles on the road. A couple of pictures were taken on Feb 20 of the snow berm at
VL Road at Rand Road and of the Solar pump shed and log cabin area in the subdivision. Check out the "Pictures" tab.

02/12/16:  VL Road is to be plowed and opened today per Mono County Supervisor Tim Fesko. At this time we do not know if the road will be closed again if a new snow storm comes in.

02/11/16:  VL Road remains closed - BUT there is little snow on the road. We are trying to get Mono County to open the road so property owners can get to their cabins and others can get up to Dunderberg Meadow Road and Rand Rd for recreational purposes. We would like to see the road remain open year-round as the property owners pay property taxes at the same rate as other property owners in Mono County and should have access to their property year-round! If this is a concern to you - please contact our Mono County Supervisor - Tim Fesko at tfesko@mono.ca.gov or 760-932-5532.

02/02/16:  Two recent storms have brought with it around 14 inches of new snow to the subdivision area. Also winds have created many snow drifts across VL Road. The total estimated snow depth is around 54 to 55 inches which is great for the area.

Word was received yesterday from Mono County that VL Road will be closed for the remainder of the season. This information was confirmed today with Brett McCurry of the Mono County Road Department. The road closer is just west of the parking area about 1/2 mile in on VL Road of off 395. They will monitor the condition and will strive to re-open the road for fishing season as usual.

They have worked very hard in keeping the road open this season and we sent our thanks on to Brett and his crew in that regard.

01/22/16: Here is some info on the "Fire Prevention Fee" that should be of interest:

01/21/16:  VL Road was blown/plowed and is two lanes again. Thanks goes out to Mono County's road crew! We also received some additional pictures from Carol at VL Resort she took on 1/18 of VL Road area. A storm is headed in this weekend so hopefully we will get more snow to add to the 44 inches or so we already have. Check out the "Pictures" tab once again for some more recent pictures.

01/18/16:  We received a couple of pictures that show the snow down on Glacier Dr. and Easy St. Snow build up has been pretty good the last week or so. Snow levels are around 40 inches with 5 inches in the last 24 hours or so. VL Road was 1 lane in some areas and lots of snow drifts on the road. Check out the "Pictures" tab for these two pictures.

01/10/16:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The weather between 12/16 and 1/1 was pretty cold in the subdivision. The temp highs during the day were mostly between 12-18 degrees with the lows from 4 down to -6.2 on New Years Eve! Very little wind except up on Summit. We had around 2-3 feet of snow on the ground with snow drifts in many areas that increased snow depth here and there.  Some new snow - perhaps 4-6 inches, came down around 12/27 & 28. The snow was pretty much powder with very little hard base. The usual snow berm from the wind on Summit was around 8 to 10 feet high. VL Road was cleared to Rand Rd where a snow berm and closed road sign on VL Road had been placed by Mono County.

There were lots of skiers parking at Rand Road with some snowmobile traffic on Dunderberg Meadow Road.

Check out the "Pictures" Tab for a few pictures.

The recent snow storm from 1/4 to 1/6 brought some additional 7-8 inches of new snow. VL Road was cleared after that storm went through.



  In order to comply with the State of California’s adopted Emergency Drought Measures, the following requirements are being implemented immediately for all Virginia Lakes Mutual Water Corporation members:

 To prevent waste and unreasonable use of water and to promote water conservation, outdoor irrigation of ornamental landscapes or turf with potable water shall not be permitted.   

For more information go to http://ca.gov/drought/

Virginia Lakes Mutual Water Corporation members, please also refer to Article 1, Section 6 of the water company’s bylaws:

Each membership in good standing, as defined in Section 7 below, and upon complying with all duly enacted requirements, shall be entitled to at least a pro-rata share of available water for its reasonable domestic use.

Historically, the position of the Water Company has always been defined that reasonable domestic use includes water for the home, excluding water for irrigation, car washing, etc. This is due to our limited water supply, storage facilities, and pumping process. Exceptions can be made with prior board approval. 


12/15/15:  Lots of new snow has fallen. There is between 1 1/2 to 2 feet of snow on the ground according to recent reports. VL Road is open and plowed to Rand Rd where there is a snow berm. Temperature at 8:30 AM this morning was 2 degrees!! See the picture at the "Pictures" tab.

12/5/15:  A recent trip to the subdivision over the Thanksgiving holiday was filled with wind, snow and cold temps. The low on 11/27 was -5.7F and the high that day was 13.1F. Snow came down most days (11-22 to 11-28) which provided about 6-8 inches of new powder snow. Snow accumulation in the subdivision varied from 3-4 inches to 1 1/2 feet depending on shading/sun and wind distribution. The thickest areas were at the pump house area, on Hawthorne, the top of Pinecrest and Tip Top and down on Lodgepole, Easy and Glacier. There were some snow drifts in the usual spots up on Summit but the wind had thinned out some of the road areas to only a few inches here and there. The lakes were all frozen but the ice thickness was not checked and appeared to be pretty thin on Big Virginia.

VL Road was plowed by the County in the morning hours and was clear all the way to Big V.

There were a few skiers in the area testing the slopes to the south and west.

The Forest Service had posted "Leaving Christmas Tree Cutting Area" signs at Dunderberg Meadow Road and VL Road, at the "139" turn off for the upper campground gate along VL Creek, and at the white "Residential Area Shooting Restrictions" sign. Hopefully this will keep folks from cutting trees on private property!

No bear activity was observed as it seems they finally left the area for the winter - let's hope!

Check out the picture tab for a few pictures!!

11/17/15:  Temp this morning was 26 degrees but Monday morning it was 11 degrees. Snow started coming down Sunday morning with winds most of the day. About 6-8 inches of new snow came down with that seeming to settle down. There is perhaps 8 - 12 inches overall depending on how winds blew and shading from the sun. Virginia Lakes Road has been plowed. There is no new snow in the weather forecast until possibly Thanksgiving weekend.

Unfortunately, the trash company was not able to pickup the trash on 11/12 due to snow conditions near the dumpster. 

Trash pickup service has been stopped for the season! Please see the note from 11/11 regarding the trash. 

11/11/15: Happy Veteran's Day to all veterans!

Weather conditions have been cold in the subdivision with temps into the low 20s at night. Snow has arrived with around 8-10 inches on the ground.

Trash pickup will be suspended after the Thursday 11/12 pickup (that is if they can get in to empty the dumpster) for the season. Trash pickup will resume in May or June 2016 depending on weather conditions. As a reminder, please take your trash home with you until the trash service is started back up in 2016. We want to leave the trash dumpster as empty as possible so any year-round subdivision residents can have room to deposit their trash till May or June of 2016.

Bears are still roaming the subdivision looking for food. So - make sure you do not leave any food in your vehicle or outside your cabin. Just to give you an idea of the cost to repair a damaged vehicle from a bear - my truck repairs from the bear damage cost $6800!!!!! There was no food in the vehicle - but they (two of them - 1 big and 1 little) thought otherwise. It must have been the left over smell from our McDonalds dinner in route to the cabin!

The main gravity water line is up and running for winter water as is the overflow at the spring area by the solar pump shed.

10/28/15:  The water systems were shut down on 10/24 and 25. The low tank system was completed in the morning of the 24th, the high tank system the morning of the 25th, and the gravity system laterals on the afternoon of the 25. Please see the 10/18 post as to where water will be available during the winter period.

Thanks to volunteers, Chris Keller, Ross Oswald, and Ron Reck for helping with the shut down!!

Trash service will remain active for a few more weeks depending on weather conditions. A notice will be posted when service is stopped for the season.

Weather conditions the last week or so were in the mid 20s at night and the mid 40s to low 50s during the day. Some clouds in the morning with mixed sunshine and clouds in the afternoon. There were some strong winds on Saturday night the 24th and Sunday afternoon.

There were two bears roaming the subdivision. One large cinnamon colored and the other a smaller black one. They must have smelled something in my truck as the back window of my pickup truck was broken out, ripped up the back of the back seat, head rests and seat belts in the rear and tore of the driver's side mirror. Some scratches here and there as it seemed they tried to get in the side doors/windows as well. I didn't have any food in the truck as I know of - maybe it was the left over smell from our McDonald's dinner! This all happened around 1:30 AM on the 20th.

This is a good reminder to always check very little nook and cranny in one's vehicle to make sure no food items are left. Also, make sure all windows are rolled up so the bear (s) can't get a hold with their claws. This didn't matter in my case as they got ahold of the rear window slider vertical bar between the two rear side windows and ripped it out!

Other than this event the trip was nice!

10/18/15:  The water systems will be shut down for the winter this coming weekend Saturday 10/24 & Sunday 10/25. The high and low tanks will be cleaned and other system equipment readied for system turn-on for May/June 2016. The gravity main line will remain on but all street laterals will be turned off and drained except for lower Lodgepole and lower Pinecrest. 

Winter water will be available at the spring area overflow adjacent to the solar pump shed and at the orange yard hydrants (key required) along Virginia Lakes Road. If a member needs a key for the winter hydrant please go to the "Contact Us" Tab on the home page to request a key. There is a $3.00 charge for a key that is mailed and $2.00 for a hand delivered key. A list is maintained of all winter hydrant keys issued.

A date to stop trash pickup has not yet been set but will probably be in early November depending on when snow hits and making it difficult for the trash truck to gain access. Once trash pickup has stopped it is important to take your trash home with you as there will not be any trash pickup until the May or June timeframe in 2016.

There was 2-3 inches of snow that hit the subdivision this morning around 5AM. Temp around 9:30AM was 38 degrees. This coming week is suppose to be a little warmer and nicer weather. 

The solar pumping system for the low tank was shut down on 10/04 due to cold temps (but then it warmed up!) with pumping shifted to the gas pump.

A replacement lock was installed to replace the cut lock on the trash. If a member does not have a key for the trash, please contact a board member at the subdivision or use the "Contact Us" tab here on the Web site to obtain one. A key is "free" but mailing a key is $1.00. A hand delivered key is at no-cost. In the future, there will be a charge of $100 to the responsible member if we have to replace a cut or damaged lock. If you don't have a key, check with another member to open the dumpster temporarily for you until you obtain your initial or replacement key!

09/26/15: Urgent NOTICE! Someone cut the lock off of the dumpster (using a bolt cutter) between Thursday morning (after trash pickup) and today, Saturday morning. If anyone has information regarding this incident please contact us at the "Contact Us" tab. This type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated! This is the second time we have had an issue with someone tampering with the lock. As always, if a member needs a key they can contact us via the "Contact Us" tab or a board member at the subdivision. If all else fails, contact Frank Chop and he will contact a board member for you. If you know of any unauthorized person (s) having a key - let us know that too! Members (in good standing) are authorized a key. Non-members are not!

Otherwise - weather conditions have been great with temps in the 75-78 range during the daytime and in the low 40s at night time.

There are outdoor fire restrictions that have been put into place by the Forest Service due to extreme dry conditions. No open fires are allowed in outside areas! The only exception is if using a propane BBQ or stove. No charcoal BBQs allowed. Just remember that the subdivision is surrounded by Forest property and the potential for fires is the same for us as it is in the Forest property.

Winter shutdown of the water system is tentatively planned for the 23, 24, 25 of October, weather permitting. When time gets closer to those dates we should have a better idea on pending weather condition to determine the true shutdown dates.

A nice 150-200 pound bear has been roaming the subdivision on a nightly basis. It has not been aggressive - but sure likes to eat birdfeeders and their contents!

The replacement enclosure work for spring #1 was inspected and approved by Mono County Health Department on August 20. It will not be placed back into service until the summer of 2016. Current water flows from Spring #2 have been adequate to meet our needs.

Hunting season started this past week. Be aware of any hunters that could be trespassing in the subdivision! If needed contact the Mono County Sheriff at 760-932-7549.

07/21/15:  Welcome to new Board member Chris Keller! Departing Board member David Berger will still be helping out in keeping yearly spring water flow records. Thanks for being on the Board, David.

There was a great turn-out for the Annual Member meeting on Saturday, July 4. If you didn't make it this year, please try to attend next year.

Weather conditions have been a little crazy with lots of rain for the last several weeks. One member reported his rain gauge was at 3 inches for the last 10 days. The rain has been great for the trees and also in keeping the dust down on the subdivision roads.

Just a reminder to keep the trash dumpster locked at all times, except for Thursday morning when we unlock it so the trash can be dumped. There has been a bear trying to get into the dumpster by evidence of muddy paw prints on top of the dumpster. Also we are seeing folks leaving trash outside the dumpster on the ground. PLEASE, do not do this! If you don't have a key, with you, go get your key! If you haven't been issued a key, check with Ross or Jay for one or borrow your neighbors. Trash left outside the dumpster is an invite for the bears to come and tear it apart making a mess. No one wants to clean that mess up!

Water flow out of the spring has been good this summer. The solar pump has been keeping the low tank full - which is great. The high tank is still manually pumped.

06/29/15:  If you would like information on Bridgeport's 153rd Annual Fourth of July Celebration schedule click on the link: http://bridgeportcalifornia.com/fourth.php - Once there click on the link that says "See the complete activities listing!" -  or click it here: http://bridgeportcalifornia.com/pdf/fourth_flyer.pdf

06/27/15:  Weather conditions have been very nice with lows at night in the mid 40s and highs during the day in the mid to upper 70s. However, lots of Mosquitos and Horse flies are out in force!

Work was completed on the replacement enclosure for Spring #1 on 6/25.

There will be a Board Meeting on Friday, July 3, at 7:00 p.m. at 58 Pinecrest Drive. Any member is welcome to attend the meeting.  Also, The Annual Member meeting will be held on Saturday, July 4, at 2:00 p.m. at the pump house area on Tip Top Lane. There will be refreshments after the meeting. See you there!

The meeting agendas, for both meetings, has been posted in the Bulletin Board enclosure on the north side of the solar pump shed next to the trash dumpsters. If any member would like a copy of the agenda (s) sent electronically, please complete the "Contact Us" form via the tab on the left.

06/16/15:  Due to the drought in California, the following notice is required to be posted per the State of California. The notice will also be posted in the bulletin board at the subdivision solar pump shed, which is next to the trash dumpster.

Telephone Townhall

Don't miss your opportunity to have your questions answered!

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association President Jon Coupal will join Board of Equalization Members Diane Harkey and George Runner as well as Senator Mike Morrell for an important telephone townhall on the fire tax this May 13 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

Follow the instructions below to register for this informative meeting.

The townhall is free, but you are required to register in advance to participate.

05/28/15:  The water system was turned on Wednesday May 22 with only a few minor issues. Thanks to Ron Reck, Jay Wheaton, and Ross Oswald for the hard work in getting the system up and running! 

All subdivision roads are currently passable. Weather was cool with snow on and off during the week of the 18th.  However, daytime temps were in the mid 40s which melted most of the new snow. Some snow remained in shaded areas as of Tuesday the 26th.

The first trash pick up for the season was today the 28th. Fishing has been slow with mostly planted size fish coming out of the lakes. Work will be started on Spring #1 in mid June to remove the old enclosure and install a new cistern tank. There will be several loads of sand and road base material dumped near the solar pump shed and dumpster area for this project. Be careful while driving in this area.

Try and make the annual member meeting to be held on Saturday, July 4 at 2:00 P.M. at the pump house area.

05/17/15:  It started to snow around 10:30 this morning. Snow is expected through at least Wednesday but it could continue into the weekend. Low last night was 31. Temps during the day are expected to be in the low to mid 40s and possibly higher.

We are going to attempt to prep the water systems on Tuesday the 19th and hopefully have everything up and running on Wednesday if weather conditions and temperatures permit. If temps drop and/or snow levels are too deep startup will be delayed. 

If you need to know if the system is up and running - please send a note via the "Contact Us" tab. We are not able to update the website while at the subdivision.

05/09/15:  Only 1 more inch of snow since the 8th. Check the "Pictures" tab for a few more pictures from today.

05/08/15:  SNOW SNOW SNOW! Lots of snow came down within the last 24 hours. There was 11 inches around 7 pm yesterday the 7th. Come this morning there was between 22-24 inches on the ground. The County plowed VL Road and said there was around 30 inches higher up from the subdivision on VL Road. It started to snow again around 6pm this evening. Let's hope it keeps coming down.

All subdivision roads are not drivable at this time.

Check out the "Pictures" tab for a few recent pictures.

05/06/15:  If you are interested in the Fire Tax - please check out the below info on a "Telephone Townhall" on May 13.

05/01/15:  Opening Day weekend was a strange one. On Thursday the 23rd there was no new snow and Big V had open water at the edges. Little V and Trumbull were ice free. Come Friday there was about 1 inch or less of new snow. Saturday "Opening Day" the 25th, snow was coming down and ended with around 6 inches or so. Fishing at Big V around 10 AM saw three vehicles in the parking lot area. There were no vehicles at Little V resort driveway. Trumbull had no fisherman except for 4 of us hardy ones from the subdivision. Fishing was very slow on Trumbull with no one catching a thing. Winds and heavy snow came up around noon - so we all departed for warm cabins! The ice on Big V was soft and appeared to be very thin and one dare not venture out onto the ice.  There was open water around the eastern edge, inlet, and outlet areas. The western side did not have open water.

Sunday brought clear weather and lots of fisherman to Big V and Little. Trumbull was not checked. Small trout were being caught at both Big and Little V Lakes - but at a slow pace. Snow and the ice on Big V was melting as temps had risen.

On Friday the 24th, the low was 24.6 with a high of 37.7. On Saturday the 25th, the low was 18.6 with a high of 37.7. The 26th on Sunday had a low of 25.7 and a high of 44.9. Then on Monday, the 27th there was a low of 25.7 again and a high of 52.7. Big reason snow was melting fast.

The Board meeting was held on Sunday 04/26 as scheduled.

Opening of the water system is tentative for the week of May 18th (no particular day set yet), all depends on weather conditions and temperatures. An announcement will be posted as time gets closer to the May 18th week.

Check out the "Pictures" Tab of some recent pictures.

04/23/15:  Trumbull is ice free. Big V open at outlet and No information on Little of Big Virginia Lakes. Check the picture tab for the picture of Trumbull.

04/20/15:  Trumbull and Little Virginia Lakes are ice free. Big V Lake has open water where Blue Lake water flows in. The ice condition on Big V will be questionable come opening weekend. However, there is a cold front coming in with the possibility of snow Wednesday through Friday. The snow berm across VL Road at Rand Road have been removed with the road clear to Big V.

There will be a Board Meeting on Sunday, April 26, at 1:00 p.m. at 32 Lodgepole Drive. Any member is welcome to attend the meeting. The meeting agenda will be posted, late Wednesday afternoon, in the Bulletin Board enclosure on the north side of the solar pump shed next to the trash dumpster. If any member would like a copy of the agenda sent electronically, please complete the "Contact Us" form via the tab to the left of this "Home" page.

04/14/15:  A recent trip to the subdivision between 04/04 and 04/10 was great! The sub roads were clear of snow and drivable except for a few shaded areas until the 7th. Day temps were in the mid 30s with 18-25 at night until Monday the 6th. Some light snow of about 3/4 to 1 inch came down that day and mostly melted away. Come Tuesday morning around 9 AM, a light snow started and continued until the next morning leaving around 8 inches or a little more. Tuesday daytime high was 24F dropping to a low around 10F at night. Wednesday high was 34.8F with some of the snow melting during the day. Wednesday night low was 9.6F. Thursday high was 42.3F during the day and the night low was only 20.1F. Come Friday morning around 50% of the snow had melted and all sky was blue!

VL Road was clear of snow on Wednesday after the County plowed. VL Road was still blocked with a berm at Rand Road.

Trumbull Lake was clear of ice up until late Tuesday but had a slight ice sheet come Wednesday. I am sure that melted away by Friday - but I did not check it out. Big Virginia still had ice with most of the snow blown off when checked out on Monday. Ice conditions did not look good as some blue ice areas could be seen throughout the lake surface. Big V ice conditions are questionable for Opening Day weekend (04/25 & 26) if warm conditions continue.

The water system remains off, except for the main gravity line, due to the freezing conditions at night.

We do not expect to turn the water system on until sometime during the week of May 18th. A date will be posted on the website once scheduled.

Check out the pictures section for a few recent pictures.

03/30/15:  Warm weather continues and the snow is melting. Check out the "Pictures" tab for a picture of Trumbull Lake that was taken on 03/25 and Big Virginia taken today 03/30. Ice is melting in the area of the big rock at the N/W area of Trumbull Lake creating some open water. Big Virginia Lake was ok - but looking so-so on the west bank area. Who knows what it will be like come "Opening Weekend" for fishing season on April 25th if this warm weather continues.

03/24/15:  A recent trip to the subdivision between 03/17 -03/21 was interesting. Temps were in the mid 40s with one day of 51.6. Temps at night varied from lows of 23.3 to 33. The sky typically was clear blue during the day except for a couple of mornings. Snow on the subdivision roads was light in most areas except for shaded areas by the pump house, Hawthorne, Upper Pinecrest, and east of Pinecrest on Tip Top. The Infamous snow berm on Summit was 3-4 inches at the most. Snow past the cabins on Summit near the water tanks blocked road travel. The roads on Easy and Glacier had 6 to 10 inches of snow due to shading. Typically most of the sub roads had solid ice in the morning hours but they softened up in the afternoon. VL Road is still blocked with a snow berm at Rand road.

Weather began to cool off Saturday morning when departing.

Check out the latest pictures at the "Pictures" tab!

A report from a cabin owner today said that 2 inches of snow came down Sunday but most of it had melted by noon time.  There is still snow on Hawthorne and Tip Top east of Pinecrest. He was able to drive on Tip Top all the way to Pinecrest. Weather was pretty windy on Monday but much nicer today.

The Forest Service is looking at increasing the fees for Christmas tree cutting to help administer the Christmas Tree permit program.  This would include our area as well as other areas.

One concern we have is that permit holders need to know that they can not cut on private property along VL Road. One way for this to occur is in the instruction/guidelines provided to them by the Forest Service. The other would be for the Forest Service to post "No Cutting" signs along VL Road where the private property is - essentially from the Pack Station to the Forest property boundary near Virginia Lakes Resort.

Attached is the information that the Forest Service has provided us. Our recommendation would be to have them post "No Cutting" signs along VL Road as noted above. So, please let them know by March 30!


Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Bridgeport RangerDistrict is seeking your comments on a proposal to increase Christmas tree cutting tags from $5 to $10 pertag

This fee increase will allow for $5 per tag to be collected for the continued operation of the Christmas tree cutting program on the district and provide for visitor services, maps and permit administration.  

 Comments about this fee increase will be accepted through May 30, 2015.

 The Federal Register notice and comment submission form is located at:www.federalregister.gov/articles/2015/03/12/2015-05618/notice-of-proposed-new-fee-site-federal-lands-recreation-enhancement-act

For additional information please contact Jaime Fields at 775-352-1254


U.S. Forest Service, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest
Contact: Gwen Ernst-Ulrich (775) 355-5311

1200 Franklin Way, Sparks, NV 89431

Web: http://www.fs.usda.gov/htnf

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   Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Proposes

Christmas Tree Permit Fee Increase

 Sparks, NV; March 6, 2015 – The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest (HTNF) is seeking public comments on a proposal to increase Christmas tree permits on the Bridgeport Ranger District from $5 to $10 per tag (i.e., per individual tree) beginning with the 2015 cutting season. 

 Each year the HTNF Bridgeport Ranger District sells approximately 725 Christmas tree permits to the public. Currently $5 goes to the national treasury for every permit sold. Increasing the fee to $10 would allow $5 to remain on the district to support administrative and visitor services for the Christmas tree permit program, including maps, signage, and a Forest Service presence on major cutting days.

 All fee proposals are presented before two citizen’s advisory committees—Nevada Bureau of Land Management Recreation Resource Advisory Committee (RRAC) and California RRAC. Committee members represent a broad array of recreation interest groups to help ensure that the Forest Service is proposing reasonable and publicly acceptable fee changes.

 The public is welcome to attend and comment at all RRAC meetings. The Nevada RRAC meeting is expected to be held in the fall of 2015, and the meeting time, location, and agenda will be announced on the HTNF Web site and through local media. The Forest Service national office in Washington, DC, as well as its Intermountain regional office in Ogden, Utah, will also extensively review this fee proposal.

 In 2004, Congress passed the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act that allows the Forest Service to retain funds collected at certain recreation sites— including those from Christmas tree permits, special recreation permits, and interagency passes— and use the funds locally to operate, maintain, and improve these sites. Before the Forest Service received the authority to retain funds locally, all the fees went to the national treasury.

 We want to continue to offer this unique recreation opportunity to the public that many enjoy as a seasonal tradition,” said Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Supervisor Bill Dunkelberger.

 Comments concerning the fee proposal will be accepted until May 30, 2015 and may be sent to Jamie Fields, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Recreation Program Manager, 1200 Franklin Way, Sparks, Nevada 89431.

 For more information about this fee proposal, please visit the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Web site at http://www.fs.usda.gov/htnf or contact Fields at 775-352-1254.


The Humboldt-Toiyabe's spectacular 6.3 million acres make it the largest national forest in the lower 48 states. Located in Nevada and a small portion of eastern California, the Forest offers year-round recreation of all types.

Comment Card:

 Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Bridgeport Ranger District

Proposed Christmas tree fee increase from $5 to $10 per tag.



Name:  ___________________________________________

Address:  __________________________________________

Email Address:  ______________________________________

Phone Number:  ______________________________________

03/14/15:  Weather conditions have been warm lately with a little snow here and there. Snow is melting during the daytime but freezing at night causing solid ice conditions on the subdivision roads. There is around a foot or less of snow in the sub. The lower sub roads on Easy and Glacier are passable with caution. Pinecrest is covered with ice so trying to get up there is almost impossible at this time. The lower part of Tip Top by the pump house is also icy in the tree area and may not be an easy go. Road conditions may get better with the warm conditions of late. Some cooler weather is coming in the middle of next week with a slight possibility of some rain and/or snow.

VL Road is open to Rand Road. Picture of Trumbull Lake from today posted in the "Pictures" tab.

One still needs to be aware of the potential of limbs and trees that are hung up in the subdivision trees from the December wind storms. Keep an eye out as you are driving and walking around.

The Virginia Lakes Pack Outfit is changing ownership. We received a notice from the Forest Service regarding the one-year special use permit. If you would like to comment, I have attached the information below:

Scoping Notice

Ownership Change of Virginia Lakes Pack Outfit

Bridgeport Ranger District, Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest


 Dear interested Party:

The U.S. Forest Service (USFS), Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Bridgeport Ranger District is preparing to issue a one year Special Use Permit documenting the change in ownership of a private business entity currently operating as Virginia Lakes Pack Outfit.

Virginia Lakes Pack outfit has been operating on the Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest for several years. 

Preliminary assessment indicates that this proposal falls within a category of actions listed in the Forest Service NEPA Handbook (FSH) that are excluded from documentation in an Environmental Assessment (EA) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and there are no extraordinary circumstances that would precluded the use of the category (FSH 1909.15, Chapter 30.

 36 CFR 220.6(d)(8)

 (8) Approval, modification, or continuation of minor, short-term (1 year or less) special uses of National Forest System lands.  Examples include but are not limited to:

(i)  Approving, on an annual basis, the intermittent use and occupancy by a State-licensed outfitter or guide;

Additional information regarding this action can be obtained from: David Drake, Special Use Administrator. ddrake@fs.fed.us; HC, 62, Box 1000, Bridgeport, CA 93517 or by phone at:

775-352-1241 or 760-932-5805

How to Comment and Timeframe

 Written comments must be submitted to: Jeff Ulrich, District Ranger HC, 62, Box 1000, Bridgeport, CA 93517 during normal business hours.

 Oral comments must be provided at the Responsible Official’s office during normal business hours via telephone (760) 932-7070 or in person, at the Bridgeport District Office, located ½ mile south of the community of Bridgeport Ca. on Hwy 395.  Electronic comments must be submitted in a format such as an email message, pdf, plain text (.txt), rich text format (.rtf), or Word (.doc or .docx) to comments-intermtn-humboldt-toiyabe-bridgeport@fs.fed.us please indicate the “Virginia Lakes Pack Outfit” on the subject of your e-mail.

 In order to be most useful, comments should be submitted by March 27, 2015.  All comments and information, including names and addresses, becomes part of the public record and is available for review upon request.

02/24/15:  Approximately 5 inches of snow fell the last couple of days to bring in some needed moisture. The heaviest came down on Sunday with temps down in the low 20s. The local Virginia Lakes Ridge weather station (go to links page - Weather - Virginia Lakes) says there is 20 inches total of snow on the ground for the area. Roads in the subdivision are snow covered and will be hard to get around on if at all. VL Road has been plowed to Rand Road. Thank You Mono County! There still is not enough snow to snowmobile around in the open areas outside the subdivision.

02/19/15:  The yearly assessment billings were mailed out last week. So, keep an eye out for it to come your way. Please get your payment in as soon as you can as this allows us to fund and schedule our system projects early in the summer. Assessments are due by July 31 to avoid a $50 late fee. 

Also, plan on attending the annual member meeting to be held at the pump house area on July 4, at 2:00 PM.

Snow levels remain low in the subdivision and surrounding areas. There is a possibility of a storm coming this weekend - let's keep out fingers crossed that it comes and drops lots of snow and moisture our way! 

VL Road is clear to Rand Road.

02/08/15:  Another recent trip to the subdivision from 02/02 to 02/06 was fun, chilly, and windy.

Temperatures ranged from the low to mid 30s at night time and into the mid 40s during the day time. Weather was generally overcast with limited sun the first two days. The sun came out the last two days which helped to charge the solar system up. 

There was snow in the subdivision ranging from none to around a foot depending on open, shade, or tree covered areas. Some of the subdivision lower roads are passable with 4x4 vehicles. VL Road was plowed and clear to the Rand Road snow berm. 

Some very strong winds came in Thursday night the 5th with predicted 110 MPH winds on the ridges. The winds continued into our departure time Friday morning. Upon leaving, we found a large tree down across Pinecrest Dr. just in from VL Road. That situation caused a delay in our departure as we needed to clear the roadway of the tree.

Time did not permit a survey of the subdivision to determine if other trees had come down.

However, if you are in the subdivision be mindful of trees that might be hung up on/in other trees and of broken tree branches that could be hanging and ready to fall. Several large hanging branches were observed on Tamarack and Pinecrest and will have to be removed when conditions prevent.

The drive south on 395 was an adventure in its self!

The winds were very strong coming from the west and blowing lots of dirt, rocks, and sand to pit the vehicle windows and paint. A semi-truck was overturned just before the June Lake turn-off on 395. 

Winds continued most of the trip south into Bishop and points south. We passed Round Valley before the wild fires started in that area.

A review of the Caltrans camera site today at 10:30 PM on Conway Summit indicated that the camera pictures have not updated since 02/06 around 11:00 AM. This may be due to some structure fire damage to communication sites in the Bridgeport area and others that was reported on various news sites.

Approximately 8 inches of new snow had fallen from early 02/07 morning to around 8 PM that evening according to the Virginia Lakes Ridge Weather Station. A quick check this evening around 10:30 PM showed an additional 1 inch of snow had fallen by 8 PM bring the total snow depth to 17 inches.

No additional updates on subdivision conditions have been obtained as it appears message/cell communications are out at this time. Updates will be posted when available.

01/05/15:  Happy New Year!

A recent trip to the subdivision from 12/26 to 01/02 was fun and exciting.

Weather was generally good but cold. We got 1-2 inches of snow on evening of 12/29 to 12/30 morning. Temp at 8:10 AM was 6.9 Deg F. at 7:16 PM it was 0.1 Deg F outside. On 12/31 in the morning at 8:20 AM the temp was -0.4 Deg F. Low the night before was -5.1 Deg F. That was the lowest I have seen at the subdivision! Temps during the daytime were in the mid teens to low 20s most of the time.


On 12/27 a survey of down trees from the wind storm in mid December was conducted throughout the subdivision. There were a total of 23 trees that came down in one fashion or another. Some trees also lost branches here and there. Generally the trees that were down were from Tip Top south of Hawthorne Ave. down to VL Road and clear down to Lodgepole for the most part. There were a couple of trees down higher up on Tip Top near Pinecrest and one just below Beaver Run on Tamarack.

Several of the down trees were leaning and hung up in other trees. Most of the trees came down and landed flat on the ground. Several cabins were missed by falling trees by just 5-10 feet. One tree landed on the corner of a cabin roof and deck on Tamarack and another over the corner of a small trailer/building on Hawthorne. One cabin on Pinecrest was spared from a falling tree as the tree got hung up in another tree on the uphill side. If the tree had come down on the downhill side of the tree, the falling tree would have landed on the back quarter of the cabin. One tree that blocked Hawthorne at Tip Top was cut up to clear the road by Frank Carey and Frank Chop.

Many trees were up-rooted and just came down. Others broke off from the wind and came down.

When driving in the subdivision and/or walking around please be careful of potential broken limbs that could be hung up in trees along the subdivision roads or on the various lots. Some of these limbs can be very large and heavy!

Some property owners will need to drop the leaning trees as they are a hazard and could come down at anytime.

Snow depth in the subdivision varied from 6 to 24 inches depending on shading, sun and wind. During one day I saw wind drifts of snow that had gone up 2-3 feet in some areas. The surrounding hill areas generally did not have enough snow to over the ground cover.

A trip out Dunderberg Road found a tree blocking the roadway just past where the old road used to come across the top area. The road from VL Rd. to the downed tree area is mostly bare with some deep snow in shaded areas. Snow on the road north of the downed tree was about 12 inches or more due to shading and had snow out past the turnoff road going up to Kavenaugh Ridge.

If any property owners want to know if they had a tree down on their lot, please send a note via the "Contact Us" tab.

Check the pictures section for a few pictures. 

12/24/14:  Merry Christmas to all!

A small snow storm came through the area 12/23 afternoon and early evening leaving around 5 inches of new snow. The grand total on the ground is around 11 inches. Winds were blowing pretty good as well.

There are a few additional trees down but none on cabins. Some downed trees are hung up in other trees - so be careful when walking/driving around.

We are going to take a survey of downed trees in the subdivision around the 26th if all goes well.

Frank Chop provided a couple new pictures. One is from the tree blocking Hawthorne from the prior wind storm of Dec 10/11. The other is VL Road at Tamarack looking to the west taken 12/22.

Night time temps have been in the high teens with some daytime temps in the low 40s.

12/12/14:  Strong winds went through the subdivision and the surrounding areas in Mono County Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday was the worst with winds up to 120 MPH at the ridges and 40-50 (or more) in the subdivision.

The winds from Thursday took many trees down in the subdivision. One tree is blocking Tamarack about 100 feet up from VL Road. Another tree is blocking Hawthorne just east of Tip Top. Several other trees are down on lots with one tree leaning against a cabin deck on Tamarack. There may even be more once Frank Chop is able to walk the subdivision some more tomorrow.

There are trees down at VL Resort, and several other properties just to the east of the resort on both sides of VL Road. A couple trees are down along the side of VL Road as well, but they are not blocking traffic.

There was wind damage to several businesses in Lee Vining as well.

The recent wind/snow storm only brought 3-4 inches (1 - 2 feet was expected) of new snow to add to the 3-6 inches already present.

Night time temps had been around 27 since Monday and a high of 44 during the day.

If you are concerned about your property you may want to drive up and check further.

Any addition information obtained will be update on the website.

12/01/14:  Trash service remained active into November with the last pickup on Friday, November 28. Normally, the service is ended the first part of November due to weather conditions. There will not be a trash pickup until the May or June 2015 timeframe, weather permitting. Please keep your trash to a minimum or take your winter trash home with you. This will help to allow trash dumpster space for year-round residents in the subdivision.

Current snow levels are around 3 to 4 inches. VL Road has been plowed so far. A storm is coming in Tuesday the 2nd which could bring heavy snow to the area.

The main gravity line remains on as mentioned in prior posts.

10/25/14:  The gas pump system and associated tanks were shut down and winterized on Oct 21 & 22. The gravity system street laterals were also shut down except for lower Lodgepole.  Lower Pinecrest Dr. below Hawthorne was switched to the gravity system for the winter period.

The upper and lower holding tanks were cleaned and are ready for system start-up in May 2015. All lines were flushed and will be ready as well come May.

Winter water will be available at the spring area overflow adjacent to the solar pump shed and at the red yard hydrants (key required) along Virginia Lakes Road. If a member needs a key for the winter hydrant please go to the "Contact Us" Tab on the home page to request a key. There is a $2.00 charge for a key. A list is maintained of all winter hydrant keys issued.

Many thanks to the shut down crew of Chris Keller, Ross Oswald, Ron Reck, and Jay Wheaton.

Winter snow clearing priorities were heard before the Mono County Supervisors on 10/14/14. The Virginia Lakes Road will remain a Class 4 road as in years past. 

The various road classifications can be viewed at the Mono County 
Public Works - Road link - http://www.monocounty.ca.gov/roads/page/snow-removal-county-road-maintenance - while at that link go down to "Supporting Documents" and check out the "Snow Removal Priorities Map.

10/02/14:  The solar pumping system was shutdown on 09/28 due to potential freezing temps. The gravity and gas pumped systems remain in operation as this time. The gas pumped and gravity systems and associated storage tanks will be shut down beginning on October 21 and finishing up on the 22nd. 

The gravity system main line will remain on but all gravity lateral street lines will be tuned off except for the lower half of Lodgepole. Also, the lower portion of Pinecrest, below Hawthorne, will be switched from the pumped system to the gravity system for the winter period only. These two street areas now have deep water lines and can utilize the gravity lower water pressure during the winter months.

Water will be available at the spring area overflow adjacent to the solar pump shed and at the yard hydrants (key required) along Virginia Lakes Road. If a member needs a key for the winter hydrant please go to the "Contact Us" Tab on the home page to request a key. There is a $2.00 charge for a key. A list is maintained of all winter hydrant keys issued.

A bear has been roaming the subdivision in the morning hours and early evening hours. Please be aware of your surroundings when out-and-about.

Temperatures have been dropping to below freezing at night time but warming during the daytime. If you have not already winterized your cabin and water lines you should consider doing so soon.

We had snow on September 27 and 28 (about 1-2 inches each time) with a low of 26.4 on one of those nights. The snow was very moist and most of it melted during the daytime.

08/30/14:  A flush drain was installed at the Hawthorne intersection for the upper Pinecrest Dr. section water line. Road base material has been installed on the lower Lodgepole road area that had the water line replaced. The solar pumping system is working automatically now to keep the low tank supplied with water. The upper tank still has to be filled manually with the gas pumps.

Weather conditions have been great with temps in the mid to high 60s during the day and in the low to mid 40s at night.

Hunting season with bows has started so be aware of potential hunters that could be trespassing through and on the subdivision properties. If any are spotted hunting in the subdivision area, please contact the Mono County Sheriff's office dispatcher at 760-932-7549 or 911 as appropriate.

08/19/14:  The water line replacement work on the lower half of Lodgepole Dr. has been completed. Road base material still has to be installed and will be done within the next few weeks. There is possible water line work to be done on upper Pinecrest Dr. just above Hawthorne to install a flush hydrant within the next several weeks. No date has been set at this time. When work starts there will be a road closure for a day or two. information will be posted when work begins.

There has been a bear roaming the subdivision and eliminating several bird feeders. Be sure to be on the lookout when out and around in the late evening and early morning hours.

Thanks to Katie Quinlan for helping to rearrange the log cabin storage area and seal up open areas to keep critters out. Also thanks to Tim Tiernan for sealing up the solar pump shed and the log cabin storage building.

A new trash dumpster has been delivered replacing the two previous ones. The same trash lock remains to secure the dumpster. Just a reminder to break down any boxes placed in the dumpster.

On August 5, 2014, the final inspection was received on the solar pumping installation. This installation is currently only pumping to the low holding tank. Testing started on August 18 which will automate the pumping process to this tank. Wish us well!

07/25/14:  The lower half of Lodgepole Drive will be closed beginning Tuesday July 29 for approximately 1 week due to water line replacement work. Access to the upper portion of Lodgepole Drive can be made via Beaver Run off of Tamarack Lane.

Water will not be available to Lodgepole during this period. If you need water, contact Jay at 32 Lodgepole for a work-around if needed or water will also be available at the Orange/red Yard Hydrant at the bottom of Lodgepole at VL Road.

06/29/14:  URGENT NOTICE!!. Fire restrictions expand beginning Monday June 30, 2014::

This notice affects the VIRGINIA LAKES SUBDIVISION as well. No outside or open fires allowed! This includes charcoal grills.

See the attached link for verification of the below listed information:


Tinder-dry vegetation, exceptional drought conditions, increasing daytime temperatures and several human-caused fires have prompted the Bureau of Land Management’s Carson City District Office, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs and Nevada Division of Forestry to announce the implementation of fire restrictions effective at 12:01 a.m. Monday on all lands under their jurisdiction in Western Nevada.

The restrictions will last until further notice. The Carson and Bridgeport Ranger Districts of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest are currently in fire restrictions until further notice.

According to the agencies, vegetation in Western Nevada and Eastern California is significantly dryer for this time of year. Below-average moisture this past winter and spring and warmer-than-average temperatures has led to the increased rate of drying vegetation. A large crop of grass and brush is evident at lower elevations, and trees and other forest vegetation at higher elevations are quickly drying out.

The restrictions prohibit building, maintaining, attending or using a fire (using wood, charcoal or any other material), campfire, or stove fire, except a portable stove using gas, jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid fuel outside of a developed fee campground or picnic area (except by permit); smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or at a developed campground or picnic area; operating vehicles or other motorized equipment off of existing paved, gravel or dirt roads; welding or operating an acetylene torch with open flames, except by permit; using or causing to be used any explosive, except by permit; possession or use of fireworks or any other incendiary device; use of tracer rounds, steel-core ammunition or exploding targets including Binary Explosive Targets while recreational shooting.

Also, the Nevada Division of Forestry prohibits operating vehicles or equipment traveling on or using wildland areas without at least an axe, shovel and one gallon of water. The other agencies require that all motor vehicles must be equipped with an operational spark arrester pursuant to 43 CFR 8343.1(c). All agencies recommend individuals carry cell phones while in the wildlands or national forests to report wildfires.

Affected areas include: BLM — all areas, roads and trails on the BLM-Carson City District outside of developed recreation sites, with the exception of Sand Mountain Recreation Area and the portion of the Walker Lake Recreation Area within 100 yards of Walker Lake, or between Walker Lake and U.S. Highway 95 where campfires are permitted.

Nevada Division of Forestry — all areas, roads and trails on state lands including the state parks of Lake Tahoe Nevada, Washoe Lake, Berlin-Ichthyosaur, Rye Patch State Recreation Area, the Carson River Ranches portion of Ft. Churchill, and Dayton in Western Nevada.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service — all areas, roads and trails within the boundaries of the Stillwater, Anaho Island and Fallon National Wildlife Refuges. Campfires are prohibited on these refuge lands year-round.

Bureau of Indian Affairs — approximately 300 allotments encompassing 59,310 acres in Douglas County within the Carson watershed the U.S. government holds in trust for hundreds of individual Indian landowners, collectively known as the Pine Nut Allotments.

Charcoal grills cannot be used during fire restrictions. Propane or white gas stoves are acceptable for use during fire restrictions.

Citations will be issued to those who do not comply with the posted restrictions. Violation of these prohibitions is subject to punishment by a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than six months or both, as Class B misdemeanors under federal law, though agency statutes vary. Those who ignore restrictions may also be responsible for resource damage, suppression costs and any injuries that occur if they are found liable for causing a wildfire.

For more information, call BLM-Carson City District Office at 775-885-6000, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service at 775-423-5128, the Bureau of Indian Affairs at 775-887-3500, or the Nevada Division of Forestry at 775-684-2500. To report a fire, call Sierra Front Interagency Fire Dispatch Center in Minden at 775-883-5995, or call 911.

06/28/14:  A Board Meeting will be held on Saturday, July 5, at 10:00 a.m. at 32 Lodgepole Drive. Any member is welcome to attend the Board meeting. Also, The Annual Member meeting will be held on Saturday, July 5, at 2:00 p.m. at the pump house area. There will be refreshments after the meeting. See you there!

The meeting agendas, for both meetings, will be posted, Tuesday, July 1, in the Bulletin Board enclosure on the north side of the solar pump shed next to the trash dumpsters. If any member would like a copy of the agenda (s) sent electronically, please complete the "Contact Us" form via the tab to the left of the "Home" page.

06/11/14:  Member Jeanine Prindle has a nice sleeper sofa that needs a good home. It is in great shape and is FREE. It is 76 inches long, 36 inches deep, and 30 inches tall. Check out the picture in the "PICTURES" tab. The sofa is located at her cabin in the subdivision. If you are interested call Jeanine at 310-251-8747.

06/05/14:  "URGENT" We need your support to keep the trophy fish hatchery alive at Conway Ranch! Please check out the below link from the Virginia Lakes Resort web site for further details.  http://www.virginialakesresort.com/ You need to let  Chairman Larry Johnston - Mono County Supervisors know how you feel no later than June 16... Without good quality fish in our lakes and streams - people will not come, businesses will fail, property values will decrease, and much much more. Also, cc. our Supervisor Tim Fesko at: 

05/29/14:  The water systems were turned on Thursday 5/22. Repairs were made to the leaking pump tank which had been planned since shutdown in 2013. There was snow Wednesday 5/21 during the day and night and early morning Thursday 5/22 of about 6 inches at the most. Come Thursday afternoon, 50% of that new snow had melted due to temps being in the mid 40s during the day. Night time temps were between 27 and 34 most of the time between 5/21 and 5/27. All subdivision roads are passible along with the berm on Summit. Installation of the wire-less control system for the solar pumping was started and will continue into July. Thanks to volunteers, Chris Keller, Ron Reck, Jay Wheaton, and Ross Oswald for getting the pump tank repaired and the water systems up and running.

Trash service was to have started today 5/29 but there was a mix up with Mammoth Disposal so the first pickup will be Monday 6/02 - then each Thursday thereafter. When using the trash dumpsters be sure and break down any boxes you might put in. When boxes are not broken down they take up lots and lots of space. Be very watchful on the roads and on your property for broken hanging branches from the winter. Several had been noted on Pinecrest and were removed. The Annual member meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 5, at 2:00 p.m. at the pump house area. See you there!

05/21/14:  Five inches of snow came down last night and it was still snowing this morning.  We are going to try and get the water systems into operation by this weekend. Let's hope the snow and temperatures are cooperative.

05/11/14:  Happy Mother's Day!

05/07/14:  Six (6) to seven (7) inches of new snow fell through Tuesday in the subdivision. Depending on temperatures, the snow may not last very long. Impact on the roads should be minimal.

05/04/14:  Snow conditions have changed drastically according to a report received today. Little Virginia Lake has lots of open water all over the lake. Big Virginia has open water near the shore line and some large cracking about 30-40 feet out with water visible in the cracks. Looking S/W from the boat ramp there are wet patches out deep in the lake.

In the subdivision, Lodgepole and Tamarack are clear from VL Road to Beaver Run. Beaver Run is shaded and still has some fairly deep drifts. Pinecrest is open up to Tip Top. There is a slight drift near the pump house but can be avoided by going on the bypass road to the right. Summit is clear up to the drift just past the Keller cabin. The drift is still around 3 feet thick. Hawthorne is clear from the west side off Tip Top but at the east end near Pinecreast there is a large patch of icy snow in the shade. Tip top is clear to a couple lots west of Pinecrest  near the Meier cabin. Snow in that area is melting fast and should not be a problem in a few days. Tip Top going east just past Pinecrest to Tamarack still has some drifts which are also melting.

Check out the recent pictures from today at the "Pictures" tab.

05/02/14:  Opening day on Saturday 04/26 was great. Snow fell on Thursday evening and most of Friday dropping between 8-12 inches of fresh snow. Temps dropped to 13F one evening. Most evenings were in the mid 20s with highs during the day in the mid 40s. Big Virginia Lake was solid around the edges with only open water at the inlet and outlet. At around 9:30 a.m. on Saturday there were 10-12 fisherman on Big V. Come 10:30 to 11:30 there was between 30 and 40. Ice was 18-20 inches thick with some nice soft snow on top. No big fish were seen with most being 10-12 inches. We did not go to Trumbull Lake or Little Virginia to check them out.

Roads within the subdivision were mostly closed. Pinecrest was okay to Hawthorne as was Tamarack to Beaver Run. Hawthorne and upper Tip Top area were not passable. Summit could be reached but some snow down by the pump house area that could cause a little problem. Nice berm at the top mid area of Summit as usual. Weather warmed up on Monday 04/28 and Tuesday the 29th melting most of the new snow that fell on Friday. Most roads should be drivable if the warm weather continues. However, a storm is expected to come in this weekend which could change everything. 

The water systems will hopefully be put into operation by Saturday 05/24 if all goes well with the weather and there is no freezing conditions during the daytime.

Check out the "Pictures" tab for a few pictures.

04/23/14:  Weather notices this morning say there is a possibility of snow on Thursday evening, Friday day and evening as well on Saturday evening. Temps during the night could get down to 20-30 depending on the day. It could also be windy. Check the "Links" tab on the left and go to the Mono County weather link for further updates.  Sorry no lake condition updates available this morning at 7:50 a.m.

04/22/14:  Snow is melting very quickly according to info being received. A little snow, around 2-3 inches feel last night and this morning. No new information on the condition of Big and Little Virginia Lakes has been received. Trumbull Lake has open water by the big rock at the N/W area. Ice on the lake is bluish in color and may not be safe to go out on come opening weekend. If any info on lake conditions is received before tomorrow morning, 04/23, it will be posted. Headed to the subdivision tomorrow and updates may not be possible to do.

There will be a Board Meeting on Monday, April 28, at 1:00 p.m. at 32 Lodgepole Drive. Any member is welcome to attend the meeting. The meeting agenda will be posted, late Wednesday afternoon, in the Bulletin Board enclosure on the north side of the solar pump shed next to the trash dumpsters. If any member would like a copy of the agenda sent electronically, please complete the "Contact Us" form via the tab to the left of the "Home" page.

04/17/14:  Mono County transported a loader up to Rand Road today to begin the process of clearing the road into Big Virginia lake. Little Virginia Lake has some open water at the outlet. The remainder of the lake looks okay. Weather has been warm, so it is unknown at this time what the lake surface and edge areas will be come opening day in 9 days. No information on Big Virginia at this time. Check out the picture area for two pictures taken of Little Virginia, on Monday the 14th, by Carolyn from Virginia Lake Resort.

04/13/14:  A recent quick trip to the subdivision between 04/09, Wednesday and 04/11, Friday was great. Weather was clear blue sky with lows at night between 27 and 29. Daytime temps ranged between 45 to 55. Snow levels varied between 1 to 2 feet depending on shading. The snow was soft during the day and firm come morning time. Subdivision roads are still blocked with snow and not drivable. VL Road is plowed to Rand Road. Quite a few skiers were up, going from Rand Road to the west. VL Road is to be cleared from Rand to Virginia Lakes before opening weekend which starts on Saturday 04/26.

03/23/14:  A recent trip to the subdivision on 03/16 to 03/20 found blue sky and slight winds. Night time temps got down to between 14.3 and 20.1. Temps during the days were in the low to mid 40s. Snow depth was from 2 to 3 feet in the subdivision. VL Road was clear to Rand Road where plowing had stopped. Dunderberg Rd at VL Road was blocked with a large snow berm. Dunderberg Rd. towards the north had thin snow to bare road in sunny areas but thick in the shaded areas. Lots of snow on the hills below Kavenaugh Ridge but bare surfaces towards the top due to winds. There were many snow drifts between 3-5 feet. There were some nice skiing areas about halfway to 3/4s of the way up to Kavenaugh towards the south along Dunderberg Mountain. A few pictures were taken - check out the "Pictures" tab.

03/11/14:  A few pictures that were taken on 03/11 of the pump house area. There was between 2-4 feet of snow depending on shading.

03/02/14:  A picture of VL Road just east of Rand Rd. looking to the west towards the lakes has been posted in the "Pictures" tab. Lots of snow along the sides of the road.

03/01/14:  More snow has fallen in the last couple of days. There was around 14 inches that fell on 02/28 and another 5 to 6 inches today. The total on the ground varies from 41 to 45 inches as winds have been kicking up. There seems to have been some snow melt as well. There are some avalanche warnings in the Lee Vining area. There is hard pack snow under the recent snows causing this avalanche potential.

If you need to check out the snow levels in the VL area one can go the the Virginia Lake Ridge weather station (VGAC1). The levels are not always exact but one can see the activity for the last couple of days or so. Go to the link at: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?sid=VGAC1&table=1&banner=off

VL Road is still being plowed and kept open by the county.

If you feel keeping the road open is important - drop an email to Jeff Walters (Director of Road/fleet Services) at jwalters@mono.ca.gov  and/or to Brett McCurry (Road Ops Supervisor) at bmccurry@mono.ca.gov and/or to our Mono County Supervisor Tim Fesko at tfesko@mono.ca.gov. Let them, and their crews, know how much you appreciate the VL Road being kept open and why. Keeping the road open allows property owners to easily get to their cabins. It also brings other folks into the area for snow skiing, snowmobiling, and other activities. When people are able to access these areas, they also spend money in the local communities for lodging, food, gas, and etc. which helps the strapped economies in the area.

02/27/14:  Twelve to thirteen inches of new snow fell last night and this morning! That brings the total on the ground to around 30-31 inches. VL Road is clear to Rand Road as Mono County continues to keep the road plowed. Another storm is coming in tonight with the potential of 1 to 3 inches and then 10 to 19 inches on Friday. This sure will help the overall yearly snow levels and reduce some of the drought conditions.

02/18/14:  Six (6) more inches of snow came down on Saturday night 02/15 bringing the snow depth up to around 22 inches plus. VL Road is open to Rand Road.

CalFire is preparing to send the 2014 fire tax bills out in March. Counties beginning with "A" are in the first mailing. FireTaxProtest.org suggests when you receive your bill to file the Petition for Redetermination form found on the FireTaxProtect.org site again even if you have already filed it in previous years. Filing the Petition for Redetermination annually is the safest way of ensuring your refund should we (FireTaxProtest.org) prevail in the pending law suit.

02/14/14:  A snow storm last week brought in additional snow of around 6 inches. Warmer temperatures have lowered snow levels since then to around 17-19 inches depending on where one might be in the subdivision. Recent reports stated that the snow levels where around 35% of normal for the year. VL Road remains clear up to Rand Road. Check, the "Pictues" section for a view of VL Road from Tamarack looking west.

02/03/14:  Snow! There is around 16-18 inches of snow or maybe a little more here and there in the subdivision as of today. Sky was clear this morning but there was around 1-2 inches of snow within the last day. VL Road is clear to Rand Road with some little plowing being done this morning to clear up the recent snow. Subdivision roads are not open except for a short section on Tamarack. There is a possibility of more snow within a week or so.

01/09/14:  Happy New Year to all!

Recent snow pack survey by DWP found only 20% of normal. We may have a pretty dry summer if we don't get more snow between now and April/May time frame.

Conditions during the period Dec 27 to 31 were pretty nice in the subdivision. There was around 5-6 inches of snow in most areas and on the roads with up to 8-10 inches in some shaded areas up on Tip Top. There were some bare road areas on Summit and lower Tip Top just above Hawthorne. Otherwise it took a good run and a 4x4 to get up the main subdivision roads to at least Hawthorne if one was lucky. VL Road was clear to Rand Road were a snow berm had been placed across VL Road. All the VL Lakes were frozen solid!

Temperatures got down to 16F a couple of nights with most nights around 22-24F. Daytime temp ranged from 35-45F. No winds and mostly clear blue sky except in early morning time periods.

The main gravity line was working fine and providing water if needed.

Check out the picture section for a few pictures.  


12/10/13:  The Forest Service posted signs along VL Road that there was no authorized Christmas Tree cutting in the subdivision area and along VL Road and Camp grounds. There had been problems in 2012 of cutting in unauthorized and private property areas and it appeared there would be problems this year due to the mapping that was provided to individuals issued permits. The Forest Service will be working on a newer and better map along with an information sheet for 2014 to hopefully address this concern. It may be necessary for home owners along VL Road to post "Private Property - No Trespassing" signs to further notify people. This will be a topic at the annual member meeting on July 5, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.

12/03/13:  Thanksgiving week was pretty cold in the subdivision. Temps got down to 15.9 on the morning of 11/29. Typical daytime temp ranged from 32 to 55 but generally in the mid 40s during the day. Skies were mostly clear with some cloud cover in the morning periods. As soon as the sun set temps dropped very rapidly. No new snow fell during that week. Snow on the ground varied from zero to 4 inches depending on where the sun was hitting. Most roads in the subdivision were passable. VL Road was clear. All three lakes had ice covering most areas but there were many thin and open areas. Workers were at Little Virginia Lake replacing the pedestrian foot bridge at the creek near the lodge. Lots of traffic up and down VL Road for some reason. Check out the pictures section for a look-see of the area and weather conditions.

11/24/13:  A snow storm came through on 11/22 leaving around 5 inches of snow. As of today there was still 3 to 4 inches on the ground. VL Road is clear however. Another storm may be coming in on Thursday the 28th. Check out the "Pictures" section as Frank Chop provided a shot of the snow on VL Road from 11/22.

11/13/13:  The Snow Removal Priorities were heard before the Mono County Supervisors on 11/12 as scheduled. VL Road will remain a Class 4 road for the 2013/2014 winter season. The County plans to keep VL Road open through the holiday period this year and possibly past that time depending on weather conditions. If a large snow storm comes in the road may not get plowed and could remain closed. The road will be cleared to Rand Road where a turn-around will be provided. As in years past, they have cleared parking areas along VL Road at the various driveway aprons, at Rand Road, at Dunderberg Road, and at the snow park area just off highway 395..

Thanks to Frank Chop and Frank Carey from the subdivision for attending the meeting and speaking before the Supervisors.

Many emails were also sent from our subdivision property owners to County Supervisor Tim Fesko and Acting Public Works Director Jeff Walters regarding the snow removal priorities. Thanks to you all!

Here are the various road classifications: They can also be viewed at the Mono County 
Public Works - Road link - http://www.monocounty.ca.gov/roads/page/snow-removal-county-road-maintenance - while at that link go down to "Supporting Documents" and check out the "Snow Removal Priorities Map or go to this link: 


Plowing begins when it appears that snowfall amounts are accumulating enough to create dangerous conditions, with three inches or more of accumulation usually triggering snow removal. Each county road has been assigned a snow removal priority from "Class 1" to "Class 5" roads. Class 1 roads being the highest priority.

Class 1 roads - Paved roads that are school bus routes and major collector roads, which provide the main access for communities to the State Highway System, and County roads that access fire stations, paramedics, and Mono County Sheriff offices.  These roads will generally receive snow removal resources first and more frequently than subordinate road classifications, and it is Public Works' goal to keep them open continuously. While roads in this classification may close temporarily for public safety reasons, they will typically be the first to be re-opened.
Class 2 roads - Paved roads that are minor collector roads, which serve communities and government offices, but carry less traffic than Class 1 roads and are not part of school bus routes. These are the second priority to receive snow removal resources.
Class 3 roads - Residential streets, cul-de-sacs and other paved and gravel roads within communities. As the third priority designation, these roads generally receive snow removal as soon as all of the Class 1 and Class 2 roads have been opened and cleared. Snow accumulations of less than three inches may not be plowed except during normal working hours.
Class 4 roads - Are other Forest roads, remote roads to single residences, or high mountain roads with severe snow accumulation and avalanche potential. These roads only get plowed after all of the above classes of roads are plowed, and only after the storm has passed. Snow will be removed during daylight hours only (if at all). These roads are subject to temporary closure or seasonal closure at the discretion of the Director of Road Operations or the Public Works Director, which may be the result of a series of heavy storms or presence of an avalanche hazard. Snow accumulations of six inches or less may not be plowed except during normal working hours.
Class 5 roads - Primarily Forest roads that are closed for the winter. These roads receive no snow removal resources or are opened in the spring after a substantial amount of snowpack has melted.

11/08/13:  Jeff Walters, Mono County Public Works, provided the following information: The Board has set a meeting time for the Snow Removal Priorities at 9:30am on Tuesday November 12 in the Bridgeport Board chambers.  However, due the uncertainties of the Board process it might be a few minutes prior or after that scheduled time.

11/02/13:  The annual road snow removal policies, procedures and priorities will be brought before the Mono County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, November 12. If you have an interest in keeping Virginia Lakes Road open, closed, partially open or whatever during the winter period please attend the above meeting or at least send emails to our area's County Supervisor Tim Fesko at tfesko@mono.ca.gov and Acting Public Works Director - Jeff Walters at jwalters@mono.ca.gov.

It is very important that our concerns, interests and views be heard so that we have a voice in what takes place in our area.

County budgets are very tight this year so keep that in mind. Clearing of VL Road past Rand Road is really not necessary since the residential areas are not above Rand Road.

In years past VL Road was rated a class 4 road. For further details on the road classifications and a map of the various roads and their classifications check out this link:


I have included Jeff Walters' email below (less addressees) with further details.

From: Jeff Walters <jwalters@mono.ca.gov>
Date: October 25, 2013 12:43:04 PM PDT
Subject: Snow Removal Priorities - Virginia Lakes Road

Good Afternoon,

 On November 12, 2013 Mono County Public Works will bring before the Board of Supervisors the annual Snow Removal Policies, procedures and priorities.  This agenda item allows the Board to determine which roads will be plowed first, second, third and fourth during the winter.  In past years Virginia Lakes Road was plowed until a significant storm closed the road for the season.  This was usually after Thanksgiving and sometimes even after Christmas although it could happen at any time before then too. 

 The installation of Digital 395 impacted the plowing and opening last year when it was classified as a priority 4. This year the Digital 395 project will not impact the road so I intend to present the same classification again this year to the Board for their consideration.

 There have been other Virginia Lakes residents voicing their desire to keep the road open all year and some who prefer it remain closed.  If you would like to attend this meeting, or invite any/all Virginia Lakes residents to attend, please do so.  I’m sure the Board would like to hear comments.  Please pass this email on to others who may be interested.

 The agenda is not set until the Friday prior to the meeting so I cannot provide an exact time for the item.  You can check the county website http://monocounty.ca.gov/  for details as to the scheduled time on that Friday.


Jeff Walters

Acting Public Works Director

Mono County

(760) 932-5459

11/01/13: 25 MPH speed limit signs were installed at each end of the residential area of the subdivision along VL Road today by Mono County. Hopefully the signs will help slow traffic going through the residential areas along VL Road. Thanks to Dennis Carruth on Rand Road for working with the County to make this happen. Check out a couple pictures of the signs.

For your info: High Sierra Snowcat (an owner operated small business, based out of Truckee, CA.) has applied for a Forest Service Special Use Permit and a Mono County business license.
They are planning on conducting Snowcat skiing and Yurt lodging in the Dunderberg Peak area on the south end of Kavanaugh Ridge, North of Virginia Lakes this coming winter.  They are planning on picking up skiers/guests at the parking area on VL Road just off of Hwy 395. They will have 2 snowcats with a total capacity of 16. The Yurt has a capacity of 8 bunks, wood stove, and a large family style table.

Their mission is: Provide a welcome alternative to the traditional ski resort, by providing back-county ski enthusiasts access to remote high sierra skiing, over-nigh back-country accommodations, safe transportation, and exceptional service without the lift lines and tracked up powder.

Their operation will avoid all private property within the operating area. 

A Yurt has been installed at the VL Pack Station but it is not known if this is for the Snowcat operation or not.

For further details go to www.facebook.com/HighSierraSnowcat or contact them at highsierrasnowcat@gmail.com.

10/29/31:  The water systems were shut down beginning with the gravity system laterals on Saturday 10/26. The pumped systems were shut down on Sunday the 27th. We had great weather on Saturday and Sunday. 

Thanks to volunteers, Chris Keller, Ron Reck and Ross Oswald for shutting down the systems. Temperatures had been in the low 50s during the day and typically 27-32 at night. But come Monday morning, the temp was 19F and there was 8 inches of snow on the ground with more coming down. 

The gravity system main line along VL Road will remain in operation. Water will be available at the spring overflows and at the orange yard hydrants at Tip Top (just to the east a ways), Pinecrest, Tamarack, Lodgepole, and Easy plus Glacier from a galvanized riser outlet. If you use the Glacier riser be sure to turn the "T" handle off when you are finished. Otherwise the riser will freeze and damage will occur. Remember you will need a key to use the yard hydrants.

We will also be posting information regarding a Mono County Supervisor meeting on November 12 regarding whether to keep Virginia Lakes Road open or not during the winter. Check back in a day or two regarding that information. We will be requesting that you contact various County individuals to express your desires on the road plowing etc.

Check out the pictures from Sunday and Monday - What a change!

10/19/13:  The water systems are still planned to be shutdown beginning Saturday 10/26 and Sunday 10/27 if the weather conditions remain favorable. The gravity system laterals will be shut down on Saturday with the pumped systems on Sunday. The main gravity line along VL Road will remain in operation with water available at the orange yard spigots. Water will also be available at the spring and gravity tank overflows at the shed area near the trash dumpsters. Trash dumpster pickup will remain for several more weeks, weather permitting.

10/09/13:  Weather conditions at the subdivision had been pretty good from cold to warm for the last several weeks. This morning it began to snow with an expectation of up to 6 inches. Temperatures were in the low 30's this morning around 8:30 AM. The water systems are still in operation but that could change very quickly if weather and temperatures stays in the freezing zones for too long. Otherwise, the planned shutdown is the weekend of October 26th. If you haven't already, it may be a good time to winterize your cabin and drain your water lines.

The road base work on lower Pinecrest and Hawthorne has been completed. A new winter orange yard hydrant on the gravity main line along the old Virginia Lakes Road was installed just east of the Tip Top intersection near the Reck cabin. This hydrant is similar to those at Pinecrest, Tamarack, Lodgepole, and Easy. If you need water from these locations, be sure and have your hydrant key to use them. If you don't have a key, and you are a member, send a request via the "Contact us" tab on this web site. There is a charge of $2.00 for a key. All keys are numbered and assigned.

Testing of the Solar pumping system was completed on the 7th of this month. Testing determined that water can be pumped to the low and high storage tanks but at a much smaller gallon-per-minute (GPM) rate,which was expected, than the gas driven pumps. Two advantages of the solar pump are: (1) it runs directly off solar panels and does not use any fossil fuel to run and (2) pumping can be automated. Once the project is completed next summer and final inspection is obtained from Mono County, the system will be put into operation.

09/22/13:  It began snowing in the subdivision late yesterday afternoon and in to the evening. This morning there was 2-3 inches of snow. The Low temperature last night was 23.3F. Winds were blowing pretty good yesterday but have subsided this morning. The temperature at 9AM was 29.9F and rising. Weather reports indicate that it should warm up. Currently there is blue sky with no clouds.

Water systems are in full operation.

The contractor has installed 75% of the road base material on Hawthorne with the same % on lower Pinecrest. He plans on returning on Monday to finish the remaining road base installation.

09/09/13:  The smoke from the Rim fire was pretty bad recently but it has cleared up today per various info sources. Temperature in Bridgeport around 11 AM today was 70 degrees.

A few pictures have been added to show the water line replacement work done on Hawthorne and Lower Pinecrest. Road base material will be put on those sections where the waterlines were replaced sometime this month depending on contractor schedule.

A couple of pictures of the solar pumping project have been added as well. Work is still in progress on that project.

08/29/13:  The roads on Hawthorne and Lower Pinecrest remain as dirt surfaces. Road base material is planned for installation around the week of September 9 or so if all goes well. The leftover rock and old pipe lines from the Hawthorne/Lower Pinecrest water line replacement were hauled away in late July by the contractor.

The Solar pumping project is moving along. The solar modules were installed in July and the pump was installed this past week. The pump is still being tested and will not be put into service until inspections have been received from the building department.

Very little smoke had reached the subdivision from the Rim fire near Yosemite during the period 8-20 to 8-26 There were only a couple of non-consecutive days with a very light smoke haze. Most days were clear blue skies.

The State Board of Equalization has begun mailing out the annual "Fire Prevention Fee assessment" on behalf of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) in the amount of $150. The mailing envelope they are using is PINK. The assessment I received stated it was due on 09/25/13. So, keep an eye out for that billing. I understand this assessment is still trying to be repealed by various groups and possibly a Senate Bill.

Mono County has been installing dirt/ground up asphalt along the guard area just before the subdivision on the south side of VL Road. Water run off has been eroding this area and they are attempting to built up the hillside area below the guard rail.

Repair work on Virginia Lakes Road has been completed where the road surfaces along the edges were damaged due to Digital 395 work.

A new winter water hydrant was installed on the gravity main line between Tip Top Lane entrance off of VL Road and Pinecrest Drive along the old VL Road area. The best way to describe it is - it is near the west property line of the Reck cabin. A lock will be installed similar to those installed on the other winter hydrants on the gravity main line.

07/28/13:  Water test results for the Pinecrest replacement line were okay and the line was put into service on Friday afternoon on July 26. The road surfaces on lower Pinecrest and Hawthorne will remain dirt until road base is installed later on.

07/25/13:  The Hawthorne water line was placed into service today. The Pinecrest water line has been completed. Pinecrest water test samples have been submitted. Test results should be received tomorrow. If test results are positive, the Lower Pinecrest line will be placed into service Friday afternoon. All other water lines are in service. The road surfaces on Hawthorne and lower Pinecrest are being graded and large rocks removed that were dug up during the line replacement work. Road surfaces will be rough and a dirt surface until road base material is brought in the next week or two. Please continue to drive slowly to keep the dust down.

The pump shed has been painted thanks to Tim Tiernan and his crew of volunteers. Chris Keeler also helped out by painting the shed door after the prior painting work was completed. The new solar pump modules have been installed along with their associated electrical panels. The new solar pump has been shipped and should arrive next week. Pump installation will take place in a week or two after it arrives.

07/18/13:  The new valve interconnection at Hawthorne and Pinecrest was installed yesterday the 17th. The water for upper Pinecrest is back on. Lower Pinecrest is turned off and will be without water until the middle or end of next week. The Hawthorne water line has been flushed and chlorinated. A water sample has been taken in for testing. Test results should be back by Saturday. If test results pass, the Hawthorne line will be placed into service as soon as possible.

Installation of the lower Pinecrestwater line started today with progress down from Hawthorne around 60 feet. The road is passable as no further work will conuntil Monday 07/22. Please drive slowly and carefully as the road surfaces on lower Pinecrest and Hawthorne are still rough.

07/16/13:  The water line replacement is making steady progress. Work began on Hawthorne Thursday, July 11 and reached the intersection at Pinecrest at the close of work today. 

Pinecrest will be closed at Hawthorne beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, July 17. Water service on Pinecrest will be shut down for 1/2 a day due to the new interconnection valve installation at the Hawthorne and Pinecrest intersection. Water service will only be restored to the section of Pinecrest above Hawthorne once the valves are installed. The section below Hawthorne will be without water due to line replacement work until approximately Wednesday the 24th. The lower portion of Pinecrest will be closed Wednesday and Thursday but may be temporarily open until Monday the 22nd and then closed.

Hawthorne will not have water service until the new line is connected to the interconnection valves at Pinecrest and water quality test results are in. Service may not be restored until Monday the 22nd. Water work-a-rounds have been made for those who have been at their cabins on Hawthorne. 

If you need water service on Hawthorne or Pinecrest contact Jay or Ross at their cabin.

The road on Hawthorne (from Tip Top to Pinecrest only) will be semi open with rough road surfaces until the road is graded and side areas cleared of rocks and dirt. PLEASE drive slowly and carefully.

Once all lines are replaced, the road surfaces on Hawthorne and lower Pinecreast will be graded and road base material put down. Please bare with us until all the work has been completed.

07/07/13:  The annual member meeting was held on Saturday July 6. County Supervisor Tim Fesko attended and provided various updates and took questions from those in attendance.

Water line replacement on Hawthorne will begin on Thursday July 11. The line replacement on Pinecrest below Hawthorne will take place after the Hawthorne work is completed. Water service on Hawthorne and lower Pinecrest will be off during their individual street work. Temporary water connections to cabins will be made on an as-requested basis. Most affected cabin owners have already been contacted. Contact Jay or Ross if needed. There will be some road closures during the construction period.

There were some heavy rains on July 2 and 4 that caused considerable water run off in the subdivision. Some roads were affected by the water run off causing deep ruts in the road surface. Lower Pinecrest was the worst affected. Be aware of the road surfaces when driving.

06/28/13:  Just a reminder that the annual member meeting will be held at the Pump House property on Tip Top Lane on Saturday July 6, 2013 at 2:00 pm. Supervisor Tim Fesko has been invited to attend.

The permit for the remainder of the solar pumping project has been issued. Work will begin shortly and continue throughout the summer based on the availability of volunteers. We are also looking for a volunteer to paint the pump shed (10 x 12). Paint will be provided. If you are interested, contact Jay at: Jay@virginialakeswater.com or Ross at Ross@virginialakeswater.com.

A bid proposal has been received for water line replacement on Hawthorne and lower Pinecrest roads. Work may begin shortly after the 4th of July holiday week. There will be some road closures or delays during the construction period that is estimated to be around 2 1/2 weeks in length. It is possible that the work will be broken into two separate phases. Further word will be posted on the web site when work begins and notification to property owners (occupied lots only) on Hawthorne and Pinecrest.

06/04/13:  The first trash pickup is scheduled for this Thursday 06/06. The dumpsters filled up pretty quickly over the Memorial Holiday weekend. Please break down your boxes and flatten them so they don't take up as much room. Keep the dumpsters locked as well.

Just a reminder not to put construction material in the dumpsters. This type of material needs to be taken to the public dump at Bridgeport or Lee Vining? A schedule of operating hours for the dumps has been posted in the enclosed cabinet on the north side of the pump storage shed.

There are a couple of construction projects going on in the subdivision. One on Tamarack and one on Glacier. Please refrain from wondering through these construction sites for safety reasons. There are many potential hazards at these types of construction areas. Please don't bother the workers as they have been hired to do the work not explain to others what is going on.

Bids have been requested for the replacement water line on Hawthorne and one for lower Pinecrest.

We are still looking at completing the solar pumping project this summer once the quotes come in on the required equipment.

Don't forget that the Annual Member Meeting will be held at the pump house on Saturday July 6 at 2:00 p.m. We have invited County Supervisor Tim Fesko to attend.

05/22/13:  The gravity water system was turned on yesterday 05/21. The pumped systems were turned on today. Weather conditions have been windy but are expected to calm. Temps have been chilly in the low sixties during the daytime. Last night low was 39 last night but tempsarea expected to be in the 20s tonight.

05/04/13: Ice conditions at Big Virginia Lake for opening was so-so. On 4/26 the eastern edge was pretty mushy but that evening temps got down to 29 which froze the edge area. On Opening morning, the 27th, one could walk out onto the lake without too much difficulty. Ice depth was between 18 inches to 2 feet in the middle areas. This was about half as in 2012. Fishing was very slow due to the full moon the night before. Most fish caught were less than 12 inches with some Rainbows but mostly Brookies.  Our group of 6 people did not catch anything.

Around 50 fisherman were on the lake for opening day on Saturday. On Sunday, the edge was very soft and required plywood boards and a ladder to be placed down to get to solid ice about 15 - 20 feet from shore. Fishing was still slow with around 30 fisherman on the lake. At noon time ice conditions were getting bad on the shore area.

On Monday, the edge was very soft. Plywood was again needed to get out to 20 feet from shore. Even with that, several folks, including yours truly, took a waist deep bath due to soft ice out 20 feet. Fishing on Monday was limited with only 5-6 caught for the 10 people on the lake. On Tuesday, lake conditions were not good to go out on the ice. There was some clear water where Blue flows into Big V. Conditions were similar on Little Virginia as well with no one out on the ice. Trumbull had open water on the north end near the N/E bay and big rock area.

Fishing at Bridgeport Reservoir was pretty good from some reports with 2 to 4 pounders and limits caught. 

There were some pretty good sized snow drifts on the subdivision roads 4/25. By Monday, Tip Top at Vir. Lakes Road was clear to Summit and Tip Top intersection. Summit was passable to the snow drift past the Keller cabin. Tip Top was okay about 3/4s of the way from Hawthorne to Pinecrest. Hawthorne was semi passable downhill but not uphill. Pinecrest was fine to the top at Tip Top. Tip Top from Pinecrest to Tamarack still had snow drifts and was not passable. Tamarack was okay up to the low tank. Tip Top was okay from Tamarack to the east end. Lodgepole had drifts at the north end as did Beaver Run due to shady conditions. Easy and Glacier had a few small drifts. The drift on Summit was being worked on Tuesday to clear a path. Summit, just below the low tank, was not passable going south towards the cabins near the Baggett cabin.

On Wednesday morning the road conditions had improved some. Most roads should clear up fairly quickly if day-time temps remain warm.

Most night time temperatures were between 4/25 and 5/1 were around 23- 29 degrees with day temps in the low to mid 60s.

The water system holding tanks had a few areas repaired where there were leaks from last year. The tanks just have to be cleaned and filled with water once night time temps stay above freezing.

It is anticipated that the water systems will all be operational around May 22 or 23rd just before Memorial weekend unless some main or  members water lines have breaks causing a delay.

Check out the pictures section for a few pictures from opening weekend.

04/25/13:  The ice on Big Virginia Lake is mushy on the east edge out to about 10-15 feet as of 7:30 p.m. today. The west, north or south shore lines were not checked. Current outside temp at 8:45 p.m. is 40F. Temps were pretty warm today with lots of snow melt. Little Virginia Lake is not looking good for ice fishing. Trumbull Lake has open water to the N/E by the large rock. Ice fishing there is not looking good.

If temps get cold in the next couple of days ice conditions may change for the better but I wouldn't count on it.

04/24/13:  Ice conditions on Little Virginia Lake do not look too good. As of 04/23 the ice had pulled away from the lake's edge just to the right and left of the resort lodge's boat dock area. There is a large dark area towards the south end of the lake which might be good in the early morning if good at all.  Thin ice signs have been requested from the Sheriff's office to be put up around the lake.

No word on conditions at Big Virginia yet.

The snow has been melting pretty fast according to local sources. Check out the pictures section and 

see the difference in snow levels between 04/17 and 04/22 for Pinecrestat VL Road.

VL Road is open to Big Virginia Lake. Roads within the subdivision are blocked with snow in many areas. Areas that get lots of sun, like on Summit Drive, are somewhat clear except for the yearly snow drift area. It is possible the drift will be cleared on the roadway by this coming weekend due to possible backhoe work.
Any additional updates will be provided as information comes in.

04/17/13:  Virginia Lakes Road officially opened for travel yesterday 04/16. YEA!!!  Frank Chop forwarded a couple of pictures today. There was some 5 inches of new snow that fell Monday evening and Tuesday morning. Clearing of the road from Trumbull Campground gate to Big Virginia Lake is still underway at last word.

04/15/13:  VL Road should be open for vehicle travel beginning tomorrow the 16th if all goes well per the County. The road is currently plowed to the VL Resort with parking aprons at various streets. The County plans to start plowing the dirt road to Big Virginia Lake tomorrow. There is about 4 feet of snow at the Trumbull Campground gate so they hope to have it plowed to the lake by this weekend. There is a possibility of some equipment on VL Road. If so, there may be a "Flag" person at the equipment.

Snow levels in the subdivision vary from patches of dirt to deep snow depending on shading etc.

04/09/13:  The applicant for the General Plan Amendment 13-001(a) of the "Transient Overlay" or TOD for the  Virginia Lakes area on Tip Top Lane has withdrawn his application with the County of Mono.

04/03/13:  Update: The VLMWC Board is opposed to the establishment of a "Transient 
Overlay District" (TOD) in the Virginia Lakes subdivision as it feels that the TOD is not in the best interest of it's members.

Attached is the notice of hearing from Mono County:


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Mono County Planning Commission will conduct a Meeting April 11, 2013, in the Town/County Conference Room at Minaret Village Mall, 437 Old Mammoth Rd., Mammoth Lakes, to conduct a public hearing on the following:  Tip Top Lane
10:40 a.m. GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT 13-001{a}/Ragland.
The proposal is to amend the Mono County General Plan Land Use Element to establish a Transient Overlay District (TOD) at Virginia Lakes to allow for nightly rentals on three adjoining parcels (APNs 019-051-010, -009, & -008 on Tip Top Lane.

The Planning Commission may recommend that the Board of Supervisors approve the proposed General Plan Amendment. The project qualifies as a CEQA exemption.

INTERESTED PT may appear before the Planning Commission to present testimony or, or prior to or at the hearing, file written correspondence with: Secretary to the Planning Commission, PO BOX 347, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546. If you challenge the proposed action(s) in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to Secretary to the Planning Commission at, or prior to, the public hearing.

Contact Information: Mono County Planning Division Courtney Weiche PO BOX 347 Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546 (760) 924-1803.

NOTE: Courtney's email address is: cweiche@mono.ca.gov

04/03/13:  The County of Mono is considering a "Transient Overlay" allowing the rental of private homes in Mono County and has included the Virginia Lakes Subdivision in the overlay. There are some subdivision owners who want to rent their cabins for the money without regard to how this affects other owners/neighbors. The best thing is to contact the County and let them know what your concerns are as a property owner in the subdivision. The VLMWC Board is discussing the impact, should the Transient Overlay" be approved, regarding water availability for all paid users, the potential increase in trash and water assessment fees and water usage on our water system. There is also the additional wear-and-tear on the road system within the subdivision. The VLMWC had not previously taken a position on rentals because it has always been illegal in Mono County therefore has not been a problem for us.

If you are concerned regarding the rental of cabins in the subdivision. It is recommended you contact our local County Supervisor Tim Fesko at tfesko@mono.ca.gov

There will be a meeting at the County on April 11 regarding this issue at 10:40 a.m. in the Town/County Conference room at Minaret Village Mall, 437 Old Mammoth Rd., Mammoth Lakes.

03/24/13:  Jay Wheaton, our VL Mutual Water Corp. (VLMWC) President, recently communicated via phone and email with Mono County Supervisor Timothy Fesko, District IV regarding the road closure on Virginia Lakes Road. Jay verbally brought Supervisor Fresko up-to-date (after receiving the Supervisor's initial email response - see text below) regarding Virginia Lakes Subdivision property owner concerns.

Below are just a few of the items discussed:

There was no prior notification or discussion with property owners on the road closure and how it would affect them. The road closure has generally made access to the subdivision and back country almost impossible for property owners, and others, due to low levels of snow for optional cross-country travel. 

Due to the closure, the VL Road, although plowed to Dunderberg Meadow Rd. was not available to travel via vehicle and only by foot for 5 1/2 miles in. No arrangements for vehicle passenger drop-offs or escorts up to Dunderberg Meadow Road either due to the closure and Digital 395 construction work. Had the road been closed but covered with snow access could have been made via snow machines, snow cats, skies, and etc.

Supervisor Fresko was not aware of the frequent winter use of cabins by property owners in the subdivision or how much the area has developed in recent years.

Mr. Wheaton has invited Supervisor Fresko to our (VLMWC) annual member meeting, on July 6 at 2:00 PM, to learn more about the VL subdivision community and our needs and concerns.

Supervisor Fesko gave permission for us to post his email (sent prior to him and Mr. Wheaton talking) on our web site. He also said that if anyone would like to, they can contact him via Email at: tfesko@mono.ca.gov

From: Tim Fesko <tfesko@mono.ca.gov>
Date: March 23, 2013 10:50:58 AM PDT
To: Jay Wheaton
Cc: Jeff Walters <jwalters@mono.ca.gov>
Subject: RE: Virginia lakes road closure

Thank you for your email.I have heard from several owners up there regarding this road closure.

My understanding is that the road is usually closed (to vehicle traffic) until some time before fishing weekend. This year was quite unusual as to the issues regarding the Digital 395 project. There was an exception, from my understanding, as to the road being plowed just for this very specific, one time, project which will benefit all of the Eastern Sierra.

I am unaware that the "County Supervisors" made the decision to close the road as it is always closed during the winter time. But of course the previous Board may have given direction to County Staff, for which I am unaware.

I do empathize with your concern of the lack of communication with the homeowners. This issue is one that is county wide and something our new board (we just entered office in January) are working on and I believe that we have already made progress.

Luckily we are getting close to having the Digital 395 project wrapped up in that area and in time, from what we are being told, for fishing season opening on April 27th.While this does not undo any past issues, I personally want to thank you for your time, comments and understanding so far. I apologize that the County did not reach out to the homeowners (although only seasonal) and inform each about what is happening up there, why it is happening, and how it would effect each.

If I can be of any service in the future, please feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to help in any way I can.I look forward in meeting you in person hopefully sometime this coming summer.


Timothy E Fesko
Mono County Supervisor, District IV

03/20/13:  The County updated us today projecting that VL Road will remain closed until April 15. Digital 395 equipment and workers are still on VL Road installing vaults and other related work. After the road is open, for non- work vehicles, some Digital 395 work will still be ongoing pulling fiber optics through installed conduits. This work should not require the road to be closed. It is not clear when they plan to clear snow from the road surface from Dunderberg Meadow Rd intersection on into the Virginia Lakes area. The County will provide us with an update should the above information change.

03/18/13:  The VL Road remains closed, via a cable across the road, just past the bridge up from the parking area. The road is generally clear of snow to Dunderberg Meadow Rd., weather permitting, but work continues on the Digital 395 project keeping the road closed to non-work vehicle traffic. One can ski in to the subdivision through the lower campground area then up to the VL Road. Snow remains on VL Road from Dunderberg Meadow Rd. west to Big Virgina Lake. Snow levels in the subdivision area range from 4 feet to 1-2 feet depending on where the sun hits. A potential snow storm is coming in mid week.

We will attempt to get an update this week on when or if the road will be opening sometime soon.

03/01/13:  The annual assessment billing was mailed out on February 27. A late fee of $50 will be charged if not paid by July 31.

The latest snow survey stated that the snow level in the Eastern Sierras was at around 57% of normal for this time of year. It sure would be nice to get a big snow storm in March and April time frames to change that. The next update on the Digital 395 road work and access for VL Road will be next week.

02/14/13:  The Virginia Lakes Road is closed and will remain closed until the Mid of or end of March according to the County. It is possible the road could remain closed longer - all depending on Digital395 work progress. The road has a hard closure with a cable across the road just past the bridge up from the parking area. Work continues on VL Road for Digital395 as well as Dunderberg Meadow Road. Construction vehicles may be working and/or parked on VL Road as well as at the intersection of Dunderberg Meadow Rd. & VL Road. There is access to the west and up the gully area just past the bridge but We don't know how far one can get to the west from there. There was around 2 feet of snow in the subdivision and 18 inches on VL Road from Dunderberg Meadow Rd. to the west as of yesterday. We will updated the web site on road conditions when we obtain further updates.

02/05/13:  Here is an article regarding the Digital 395 cable work For Dunderberg Meadow Road and Green Creek Road. The County approved the snow removal to do the work. Here is the link: http://thesheetnews.com/archives/17175

01/29/13:  Here is a Mono County web site link that explains the various classes of roads in the county for snow removal. If you click on the supporting documents area and look at "Bridgeport- Road Area #4 Map" you will find the Virginia Lakes Road. VL Road is listed as a Class 4 road for snow removal. It used to be listed as a Class 5 road. Here is the link: http://www.monocounty.ca.gov/roads/page/snow-removal-county-road-maintenance

01/25/13:  Crews continue working on cable laying. Workers told one of our members Wednesday that they still has several weeks of work left on VL Road. Carol Webb from the lodge talked to them today and they have asked the County to plow a section of the Green Creek road so they can shoot optics into the cable. She also provided a couple of pictures she took this afternoon around 2 PM. As you can see from the pictures, the contractor is taking up most of the road with their equipment. Weather has been a little warmer with just a flurry of light snow these past few days - but it is not sticking due to the warmer temps. Still around 2 1/2 feet of snow in the subdivision.

01/17/13:  Trenching and cable laying continues daily on VL Road from around 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. The progress is slow due to melting snow and muddy conditions on the shoulder areas. Yesterday only 500 feet of progress was made. The road only has one lane open, allowing room for the equipment doing the trenching and cable laying. There is no turn-around at the Dunderberg Rd/Green Creek turn off. Some of the equipment is left over night on the road surface area. It is unsafe for non work related cars/trucks to go up the road due to the equipment and work being done. As such, the road is closed to non-work vehicles. There is no finish date for the work at this time due to the slow progress being made. At around 7:30 this morning the temps in Bridgeport were -13 degrees and the temps up on VL Road were 26 degrees.

However, there is some room for snowmobiles to make it up the road along the edges where there are open areas and some snow. In some areas there is light snow or no snow on the road surfaces. The snow appears to be settling some and packing down to allow for cross-country travel.  Anyone going up on snowmobiles should be very cautious of work activity and vehicles on the road.

If anyone has additional information on the road conditions or access please let us know by using the "Contact Us" tab on the left or sending an email to: info@virginialakeswater.com

01/14/13:  The latest word from the County Road/Public works Department this morning. The VL Road is closed to all vehicle traffic except for the construction equipment that is working on trenching and laying the cable for the Digital 395 project up VL Road. The road is cleared to Dunderberg. I am guessing that the Digital 395 folks have equipment up on the VL Road that is taking up most of the road area. Therefore this does not allow enough room for other vehicles to safely be on the roadway at this time - only a guess! No date was given as to when the road would be clear of equipment and the road opened to normal vehicle traffic. See picture of Virginia Lake Road at Hawthorne looking west.

01/13/13:  COLD COLD COLD!!! At 4:45 PM today the temp was 2 deg. and a low of -4 deg. at 4 A.M. today. Snow depth at the subdivision is around 2 to 2 1/2 feet. The VL Road is currently closed with barricades at the parking area just off of 395. I had heard that the road is plowed to Dunderberg Road but I do not know the condition of the road - just that it is closed. Several folks plan on checking with the County to see when they are going to open the road.

01/02/13:  Happy New Year!

There is a one lane road up to Green Creek/Dunderberg Road that is barely passable. A company called Praxis (SP?) got a piece of machinery stuck on the north side of Dunderberg so they hacked a one lane path up VL Road with a loader in order to get their equipment out. The county contacted them this morning and told them to widen it to two lanes or the county would do it for them and send them a bill. Unfortunately, the county does not have a way to just knock the one lane down to allow snowmobiles and etc to use the road. It looks like it may be an open two lane road in the near future.

It is not recommended that you drive up the one lane road at this time as you could get blocked in by other vehicles. There is very limited turn-around areas if any. The roadway had been closed and coned off by the county but some folks have gone around the cones.


12/28/12:   As of this evening, at 9 P.M., the snow level at the VL Lakes Ridge Wx Station was 46 inches and 14 degree F. Pending word on road conditions.

12/26/12:  The latest word was that Vl Lakes Road was closed due to recent snow storms. The road was closed just north of the parking lot area just off 395. The County was planning on clearing the road once they finished clearing other areas.  

12/09/12:  Senator Ted Gaines (R-Rocklin) as his first order of business after being sworn on December 04,  introduced legislation - Senate bill 17. The Bill would repeal the "$150 Fire Tax" that was placed on rural property owners for fire prevention services as part of the 2011-12 budget. For further details see the article at: http://lakesidenews.net/?p=11871

12/03/12:  Recent storms brought snow and heavy winds to the subdivision area. It was reported today that there had been "8 feet of wind, 2 feet of snow on the ground, and Virginia Lakes Road is plowed and open." A quick visual review of the subdivision did not find any trees down, but not all areas were completely checked.

11/25/12:  Thanksgiving holiday was spent at the subdivision. This was a first! Upon early evening arrival, Saturday the 17th, snow was coming down making road visibility poor on VL Road. Temperature was below 30 and dropping. Perhaps 4-5 inches of snow was on the ground but by morning time there was over 12 inches. Temps dropped to 24 for that first night. Highs remained in the low 40s for a couple of days with blowing winds and occasional snow flurries. VL Road remained open with the County Snow Crew keeping things open. Thank you!! Temps warmed up, when the snow stopped falling and the winds stopped, getting into the high 40s to low 50s at times. Night time temps still dropped to below 32 to freeze things up.

Street sign poles along VL Road at Tamarack, Pinecrest, and Tip Top were taken down to prevent further damage after finding the Tip Top pole bent from snow plow damage. Even though the new poles are far enough off the road, snow accumulation from road snow clearing was building up at the three driveway entrances which could cause additional pole damage as the snow season moves forward. The street sign poles will be re-installed next year when snow plowing has ended.

A couple of pictures were added to show the snow and the blue sky once weather cleared up.

11/04/12:  Bear pictures taken by Jim Lozenski on the back deck of his cabin. Pictures taken 10/18, 10/19 & 10/20/12.

10/30/12:  The gravity lateral and pumped water systems were shut down this past weekend on 10/27 & 10/28 respectively. Temperatures were below freezing during the day and night between 10/22 and 10/25 causing the pumps to freeze up. It also started to snow on 10/22 ending up with around 6 inches after several days. The weather changed to clear blue skies around 10/27 with warmer temperatures allowing the snow to start melting some which was a nice change.

The last trash pickup for the season will be this coming Thursday 11/01. The trash service will not be started until next year sometime in May or June - weather permitting.

We have asked the County Road Department to try and keep the VL Road open up to Rand Road as they did last year. This was very helpful to our members allowing them to use their cabins during the winter months. This also allows the Sheriff's Department to make patrols of the area much easier than when there is snow on the road.

Bears have been a big problem lately. A very large black colored big bear as well and a female and three cubs have been roaming the subdivision. The big bear especially has been taking down bird feeders and damaging and/or destroying several barbecues. When I say big bear, I really mean a big bear! It does not seem to have any fear of humans. No attacks have been reported or damage to cabins from the bears.

The weather may continue to be nice for a while, but as most folks know, it can change at any minute. As such, the water systems had to be shut down to prevent any damage to equipment and member valves and piping.

The main gravity line (no laterals) will remain in operation during the winter as it has been for the last couple of years. Water is available at the pump house area spring from the overflows as well as the red/orange hydrants located at Pinecrest Dr., Tamarack Lane, Lodgepole Dr, and at Easy Street. Keys for the hydrants are necessary. If you need a key, the cost is $2.00 and can be requested via the "Contact Us" tab on the left.

10/11/12:  Snow arrived this morning at the subdivision with around 3 to 4 inches worth. Temps were in the 30s. Temps are expected to warm up by this weekend with the snow melting. Should the warming trend not come, it may be necessary to shut down the water systems earlier than planned. Any change in the shut down schedule will be posted here on the web site.

10/05/12:  Winter shut down of the water system is planned for the weekend of October 27, hopefully on Sunday the 28th. The system could be shut down earlier if weather conditions turn cold for a period of time.

The main gravity line will remain on during the winter. Lateral lines off the gravity line system will be shutoff once the other water system lines (pumped system) are shut down for the winter. Water will be available at the overflow lines at the spring/tank area and also at the red/orange yard hydrants located at Pinecrest Dr, Tamarack Lane, Lodgepole Dr., and at Easy St. that feed off the main gravity line.

If you are a water company member (in good standing) and you come up during the winter months and need to get water from the yard hydrants, you will need to purchase a key if you have not already done so. The key fee is $2.00 to cover the cost of the key and handling charges. To request a key, please fill out the form at the "Contact Us" tab on the left.

Current weather conditions just prior to today were lows around 40-43 at night and highs into the low 80s during the day. Typically the high was around 78 or so. Skies have been mostly blue with very little wind. Lake levels are lower than normal due to the early snow melt off.

Temperatures are expected to drop this weekend (10/6-7) with the possibility of snow per weather forecasts.

The solar project at the pump house area was started in September. The solar array pole and foundation work was permitted, completed and inspected by the Mono County Building Department. The remaining work will be completed next summer to install the solar array, conduit, controls, and one solar pump.

If you happen to be up to the subdivision be aware that bears are still roaming the area.

We anticipate keeping the trash service going until the first part of November if weather conditions permit access for pick up.

The California State Board of Equalization has begun sending out billings for the "Fire Prevention Fee" assessment on behalf of the California Department of Forestry and fire protection (CAL FIRE). This fee is assessed on owners of habitable structures located on a parcel within a State Responsibility Area (SRA). The fees that property owners are receiving is $150 per lot. Some property owners have also received the fee on vacant lots which are not suppose to be charged the fee. Read your notice and if you are being assessed incorrectly, the notice lists your remedies for a petition for redetermination. Be aware that there are some time-lines to pay even if you were billed incorrectly.

There was no road base material added this summer due to non-availability of time from the local contractor. We are still planning for next summer to completed some road base work.

There was some roadwork completed on Summit Dr. to reduce the incline midway up Summit Dr. This work was paid for by some of the property owners that use the road.

08/24/12:  Weather conditions at the subdivision have been much cooler than most other locations the last several weeks. Temperatures have been in the low to mid 40s at night and in the high 60s to mid 70s during the daytime. Thunder storms have been almost a daily occurrence, typically in the afternoon or evening periods. The rain has helped to settle the dust and provide needed moisture to plants and trees.

Fishing continues to be good.

Street signs were installed along Virginia Lakes Road at Tamarack Lane, Pinecrest Drive, and Tip Top Lane. One sign was also installed inside the subdivision at the "Y" intersection at Summit Dr and Tip Top Lane. These signs were approved at the Annual Member meeting held July 7. The signs compliment those previously installed in 2011 at Glacier Drive, Easy Street, and Lodgepole Drive. An encroachment permit was obtained for the installation of the VL Road signs from Mono County.
Thanks to Chris Keller and Ross Oswald for the recent installation. A few pictures have been posted of the signs.

We are still waiting on bids for installing road base material on various road areas within the subdivision this year. We also are waiting on a waterline replacement estimate so we can plan for  Hawthorne and lower Pinecrest Dr. water line updates. The local contractor has been very busy with projects, but promises to provide bids in time for the road base material to be installed before winter time. The waterline replacement is not scheduled for this year but cost estimates are needed for planning and potential scheduling.

Bears are still roaming the subdivision in the early evening and morning periods. It was reported that a vehicle parked at Big Virginia Lake parking area had a window broken out by bears. It is important to make sure one does not leave food items in their vehicle or leave windows partially rolled down. If there is an opening in the window, the bears will be able to get thier claws in the opening and pull on the window breaking it. Make sure windows are completely rolled up or completely rolled down. If rolled down, the bear(s) can easily climb inside and trash your vehicle without breaking windows! That would not be my option however!

Water systems are working fine with plenty of water flow in the springs. We do want to remind members that if you leave your cabin/trailer for an extended period of time, more than a day, to shut off your water at your main shut off/stop-n-waste valve. This prevents flooding of your cabin/trailer should there be a water line break inside. It also assists the water company and its volunteers in hunting down a water loss from the storage tanks when breaks do occur.

Mono County will be re-striping Virginia Lakes Road next year and replacing missing side marker poles that have been damaged over the years.

07/28/12:  The annual member meeting on July 7 was not attended as well as previous years.  We did manage to obtain a quorum for the meeting by just a small percentage. It is very important to send in or assign your proxy to someone if you will not be attending.There was discussion on accomplishments during last year and potential projects for the year. Some road base material is planned for several areas if the contractor's bid comes in reasonable. Other plans are to look at installing a solar system to pump the water. The current Board Members were re-elected.

Bears have been roaming the subdivision, so it is important to be aware of your surroundings in the later evening and early morning hours. Don't leave ice chests or trash outside for them to go through. Also make sure you close and lock the dumpsters after putting in your trash.

The water system has been working very well this summer after repairs were made to multiple stop-and-waste valves and various customer service lines. Just as a reminder once again - when you leave your cabin to go home be sure to turn off your main water valve/stop-and-waste. This will eliminate any possibility of water damage and putting a tank full or two of water into your cabin should there be a line break inside.

We have noticed that quite a few folks are driving the subdivision roads at a higher rate of speed. Vehicle speed should be kept down to a fairly slow speed for safety reasons as well as to keep road dust down and reduce wear-and-tear on the roads. There has been some damage to the road surfaces from spinning of tires resulting in nice divots in the road base. If you happen to spin your tires - please make an effort to come back and fill in the hole. If you have 4 wheel drive be sure and use it on the steeper road areas to prevent spinning your tires. If you have a 2 wheel drive vehicle drive steady but at a slower speed.

Also, if you happen to have an off-road vehicle, the muffler needs to be stock and not a loud after market replacement type that make lots of loud, cracking, and popping noises. The subdivision is no different than any other residential neighborhood as far as it comes to obeying noise ordinances.

Annual assessments are due by July 31, 2012. This date is just around the corner. If you have not sent in your assessments, it needs to be postmarked no-later-than July 31 to avoid the $50 late fee.

Also, we have attached a link to the State of California - Fire Prevention Fee - Website. It is very possible that each habitable structure will be levied a $150 or less amount each year. Check out the link:   http://www.firepreventionfee.org/index.php

06/28/12:  Weather has been nice at the subdivision with clear skies during the day. There was some pretty strong winds last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Temps were running between the mid to low 40s at night and the mid to high 60s during the daytime - at least from 06/21 to the 24th. Fishing at the lakes (all three of them) has been great with few fisherman during weekdays and of course more during weekends. There may be a bear (or ??) wondering around the subdivision attacking the bird feeders once again. Be aware of your surroundings and what's outside during evening and early morning hours. 

The water system has been working fine now that all the known leaks on various properties have been located. If you happen to see or know of a leak please let a board member know as soon as possible.

Also, be on the lookout for any unsafe trees that may be leaning on other trees. These trees could come down at anytime if the winds pickup. If you are aware of such trees in the subdivision please contact a board member so that the property owner can be contacted.

There is some construction going on at the end of Glacier Dr. so be careful if you are in that area. 

A reminder that the annual member meeting will be held at the pump house property on Saturday, July 7, at 2:00 PM. Please make an effort to attend. Refreshments will be provided after the meeting. 

Annual assessments are due by July 31. If you haven't mailed yours in and you will be at the meeting bring your payment with you, save yourself 45 cents postage, and give it to Ross. Otherwise be sure and get it postmarked by July 31 to avoid a late fee.

06/13/12: Here is a link to the Bridgeport 4th of July celebration flyer. The parade is on Wednesday, July 4,  at 10:00 a.m. with other activities throughout the week.http://bridgeportcalifornia.com/pdf/fourth_flyer.pdf

06/11/12:  Just returned from the subdivision this evening. We have had several late cold spells causing problems with cabin owner's water plumbing. Temps got down in to the low 20s around Monday 06/04 and again Saturday evening 06/09 and Sunday early morning 06/10. These conditions broke several cabin water lines. One cabin had a broken inside water line causing the cabin to take on a large quantity of water - draining the lower tank. The other cabin had an outside pipe break also causing a considerable loss of water from the lower tank. One instance happened on the first late freeze and the other on the second late freeze. What we found was that some cabin and lot owners are leaving their main shutoff valve in the on position, which provided water pressure to their cabin or lot, while they were not at their cabin or lot. The potential for a water line break could lead to around 10,000 gallons of water coming into one's cabin when they are not home. Now that is the first tank of water. The tank could be pumped again in order to try and find where the loss of water is going. It is not an easy chore to locate water leaks in the subdivision. It's difficult because of the very rocky conditions in addition to having to walk either the upper or lower tank systems and cabin service lines to try and locate the cause of the water loss.

It is highly recommended that if you leave your cabin or lot, shut off your main water valve. It only takes a small amount of time when you return to turn it back on. If you don't and you have a broken water line in your cabin, the potential for your cabin to be flooded with water is very high. Shutting off your main water valve also provides you with some peace of mind knowing your cabin will not be flooded with water. Also, in May and June the weather is unpredictable with the "Late Freezes" coming now and then. It is also recommended that you drain your cabin or lot water lines and winterize your cabin lines when leaving until the weather conditions become normal. 

As a last reminder, cabin or lot owners can be assessed a fee for the loss of water due to not properly turning off their cabin or lot, negligence, and  etc. The fees can vary from $50 and up depending on the amount of water loss and human effort it takes to find the cause of the water loss.

Generally, the temps from 06/06 thru 06/10 were in the mid to high 60s during the daytime hours and most nights into the high 30s and low 40s.

Fishing continues to be great to Big and Little V as well as Trumbull. Trumbull Campground is now open.

There is also some construction work taking place at the end of Glacier Drive, If you happen to be in that area be watchful for equipment and workers.

06/04/12:  All water systems are in operation. There were many issues with broken stop-and-waste valves, some broken pipes and a stop-and-waste that was not shut off with lot and cabin valves left open. The majority of the system was up and running on Friday the 25th. The exception was Glacier Dr. where there was an underground break in a previously unknown service line "T" to a lot that was not in use. Glacier was up and running on 05/30 after the line was dug up with a backhoe and the line capped off.

The lack of snow cover during the winter contributed to the many valve breaks. Several Mueller stop-and-waste valves had their "O" rings blown out. As a reminder, it is imperative to make sure one's water lines drain properly. On several of the valves, the valves were below the inlet water line allowing water to remain in the valve. The stop-and-waste only drains the outlet side. If your valve is below the inlet (street side) line you may need to open your stop-and-waste valve after the water system is shut down to drain the excess water. Once that is completed, then shut off your stop-and-waste valve.

There was snow falling on Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th. Temps got down to 19 degrees. By Saturday evening the snow had stopped. Temps during the day were in the high 30's and low 40's until Sunday when temps in the morning were in the low 40's with blue skies. Daytime temps were up to the low 60's during the afternoon by Friday 06/01.

The trash service will be started on Thursday 06/07 as the dumpsters are getting pretty full from the winter use.

Fishing has been great with stocking trucks coming up to Little and Big V. Trumbull Campground was still closed as of Friday 06/01.

The US Forest Service had a bunch of "Bear Proof" metal boxes dropped off at the Lower and Upper Virginia Creek (#139) camp site locations. These type boxes were previously installed at the Trumbull Lake campground.

A couple pictures of the snow have been posted under the "Pictures" tab.

05/22/12:  Is anyone in the subdivision interested in getting their chimney swept? Member Jim Lozenski has been in contact with a Chimney Sweeper in Mammoth who has done work in the subdivision before. The rates vary as to open fireplace or closed. If there are enough folks interested and the work can be done at the same time, we can get a group rate. If you are interested please send an email to info@virginialakeswater.com and we will get back to you with more details etc.

05/19/12:  The weather has warmed up much quicker than anticipated. The process to turn on the remaining water systems and lines is still planned to begin on Friday May 25. As mentioned previously, the turn on will depend on some maintenance measures and any damage found from freezing issues during the winter. If all goes well, it is anticipated that everything will be up and running on Saturday 05/26.

Due to the warmer conditions and summer fast approaching, property owners should be reviewing their lots, and their neighbors's, for potential fire hazards. The California Fire Alliance has a great Web Site at www.takeresponsibility.com/wildland.php where one can get some pointers - "Learn how you can create defensible space!" They have information on how to create and maintain 100 feet of defensible space around your property to reduce the risk of losing your - even in severe wildfires.

I heard that fishing has been good at Bridgeport Resevoir with some 3 pounders taken on a "Snoopy Pole" no less! No information on fishing results at Big and Little Virginia Lakes. Carolyn, at Virginia Lakes Resort, posted a couple pictures of Big V taken May 13.  They showed very little ice remaining at the N/W corner area. I have posted those two pictures in our "Pictures" tab.

05/10/12:  Snow has melted in most of the subdivision except for up on Summit at the usual snow drift area above the Keller cabin. Last word this morning was about a two drift remained. Snow is also on the road area at the top of Summit on down to the lower tank area. Weather has been nice.

It is planned to open the remaining water systems and lines on Memorial weekend - hopefully starting on Friday 05/25.  Progress will depend on cleaning of tanks, checking the system for leaks/damage from freezing, chlorination, and making any repairs needed.

Any member who would like to volunteer to assist with the system start-up can contact Jay at:Jay@virginialakeswater,com for further details. This would be a great opportunity for those interested in learning about the system.

05/02/12:  The weather cooperated and opening day was great! The lakes were frozen. Big V had about 2-3 feet of ice. The fish were small and long but the biggest I saw was in the 14 inch area. Limits were taken within 1 1/2 hours on opening day Saturday and on Sunday. There were around 40 fisherman on Saturday and 35 on Sunday in the morning hours. On Monday in the morning there was around 9. There was little wind on Saturday and Sunday but on Monday there was a medium breeze. Temps at night were as follows:  4/25 - 37; 4/26 - 32; 4/27 - 25; 4/28 & 29 - 29; 4/30 - 41; and 5/1 - 40 degrees. Daytime temps varied from the 40s to the low 60s. There was a very strong wind on Thursday 4/26 that took down a dead tree on Tamarack blocking the road just about one lot in from VL Road. It was cleared from the road the next day.

Snow levels were pretty low on subdivision roads. Access was available on almost all roads with some driving through 6-8 inches of snow in shady places. Summit was okay up to the typical snow drift just after the Keller cabin. The top of Pinecrest at Tip Top has some snow that was 6 to 8 inches deep. The entrance off VL Road at Tip Top and the pump house area had some snow but was melting pretty fast by Monday, 05/01.

The gravity system was turned on for Lodgepole on Friday and Tamarack on Saturday. There was a waterline break on Lodgepole at a "T" fitting in the main lateral line and one on Tamarack from a damaged stop-and-waste valve. Both of these conditions were corrected with the one on Lodgepole requiring some extensive digging and replacement work.

It is anticipated that the remainder of the gravity system will be put into operation later in May as well as the pumped system. This will all depend on temperatures remaining above freezing and if any further damage is located.

There was no evidence of any avalanches in the subdivision this year.

A few pictures have been posted of Opening Day at Big V and of road & parking areas.

04/24/12 (late):  The latest word on Big and Little V ice fishing conditions are dependent on the weather the next few days. It's possible there will be rain instead of snow making the ice conditions questionable for folks to be on the lakes. The Mono County Sheriff is going to review the ice conditions on Friday and make a determination if the lakes will be available or off-limits for ice fishing. No further updates to the website will be available as the Web Master is leaving for the lakes 04/25 a.m. and will not be able to post updates to the site. Good luck to everyone!

04/23/12:  Both Big and Little V Lakes remained frozen as of Saturday 04/21. Big V has some water on the surface at the S/W corner area. Temps were warm this past weekend. Cooler weather conditions from today through Friday are expected. There is a possibility of snow Wednesday to Friday. Snow levels remain around 15 inches or so depending on shading etc. The VL Road from Trumbull Campground to Big V is two lanes on the dirt road. All subdivision roads remain closed due to snow conditions.

04/15/12:  Snow from the recent storm brought around 6 inches to the subdivision. On late Friday, 04/13, there was a total of 29 inches on the ground. As of today, the total depth is down to 26 inches and fairly soft. VL Road remains clear all the way to Big Virginia Lake.

For those that are interested in the bears that were around last summer. I found a video on "UTube" that shows a fairly large black colored bear at Big Virgina Lake.  The bear was down along the shore to the west of where Blue Lake water enters Big V. The posting said it was uploaded September 28, 2011. This bear is not something that anyone would want to mess with. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=5LgsnE26nZs 

04/13/12:  Snow is coming down and hopefully we will get a bunch of snow to add to the low total for the season. Perhaps we will have a good opening day for fishing season come the 28th of this month. Snow update will follow as soon a info is obtained.

Site update:  The pictures have been moved to the "OLD PHOTO - HISTORY" page to unclutter the "PICTURES" page. The most recent photos are now posted on the "PICTURES" page.

04/10/12:  The latest information regarding the roads into the Virginia Lakes just came in. The road has been plowed all the way to Big Virginia Lake. Ice is beginning to melt on the left (south) side of the lake. However, there is a storm that is coming in the next few days which is expected to bring up to a foot of snow. See the pictures taken today.

03/21/12:  Update from Frank Chop this afternoon. VL Road is clear to just past Rand Road with a large turn around and parking area. Lots of skiers up and parked there. There are parking areas along VL Road at some of the subdivision road entrances. Beautiful blue skies! There is around 2 feet plus of snow on the ground. More snow is expected this week and later on the weekend. The most recent snow report for Mammoth Pass was at 49% of normal for this time of year.

03/19/12:  The yearly assessments were mailed out today, so keep an eye out for it to arrive shortly. Payments will be considered late and assessed a $50 late fee if payment is not received by July 31. When we receive payment early it helps the Board to get upgrade projects started earlier in the summer instead of having to wait until late summer. If you have a new address, phone number, or email address, please make a note of it on your payment stub. Also, if you will not be attending the annual member meeting on July 7, please include your proxy with your payment stub so we can have a quorum for the meeting.

Lots of snow fell this past weekend. Approximately 18 inches or so. The total on the ground was up to around 36 inches but settled back down to around 32 inches as of today. The County was in the process of clearing VL Road today. If you have been up to the subdivision lately and taken any pictures and would like to share them, please feel free to forward them toross@virginialakeswater.com for potential posting here on the site.

03/01/12:  The VL Road remains clear of snow up to Rand Road. The County recently did a quick clearing of snow from the recent snow storm. Winds have been high so there may be some snow drifts on the road. Many property owners have been going up to their cabins this winter due to the road being cleared by the County. We want to thank Jeff Walters and his crews for keeping the road clear this winter. If you feel the same way, feel free to drop Jeff a note atjwalters@mono.ca.gov to thank him and his crews. It has been great having access to our properties in the VL Subdivision this winter.

02-24-12:  A recent trip to the subdivision ending on Monday 02/20 was quite a suprise to the normal weather this time of year. VL Road was still clear and plowed to Rand Road. Snow in the subdivision was between 1 1/2 to 2 feet, depending on shading, but was very soft and fluffy. It was impossible to make a snowball. Temps were around 16-19F at night/early morning and in the low 30s during the daytime. Blue skies were the norm during the day and some overcast and slight snow flurries at night. A few pictures have been added to the "Pictures Tab" to show the conditions.

02-16-12:  Snow fell this week a couple of times leaving around 8-9 inches of new stuff. Total on the ground is around 18 to 21 inches. The County Road Crew has been keeping the VL Road cleared to Rand Rd. Temps have gotten down to 4F so be sure and bring your long johns!

01/30/12:  Weather at the subdivision was in the low 40s during the day this past weekend with clear blue skies. VL Road remains plowed and clear to Rand Road where there is a berm. Parking along VL Road is just along the side of the road where the snow is bermed. Check out the picture of VL Rd. & Rand Rd. 

01/23/12:  Snow has hit the subdivision area. Carolyn Webb from the VL Resort has provided a couple of pictures. She said that there was three (3) feet of snow at their gate to Little Virginia. The snow plows cleared some of the snow but much remains on VL Road. Check out the pictures from the 21st.

01/18/12:  Just returned from a trip to the subdivision from 01/10 to 01/15/12. The weather was blue skies from Tuesday until Saturday night. Temps at night were in the low 20s with highs during the day between 35 and 42. Saturday night overcast and winds came in with temps coming up a little to the low 30s. The wind continued into Sunday with temps in the low 40s. Very little snow anywhere and mostly in the shaded area. There was also some ice on shaded road areas in the subdivision. The lakes are all frozen with clear ice on them. Some folks had been ice skating on Trumbull and Big V. All roads were open in the area.

As previously mentioned in December there are a number of trees down on various lots. I only saw one cabin that had been hit by a partial top of a tree that came down. The owner has been notified of the minor damage.

Frank Chop and Ross Oswald met with Jeff Walters of the County Road department on Friday 01/13 to discuss keeping the VL Road plowed as long as possible. Bottom line is that the County will try and keep the road open until a big snow fall comes. Before that happens, when small amounts of snow falls they will try and clear the road. Frank will be keeping Jeff updated on road conditions until the big snow fall comes.

The County also has plans to begin opening the VL Road much earlier than they did last year for the opening of fishing season. The County does have some budget issues and several folks from the road department have resigned or retired. With less manpower available, they have been moving folks from various road department field locations to accomplish needed work. They plan to continue doing that during snow removal periods as well as there does not seem to be any near end to budget issues.

The gravity main line remains on and water is available at the pumping tank overflows and at the orange spigots at Pinecrest, Tamarack, Lodgepole, and Easy.

A few pictures have been added from the subdivision area and up at Frog, Cooney, and Blue Lake area (provided by Carolyn Webb from VL Resort, Lorraine Wheaton, and Ross).


12/13/11: There was about 2 inches of snow on the ground in the subdivision today. The VL Road was clear of snow in most areas. Jay Wheaton did a walk around the subdivision today. He did not observe any noticable damage to cabins or water company structures from the recent wind storms. Temps have been in the mid 20s during the day and mid to low 10s during the night.

12/02/11:  There were very heavy winds in the subdivision on Wednesday and Thursday, much like those in the S. California area. Frank Chop took a tour of the subdivision this afternoon. He did not find any trees that had fallen on any cabins or solar panels. He did say that a couple of trees fell on some lots on Tamarack. He also heard another tree fall while conducting his tour but did not locate that tree location. Temperatures had been pretty cold with a high of 21 yesterday and lows in the mid 10s. Little snow has fallen, about 1 inch, and most of that is gone. The main paved VL Road is clear.

11/05/11:  The gravity line laterals on Tamarack, Lodgepole, Easy, and Glacier were shut down and drained today due to  cold temperatures and a pending snow storm coming in tonight. The main gravity line and orange spigots off of the gravity line at Pinecrest, Tamarack, Lodgepole, and Easy remain in operation.

11/04/11: Temp at the subdivision this morning at 8:30 AM was 14.1 degrees with 5 inches of snow.It's good that the pumped water system was shut down last weekend to prevent any freezing condition damage to the system.

11/01/11: Temp at the subdivision at 1PM today was 39.7.

Also, if anyone in the subdivision is looking for a gas/propane range, a new but old GE model JGBS04PPH2WW (30 inch, white, standing pilot) is available for $300.00. The unit is still in the box, purchased new in 04/2004 from Lowes but never installed by the prior cabin owner. The new owner of the property will be looking for a Stainless model. If you are interested please contact Jim Wilcox atjimkola@cox.net for more info. If you would like data on the unit you can check out these two links: 



10/31/11:  The pumped water system was partially shut down on Saturday 10/29 in the late afternoon. The pumping tank was drained as where the upper and lower holding tanks. The pump house pumps were also drained and winterized. All lines were drained except for Pinecrest, Hawthorne, and Summit Drive due to members at their cabins until Sunday. On Sunday, Pinecrest, Summit, and Hawthorne were drained. Pressure gauges on the high and low tanks at two street intersections were removed to prevent damage from winter snow build up. Thanks to volunteers, Chris Keller, Ross Oswald, Ron Reck, and Jay Wheaton for helping with the shutdown. The shutdown process is a very time consuming process which requires the opening of many valves and then closing of these valves later after all water has stopped flowing. Almost all valves are closed to allow the system to be put into operation quickly in the spring when snow levels could prevent access to some valves. This process safely protects the water system during the winter months. Last year the pumped system was shut down on 10-23-10.

The gravity system remains on in its entirety until further notice since it does not require the use of the pump house which is more susceptible to cold weather and freezing conditions. The gravity system laterals (Tamarack, Lodgepole, Easy, and Glacier) will be shutdown when weather conditions worsen. Once the laterals are shut down, only the main gravity line will be in operation. At that time, water will be available at the orange spigots that have been installed at the bottom of Pinecrest, Tamarack, Lodgepole, and Easy. All spigots are locked. If you would like a key to the orange spigots, please go to the "CONTACT US" tab on the website and complete the form and request a key in the comment area and then submit. The cost for the key is $2.00 which covers cost of key duplication and mailing. Keys are only available to subdivision members in good standing. Please provide all required information. Once your request is received and validated your key will be sent. Once you receive your key, please return your $2.00 to the VL Water return address that is enclosed.

As a reminder, water is also available at the spring area and gravity tank overflow pipes.

Please note that the last trash pickup will be Thursday 11/03. The trash dumpsters will be locked all winter. Remember to bring your key during winter months for access to the dumpsters.

10/20/11:  The water system will be shut down on Saturday October 29 due to change in the temperatures up at the subdivision. If you happen to be at the subdivision and would like to help out, please see Jay Wheaton on Lodgepole. Also if you need to fill your winter water storage tanks be sure to do it prior to the 29th. If needed, let Jay or another board member who is at the subdivision know you will be filling your tanks to ensure we have adequate water in our storage tanks to meet your and normal user needs.

Trash pickup will be stopped on Thursday November 3. for the season. Trash pickup will not resume until sometime in May depending on weather and road conditions. The trash dumpsters will only be accessible during the winter if you have a key for the dumpsters. If you need a key, see Jay. It is recommended you take your trash home with you to ensure there is adequate room during the winter for the few full-time members and during opening day in April and Memorial Day weekend.

Additional road base material was applied to Tip Top Road in front of Lot #11 just off VL Road and over to the pump house/log cabin area on October 17. Hopefully this additional road base material will help with the soft road conditions that exist during the winter snow runoff periods before the road surface dries out and hardens up.

10/12/11:  The weather has warmed up some but patches of snow remained on 10/11/11 from the recent snow storm. I heard that it also rained which helped to melt much of the snow. There was considerable water run-off that came with the warming trend. 

More cleanup work was completed today with removal of the rocks that partially blocked the driveway entrance area just west of Pinecrest Dr. and off of VL Road. Also the few pieces of old gravity line and pumped line pipe that had previously been removed from the ditches and stored along Tip Top Lane and the driveway were removed on October 1. Additionally, rocks that had been stored for later removal across from the pump house on the northern side of the Tip Top lane right-of-way were removed on September 21. Several rocks were also moved near the trash dumpster area off Tip Top Lane.

A new secondary muffler was purchased which has been tested at the pump house for the last month or so. It has eliminated the "Put-Put" noise from the water pump engine exhausts and quieted the exhaust noise considerably. The muffler was being swapped from engine to engine on the outside exhaust pipes since only one engine is run at a time. As a result, two additional mufflers have been purchased along with adapters to equip all three pumps.

10/05/11:  A recent storm brought some snow to the subdivision. It was reported this morning that approximately one (1) foot had fallen. It is more than likely that more will accumulate if the storm continues. A review of the Virgina Lakes Ridge Weather Station on-line site (which is at a lower elevation and to the east of the subdivision, indicated 7 inches as of noon today. Several members have shut their cabin water systems down to prevent possible freezing and pipe breakage. The water systems remain in operation at this time.

09/27/11:  Work was completed on the manifold piping replacement this afternoon at around 2:00 PM. Water service was restored to both the pumped system as well as the gravity system at that time. A new valve for the pumping tank was installed as was a replacement line from the output line at the gravity tank that feeds the pumping tank. This work replaced old pipe that had deteriorated in this area as well as some old pipe that had been capped off that went to the original pump house that was torn down many years ago. The area was backfilled but an open area remains to allow for the installation of a french drain on the west and north sides of the pump tank. The french drain will aid in the removal of any surface water around those two tank sides that might accumulate.

09/25/11:  Work will begin on the manifold piping replacement at the gravity and pumping tanks early morning on Tuesday 09/27. The work will require the shutting off of all water coming out of the spring that goes into the gravity and pumping tanks. The high and low pumped storage tanks will be pumped before the shut down for manifold repairs. Water will be available for users on the High and Low pumped tank systems only to the extent of water that is in the tanks. The gravity system will also be shut down at the same time. The only water for gravity users will be the water that is in the gravity line pipe until it runs outs. Water will still be available at Spring #2 overflow if needed. It is imperative that all users limit their water consumption and put into place conservation measures to extend the available supply until repairs are completed. If repairs go as expected, the water systems should be restored sometime on Thursday 09/29 during the day. If you have any questions, please see Jay at his cabin at 32 Lodgepole or drop us a note here on the web site at Info@virginialakeswater.com

09/15/11:  Weather temps have changed to the cooler side recently. There has been some hail and low temps into the mid 30s. Currently temps have been from the mid 50s to 60s during the day and into the the mid to low 40s at night. Be sure to bring your firewood!

Work had begun on replacing the manifold piping coming out of the gravity tank, into the pumping tank, and connection to the gravity line main shutoff valve. This area is in need of updating due to pipe deterioration and various modifications done since everything was installed in the late 50s and early 60s. The area was dug up recently and due to the low water table in the area, the ditches soon filled with water. We had the same issue when replacing the gravity line valve and piping in this area last year. 

Due to the various pipe angle and etc. some special angle welding will be done to fit everything back together after much of the old cluster is removed. We anticipate that there will be an outage on the gravity and pumped systems when the old piping is removed. Water will remain the the gravity line after the valve is shut off but it will run out as it is used. The pumped system holding tanks will be pumped to overflow just prior to the piping being removed. This will provide a minimum of 4 to 5 days of water if everyone uses water conservatively.

The systems will be turned back on as soon-as-possible once pipe replacements are in place. The start date for shut down and pipe removal is still pending. Once a date is confirmed a notice will be posted on our web site.

08/13/11:  The gravity line replacement was completed yesterday 08/12/11 with Glacier being the last street connected. All that remains is some cleanup work and repairs to the driveway aprons. Many thanks to Jay Wheaton for taking the lead on the project, coordinating the work with the contractor, plus keeping us all updated with progress reports. The next project for this summer is digging up the underground manifold and valve system at the gravity and main pumping tanks for evaluation and possible replacement,

08/11/11:  Work on the gravity line replacement has progressed well. The main gravity line is on and operational except for the final connection from the new gravity line to the Glacier line. It is expected that Glacier will be connected on Friday. A new drain line for the gravity line was installed and extended further to the east. The hydrant that was previously adjacent to the driveway apron at the S/E side of Glacier and the old road is now located at the N/W corner of Glacier and the old road.

The gravity tank over flow line at the pump house shed area was also modified and placed underground on Saturday 08/06 by Jay and Ross. This change will remove the surface water that previously was exiting near the tank and it will now flow into the nearby stream instead. This improvement also clears up the surface around the tank for maintenance purposes.

Road base material was placed on Pinecrest in two areas due to the deep ruts that were caused by snow melt runoff. Road base material may also be placed at several locations along Tip Top depending on available funds.

It has been determined that unauthorized people are dumping their trash into the subdivision trash dumpsters. It had gotten so bad that the dumpsters were full within 5 days of them being emptied. This condition prevented members from being able to deposit their trash. The dumpsters are paid for out of member assessments and are for the sole use of members only. There is a sign at the dumpster location stating "Dumpsters are for residents use only" which hasn't helped much. The Board decided to lock the dumpsters effective Sunday 08/14 to try and stop the unauthorized use. Members can obtain a key, at no cost, from Jay at his cabin located at 32 Lodgepole, the first and only cabin on the right side of the road. 

Bear activity continues to be a problem. They broke out a camper shell window screen on Tamarack on 08/08, broke open a heavy duty metal storage box on Easy around 08/03, and damaged a bear proof trash container on Summit. Please be aware of your surroundings in the early morning and early evening hours as these times seem to be when they come through the subdivision.

07/30/11:  Just a reminder that all assessments that are not paid and not received and/or postmarked by the due date of 07/31/11 will incur an administrative last fee of $50.00.

Safety Notice: Bears have been going through the subdivision in the early morning around sunrise and just after dark. They are looking for food. They have taken out at least 10-15 bird feeders (some multiple times) and broken into two vehicles. One within the last day or two. The two vehicles had a window partially open which allowed the bear to get a hold of the window edge with its claws. Keep your windows completely rolled up or left down, at least the bear can crawl in and not break out your window. Any remnants of food, drinks, empty soda cans, gum, sweets, trash, and etc. in your vehicle can be an attraction for the bears. Do not leave any food or trash outside as it can be a target as well. 

The bears have also been observed looking into cabins through windows. No cabins have been broken into that we are aware of. We have not heard of anyone being attacked by the bears. However at least one of the bears, a black one, does not seem to have a fear of people. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially in the morning and early evening hours. 

One prevention methods that has been successful in keeping bears away from cabins is to put moth balls in socks and hang them at various intervals around your cabin perimeter.
The Tamarack driveway apron has been improved with road base material. The main gravity line shutoff box at Tamarack has also been raised and leveled after being damaged at the close of last season by a propane truck. All asphalt driveway aprons that were cut to install the replacement gravity line will be compacted and filled with road base. After everything settles, during the summer and coming winter, they will all have new asphalt installed where they were cut after the snow melt and surfaces dry out in 2012. The contractor has also improved the east side of Tamarack by terracing the area where the pack station traffic had cut away at the side area and apron surfaces. Check out the two pictures of the Tamarack area.

07/21/11:  Gravity line replacement work has almost reached Easy St. The water still remains off to Easy and Glacier as previously noted. Some large boulders were encountered just after Lodgepole. Check out the picture page of the progress as seen just before Lodgepole on 07/20 and of the valve connection on 07/21.

07/18/11:  Work started today on the remainder of the gravity line replacement. Water is currently shut off to Easy and Glacier. Lodgepole is being feed from Tamarack with bypass hoses. If you are on Easy or Glacier and need water, please see Jay on Lodgepole to make the necessary arrangements or call him as noted in the 07/12/11 update. 60 feet of pipe was laid today starting at the gravity midway shut off valve located in the middle of the Tamarack driveway apron. Progress on the line will be updated as information is received.

07/12/11:  The annual member meeting was held on Saturday, July 2. There were 27 members present plus many family members. A very good meeting was held with discussions on accomplishments from last year, plans for this year and a member open forum discussion. The prior board members were re-elected. The roads have firmed up considerably. Run-off is still occuring from snow melt. All roads are open except for the very top of Summit just past the Baggett and Batatian cabins over to the low tank area and at the end of Beaver Run and the top of Easy.

Several bears have been roaming the subdivision. There is a large black colored bear, a cinnamon colored bear, and a cub. They have been targeting outside trash, bird feeders, and at least one car that had gum and other food/drink remnants. I also heard that one bear pounded on a 5th wheel unit that had a bird feeder hanging off the 5th wheel. The bears have been observed in the early morning hours around 3 to 6 AM and in the evening after 8:30 PM. Please be very watchful when you are outside. The black bear does not appear to have any fear of people, but has not been aggressive toward anyone so far. A reminder to not leave food in your vehicle or trash outside your cabin unless it is contained inside a "Bear Proof" container. Take all trash to the dumpsters at the pump house area. Also be sure to secure the dumpster tops with thier provided latch systems to keep the bears out of the trash. If you do not lock the dumpsters, the bears will get in and make a pretty good mess of things.

The major leak in the high tank was fixed on July 7 by Ross and Jay. This repair doubled the capacity of the tank from 3 1/2 feet to 7 feet. A smaller leak, in a different and high area of the tank, was found after the other repair was made. This leak will be repaired later on this month. The maximum capacity is 9 feet at the overflow outlet.

Work on the remaining portion of the gravity line replacement will begin on Wednesday, July 13. Work will begin at Tamarack and work its way down to Glacier. There will be water interruptions for Lodgepole, Easy and Glacier. Jay is working on some work arounds on an as-needed-basis. If you are up at the subdivision in the affected areas and do not have water, please contact Jay at his cabin on Lodgepole (first cabin on the right) or call him on his cell phone (951-378-5460) to let him know.We anticipate the work to continue for several weeks.

After the gravity line work is completed the contractor will be removing the remaining dirt, rock, and piping. He will also be making repairs to the road beds and driveway aprons that were dug up to lay the pipe. If funds permits, the water company will also have some road base material installed on Tip Top and Pinecrest road areas to fill in low spots and were runoff has caused excessive ruts in the road surfaces.

06/27/11:  Water to Glacier from the gravity system was turned on Sunday, 06/26, by Frank Chop. There were some difficulties when the shut-off valve top came off when turning the valve on. This resulted in emptying the gravity tank. Once empty, Frank was able to re-install the valve top and get water service going after the tank filled. Frank also advised that all roads are open, except for Summit near the Keller & Prindle cabins and north of the Baggett & Batatian cabins. These closures are due to the snow drifts that remain in those areas. Yes, it was a heavy snow fall this past winter.

However, there may be some debris on the end of Tip Top, Beaver Run, Easy and Glacier that remain from the avalanche in those areas. If anything is in your way on the road areas, and you are able to remove it safely, please do so to assist others that may follow you. 

Run off still remains a concern near the pump house and lower Tip Top areas. However, the run off is slowing down some and road surfaces hopefully will harden up in a few weeks or more.

The trash dumpsters are full! Special arrangements have been made with Mammoth Disposal to attempt to empty the two trash dumpsters this Thursday the 30th. They plan on bringing a pickup truck up equipped with a hydraulic fork type lifter to move and empty the dumpsters. The pickup will take the dumpsters out to the main road, to the larger truck, to avoid getting the larger truck stuck in the soft and muddy road areas. This process may have to continue for several weeks until road surfaces harden up. In the interim, it is recommended you take your trash home or find another location to deposit your trash. One recommendation that has been provided was the dumpster located at Big Virginia Lake next to the restroom area. Updates will be provided as to success or failure of the dumping attempts on Thursday.

06/23/11:  Chris Keller provided a couple of pictures that he took on Tuesday 06/21 of the rode/driveway by the log cabin and pump house areas. Both pictures are looking east out towards the Tip Top entrance off VL Road. One is from the pump house area and the other is from just past the log cabin and the Tip Top uphill turn area . You will notice that the roadway is pretty muddy and wet. You can also see some of the road base material that has been applied to help firm up the road surface. Check out the pictures link.

06/22/11:  The snow continues to melt which is causing considerable run-off water on the subdivision road surfaces. The areas just off VL Road at Tip Top and along the pump house and trash dumpsters remain muddy and soft. Driving in those areas with a low clearance vehicle could mean getting stuck. Some road base material has been placed in those areas but the road seems to have absorbed most of it without solving the muddy and soft surface issues. Road surfaces should harden up once the run-off stops. Some other roads in the subdivision are partially open. Summit is open to just past the Keller cabin. The snow drift remains in that area. Tip Top to Hawthorne and Pinecrest to Hawthorne are open. Tamarack and Lodgepole are partially open but I do not know how far up. No information at this time on Easy, Glacier or Beaver Run. Updated information should be available in the next day or two.

All water systems are up and running with the exception of the lateral on Glacier.

Trash service has not been started due to the road conditions at the pump house and shed area. As a result, you may need to take your trash with you when you leave. Service will be started as soon as it is safe for the trash truck to make entry without getting stuck.

06/15/11:  Subdivision roads: The road surface is very soft with lots of running water from VL Road to Tip Top,  past the pump house and up Tip Top to the "Y" of Summit and Tip Top, and even up to Hawthorne. It is not advisable for small vehicles or non 4x4 vehicles to attempt driving this section until the runoff slows down and the road base dries out more. It is a good possibility that you will get your vehicle stuck in the soft surfaces of the road if you drive on them. All other roads are still blocked with snow or trees. The worst snow spots are lower Pinecrest, Tip Top at Hawthorne, Tamarack at McKee cabin and all of Glacier. The very top of Easy and most of mid-to-upper Glacier have tree issues. 

The high tank system will be in operation this afternoon the 15th. All water systems and roads will have water except for Glacier which will be turned on once we can determine the damage caused by the avalanche. The temps are warm mid 60's during the day and low 40's at night. 

06/10/11:  The gravity system laterals for Tamarack and Easy were turned on, chlorinated and flushed today. The entrance to Tip Top off of VL Road and part of the old VL Road area just past Pinecrest were blocked off due to extreme soft road surface conditions just inside the entrance driveway aprons. No attempt to drive on any of the subdivision roads, especially Tip Top or the old road section just past Pinecrest, should be made at this time. Roads in the subdivision are still covered with snow. It is recommended that all vehicles be parked at the VL Road entrances to the subdivision and then walk in. The high pump system remains off but may be turned on if users are present for the weekend. 

Water system summary: The "Low Pumped" system is on and operational. The "Gravity" system is on and operational for all areas except Glacier. The "High Pumped" system is off.

06/09/11:  Progress has been made with mail delivery to the Conway HC mail boxes. It has not been decided which contractor will deliver. Discussions are underway, by local users of AT&T, regarding the poor cell phone service/coverage in the VL area. The repeater at Conway is suppose to be updated with a micro cell according to AT&T but that has not taken place at this time. The VL Mutual Water Corp. has offered a site at the High Tank should AT&T wish to install a mini repeater in the VL area.

Art Baggett reports that the road up Summit Dr. to Keller's cabin is looking better everyday with snow melting. It won't be long before a big 4x4 could make it up the road. The drift by the Keller and Prindle cabins is still 10 feet in the center. He said there is still a lot of snow around the subdivision. Skiing is great with very few sun cups. The temperature was 37 degrees at 10,000 feet on June 8 at 11 PM.

The roads in the subdivision remain closed due to snow levels. There has been considerable water runoff due to snow melt. The road entrance area off of VL Road for Tip Top (going to the pump house area) and part of the old VL Road area just past Pinecrest and between the turn off is very muddy. This is due to considerable water runoff from the snow melt and the roadway settling from the installation of the gravity line last year.  It appears that one vehicle may have gotten stuck at the "Y" area just off VL Road. It is suggested that you do not attempt to drive the subdivision roads until the snow melts further and the road areas dry out and firm up.

Trash service will not be started to empty the dumpsters until the road base is dry enough to prevent the trash truck from sinking in the road similar to what happened last year. It may not be until late June when service can be started.

Temperatures have been in the 40 to 50s during the daytime hours. This has allowed the snow to melt up to 4 inches a day in the open and exposed areas. Snow drifts of up to 5 feet (not counting the 10 foot high one near the Keller and Prindle cabins) still remain throughout the subdivision roads and wooded areas.

Water service on the Gravity system to Tamarack, Easy and Glacier remain off. However, if you plan on coming up, please contact us at info@virginialakeswater.com and arrangements can be made to turn those areas on as needed.

The high pumped system has been tested, chlorinated and flushed but remains off due to snow levels and no users.

There are a considerable number of trees down at the top of Easy, the end of Beaver Run, and on Glacier from the avalanche. Roads in some of those areas are impassable at this time from the trees and snow levels.

We will be looking for volunteers to assist with some clean-up work around the pump house and storage shed areas, and around the high tank access road areas before and during the 4th of July weekend. If you wish to assist, please contact Jay Wheaton personally or at Jay@virginialakeswater.com  before or during the annual water meeting (July 2). There is also the possibility of volunteers being needed for some additional road clearing of downed trees once an evaluation is made after the snow melts further.

06/08/11:  We have been advised that there is a problem with mail delivery on the Conway Summit HC boxes. Apparently the mail is not being delivered to these HC boxes. If you have a HC box at Conway Summit you need to contact your local representative for this area to find out why these HC boxes were not included in the new contract with the mail carrier.

Also - here is - Bridgeport's 149th Annual Fourth of July Celebration Schedule. 

Saturday July 2 

Kids Fun Attractions - Courthouse Lawn - as soon as set up
Arts & Crafts Festival - School Street - 9:00 AM
Softball Tournament - Aurora Canyon Rd. - 8:00 AM
Book Sale - Hosted by Friends of Library - School Street - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Turkey Shoot - Bridgeport Gun Club - Gun/ammo avail at range - Masonic Rd & Hwy 182 - 9:00 AM
Dance w/ Live Music - Bridgeport Indian Colony - Memorial Hall - 9:00 PM

Sunday July 3

Softball Tournament - Aurora Canyon Rd. - 8:00 AM
Church Services - Bridgeport Christian Fellowship - Courthouse Lawn - 9:00 AM
Kids Fun Attractions - Courthouse Lawn - after Church Services
Arts & Crafts Festival - School Street - 9:00 AM
Book Sale - Hosted by Friends of Library - School Street - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Horseshoe Tournament - Singles - Prizes and More - In the Park - 9:30 AM
Bridgeport Ranch Rodeo - Bridgeport Gun Club & Centennial Ranch - North End of Town - 11:00 AM
Community Dance - Lee Vining High School ASB - Memorial Hall - 8:00 PM

Monday July 4

Pancake Breakfast - Lee Vining High School ASB - Memorial Hall - 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM
Five Mile Run & Three Mile Walk - CHS Boosters - Lower Twin Lakes - 8:00 AM
Softball Tournament Finals - Aurora Canyon Rd. - 8:00 AM
Church Services - B.P. Christian Fellowship - Courthouse Lawn - 8:30 AM
Kids Fun Attractions - Courthouse Lawn - as soon as set up
Arts & Crafts Festival - School Street - 9:00 AM
Book Sale - Hosted by Friends of Library - School Street - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Parade - THEME - "Our Great Outdoors" - Main Street - 10:00 AM
Art Show - Young Artist of North Mono County - Memorial Hall - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Horseshoe Tournament - Doubles - Prizes and More! - In the Park - 11:00 AM
Mud Volleyball - Hosted by B.P Gun Club & C.H.S. Boosters - Jct 395 & 182 - 11:30 AM
Parade Awards - Courthouse Lawn - 11:30 AM
B.B.Q. - Bridgeport Gun Club - In the Park - 11:30 - 2:00 PM
Five Yard Diaper Dash - Westside of courthouse - 12:00 AM
Find the Money In the Haystack - age limit 3 to 10 - Courthouse  Lawn- 12:30 PM
Watermelon Eating Contest - Courthouse Lawn - 1:30 PM
Arm Wrestling - Courthouse Lawn - 2:00 PM
Karaoke Sing-A-Long/D.J. - In Front of Courthouse - 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Rubber Duck Race - Bridgeport Duck's Unlimited - Jct 395 & 182 - 2:00 PM
Bridgeport Ranch Rodeo - Bridgeport Gun Club & Centennial Ranch - North End of Town - 2:00 PM
Greased Pole Contest - age limit 14 - Courthouse Lawn - 3:30 PM
Fiddlin' Pete - Courthouse Lawn - 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Spectacular Fireworks Display - Airport - Dark
Dance "Tree Woods" Rap/Hip Hop - Memorial Hall - After the Fireworks

"Safe and Sane Fireworks”
Available on July 2nd thru the 4th
from Lee Vining High School ASB
at School St. and Highway 395

PS: Don't forget to visit the Mono County Museum and the Bridgeport Visitor's Center

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT www.bridgeportcalifornia.com

06/03/11:  The leak on the lower pumped system has been located and corrected. A member failed to shut off their main stop-and-waste valve at the end of the pumping season. They also had opened their cabin faucets after the VL Water system had been shut down. This resulted in their basement area filling with water. The lower tank was pumped again in the late afternoon of 06/02. The tank was still holding the pumped water pressure as of this morning. This is a good lesson for all members to remember to shut their stop-and-waste off when they leave their cabin for an extended period of time (possible broken water line(s) inside your cabin) as well as the end of the season. Members who cause such water losses due to negligence, improper winter turn-off or non compliant connections are subject to an Administrative Fee per the By-Laws.

Art Baggett advised that he has been spreading cinders on the entrance road area near the pump house and on the large snow drift near the Keller and Prindle cabins. He said the cinders are working slowly and it may take several weeks or more before the road is open and driveable - weather permitting of course!

06/02/11: Update: There is considerable discussion going on regarding the "Digital 395" project that is underway. The Desert Mountain Resource Conservation & Development Council is asking for interested parties to submit a survey questionnaire. The original cut-off date was 05/27, but it has been extended until 06/06. Please fill out a survey on-line or manually and mail it in. It is very important for them to receive input from possible users of the line to be installed. We have heard that the line may go up the Virginia Lakes Road to the Dunderberg/Green Lakes Meadow Road then towards Bridgeport. Apparently going down the canyon by the Bodie turn-off on 395 is not possible for some reason. Attached is the link to the "Digital 395" website http://www.digital395.com/index.htm as well as the survey site. http://www.desertmountainrcandd.org/

Here is an article from the Inyo Register:

Broadband survey deadline extended

May 24, 2011


Mike Gervais/Register Staff


As county officials work to get the Digital 295 project online and bring faster Internet and broadband capabilities to the Eastern Sierra, an RC&D is asking residents where and how those capabilities might be used. All are invited to fill out a short survey to help identify local areas in need of service. Photo courtesy Metrocreativeconnection.com

Eastern Sierra residents are going digital, there’s no doubt about it, but how and where a new fiber-optic cable will be utilized is up to local residents.
Digital 395, a project that will provide a new 583-mile, fiber-optic network following U.S. 395 from Barstow to the Nevada border, will bring high-speed Internet and broadband capabilities to remote areas of Inyo County that don’t currently have service.
With that project in the works, the Desert Mountain Resource Conservation and Development Council is looking to local residents to find out how and where the new services could and should be used.
Through the Eastern Sierra Connect broadband survey the RC&D hopes to “identify the unserved and underserved communities” in Inyo, Mono and Eastern Kern counties that need broadband Internet connectivity.
To date, the RC&D has received more than 300 surveys, including hard-copy surveys that were made available through a number of county offices to ensure that those the survey targets, residents with little or no Internet access, have an opportunity to participate.
“We are going to begin analyzing the surveys now, but we have extended the deadline from May 27 to June 6,” said RC&D Project Administrative Assistant Alice Lauritzen.
“This is not the Digital 395 grant,” said Deborah Hess, RC&D vice-president and Southern California Edison region manager via press release. “Eastern Sierra Connect is a separate demand project aimed at encouraging existing and potential providers to build local broadband to unserved and underserved communities in the Eastern Sierra region.”
The survey will also reveal what broadband technologies might be appropriate and affordable to residents and businesses in various areas of the region.
Basically, Eastern Sierra Connect aims to show Internet providers that the Digital 395 project will be put to good use if they get on board and offer services.
Lauritzen said the decision was made to extend the survey deadline to accommodate a community meeting in Mojave June 1. At that meeting, the RC&D will be handing out copies of the survey for attendees to complete. “We want to include those in the survey results,” she said.
During a community meeting held in Bishop earlier this month, Lauritzen said about 15 residents turned up to discuss the project and provide input.
“We are excited about the community meetings and the results we’re getting from residents,” Lauritzen said. “The turnouts haven’t been huge, but we’ve had good discussions with the people that have come.”
Those who missed the local meetings are welcome to attend the meeting in Mojave, at 7 p.m. Friday, June 1 at the Vets Hall, 15580 “O” Street or simply fill out an online or hard-copy survey and send it to the RC&D.
The survey is available online at DesertMountainRCandD.org. A printable version and a printable poster can be downloaded from the Eastern Sierra Connect project pages at https://sites.google.com/site/dmrcandd/home.
In addition to the online survey, which takes between five and 15 minutes to complete, paper surveys for those without Internet access will be made available at local chambers of commerce, County Administrative Headquarters on May Street in Bishop, at the County Administration Offices in Independence and at the Lone Pine Library.
Hard-copy surveys may be sent to 1529 E. Ridgecrest Blvd., #7, Ridgecrest, CA 93555.

06/02/11:  Greetings to all. Returned home from the subdivision Tuesday evening 05/31 after being up since Thursday evening 05/26. Weather was cold and windy most of the time. Temps were down to around 18 to 24 at night and 40-47 during the daytime. IT snowed several times with a total accumulation of around 6 inches or more. There is considerable snow remaining on the subdivision roads. Snow on the roads is generally from 2 to 4 feet depending on the area and drifts. The large drift on Summit between the Keller and Prindle cabins is approximately 10-12 feet high and around 15 to 20 feet wide. Considerable snow has melted since I was up for Opening Day weekend. The remaining snow is hard packed. 

The avalanche area snow has melt considerably as well. The area is now showing the large amount of trees that were either totaly uprooted or just bent over from snow movement during the avalanche. Both of the Virginia Lakes still have ice on them. I did not go down to Little V but Big V only had a small amount of open water at the outlet. The thickness of the ice on Big V was around 2 feet and somewhat mushy during the day. There was no visible open cracks out on the lake or open water areas along the shoreline as I've observed in prior years. Fishing on the ice was slow - real slow, but fish in the range of 8 to 12 inches, were caught with worms and Powerbait.

On Friday afternoon the pump house entrance was cleared of snow to gain access for inspection. The hard work that was done last summer to install an "I" beam under the pump deck to stop the deck from heaving due to ground movement was successful. The deck was flat on the "I" beam and had not moved. On the other hand, the ground soil under the pump deck and the rock base in the pump house open areas had risen approximately 2-3 inches which is normal from past years.

The water gravity holding tank, pumping tank, and spring #2 were inspected at the shed area near the springs. The low pumped system tank was also inspected. All were in great shape. Water was overflowing from the gravity tank and springs #1 and #2. Valves were turned on to put water into the pumping tank from spring #2 (spring #1 remains off-line) to flush the tank and drain lines at the pump house. Shortly thereafter, pumping of the low pump tank was started and filled to approximately 1 foot. Later it was determined that there was a leak in the low tank system. Water eventually drained but settled to around 60-66 feet above the pump house.  The line at the end of Tiptop was drained, the Tamarack and Beaver Run valves, and various hydrants were checked to validate were water was and wasn't. These checks put the water leak somewhere above Hawthorne up to Simons' cabin on Tiptop to around Gomes' Cabin on Pinecrest. Due to snow levels, there was no excess water runoff visible. The Pinecrest, Tiptop, and Hawthorne lines were flushed. The low tank was pumped again to around 1 foot and left overnight to determine if the water loss continued. On Saturday, it was again verified that the water level had dropped to the same readings as before.

A walk around to cabins in the area did not observe excess runoff indicators as before. On Sunday, the tank was pumped again to approximately 1 foot with a visual walk around inspection of the area while the tank was being pumped. No excess running water was observed. On Monday morning 05/30, the tank line pressure had settled down to the same 60-66 feet above the pump house. Further inspection of the low tank system will have to be conducted once the snow clears and further review of the main line and cabin lines can be conducted. Jay Wheaton plans on leaving the low tank pumped system in operation, weather depending, to the current water level as noted above.

The high pumped system was not turned on due to inaccessible valves, the amount of snow and user base. The gravity system currently is on with only the Lodgepole lateral on. The Tamarack lateral is planned to be turned on within a week or two. The Easy and Glacier lateral remain off due to snow levels and user base at this time.

Check out the recent pictures of the area.

05/25/11:  Received information this evening that it was snowing at the subdivision. Frank Chop advised yesterday that the subdivision roads still have deep snow with mostly hard packed snow on them. The roads are not accessible by street vehicles.  Frank is still using his snowmobile to get around in the subdivision. Jay Wheaton is going to assess the gravity system Thursday or Friday to determine if Tamarack can be turned on. Lodgepole is currently on. All other laterals off the gravity system remain off at this time. The pumped system will remain off until the snow melts further.

05/15/11:  A morning weather report from the subdivision.  Jay Wheaton advises at 9AM this morning there was 5 inches of new snow and a temperature of 16.8F.

05/13/11:  Weather conditions have warmed up. The temps were in the high 50s today. Currently 40 at around 10:30 PM. There is still around 4 feet of snow but that will not last long if weather conditions remain warm. Cooler weather is expected this weekend. Received word from Carolyn Webb, of Virginia Lakes Resort, that they plan to have the resort open on May 27.

05/09/11:  Currently, 5:30 PM, 4 inches of fluffy snow has fallen. Temperature is 20 degrees outside. The high today was 29 at about 11:00 AM for a short period of time then it began to drop. The temp this morning was 16 degrees at 6:30 AM. VL Road is clear. Snow flurries are currently coming down.

05/08/11:  A bear is roaming the subdivision. Jay Wheaton reports that a bear "ate" his ice chest sometime between Saturday evening 05/07 and Sunday morning time 05/08. This seems like a fairly early visit by a bear. Just a reminder to be mindful of bears when you go out at night time and to not leave food or trash outside. Weather turned cold with a couple inches of snow falling. The weather projected to change mid week to warmer conditions.

05/04/11:  Just returned from the subdivision late last night. Here is a brief update. 

The County cleared the VL Road from Rand Road all the way to Big Virginia Lake on Friday 04/29. It was pretty much 2 lanes to the Trumbull Lake Campground gate. From there it was 1 lane to the Big V Lake with a parking area cleared out. They brought up a different snow blower which did the clearing job quicker without breakdowns.

Many thanks to Jeff Walters and his crew for clearing the roads as the snow type and levels created a tough go for clearing this year. Jeff has provided me a list of his employees that took part in the opening process of VL Road this year. They are: Steve Amundson, Russell Brown, Harry Bryan, Eric Duro,  Shelley Goff, Bob McCullough, Brett McCurry, Jason Small, and Mike Vaughan.  PS: If you have an opportunity, drop Jeff an email note thanking him for all the hard work he and his crew did. Jeff can be reached via email at: jwalters@mono.ca.gov

Access to Little Virginia and Trumbull was via foot, sled, or snowmobile with access from VL Road. Snow surface was pretty firm in the morning hours but softened up some what in the afternoon.

On Opening Day Saturday, there were about 30 folks on Big V around 8:30 AM when I showed up. Fishing was brisk as I caught my limit within 1 hour. Fish caught and observed were small up to around 12-14 inches. I did not check out Little Virginia Lake that day. However, I did not see anyone on Trumbull Lake.

Weather was pretty good with clear skies and a very slight breeze now-and-then. The Department of Forestry (Don and Jimmy) were up at Big V Lake and surrounding areas to check out the activities in the area, snowmobile traffic and etc.

On Sunday, there was a much smaller group of fisherman at Big V when I went up around 9 AM. I saw 16 people fishing on the lake. I also saw a few out on Little Virginia and 2 on Trumbull Lake.

On Monday, there were around 12 folks in the morning hours at Big V, several at Little, and 2 on Trumbull. fishing was slow.

Road surfaces were clear and dry by Monday except for the road into big V from the Trumbull Campground gate.

There was still considerable snow in the subdivision and surrounding areas of 3-5 feet. However, there was considerable bare areas on surrounding hill areas.

Temperatures began to rise on Monday to the mid to high 50s and lows at night to the mid 20s. Prior to Monday (05/02) the night time temps had gone down to 10-14 degrees with highs in the 40s during the daytime. Winds stopped around Friday evening (04/29) and then picked up Sunday (05/01) afternoon.

The gravity system main line down to Tamarack remains on and is working fine. Water is still available at Spring #2 and gravity tank overflows, and at the Pinecrest gravity orange faucet. the orange faucet at Tamarack is broken and will be repaired shortly. The experiment of leaving the gravity main line (no laterals) on during winter seems to have work well. Members up in the subdivision during the winter months appreciated easier access to water.

If weather conditions remain as they have been and with steady snow met, attempts to turn on the water system, or portions of it, may take place by Memorial Weekend. This all will depend on weather conditions - especially night time and day time temperatures. Further updates on opening the system will be provided as we move closer to that time frame.

Check out the latest pictures posted.

04/28/11:  Road clearing update: Virginia Lakes road is currently pretty much cleared two lanes to Dunderberg Road. Today they cut a one lane to Rand road. The County plans on clearing that section to two lanes tomorrow Friday. They are going to clear a large parking area at Rand Road. As of this morning, the County was not planning on going past the Rand Road location. Anything is possible at this point however and it's possible they could clear the road farther for opening day - but I would not count on it. Weather has been clear but the winds picked up today. It is suppose to be cold Saturday and warming up Sunday. This will be the last update to the web site prior to Opening Day on Saturday 04/30 as I have no internet acess unless I go down to the library in Bridgeport. If you make it up to the subdivision we do have water running in the main gravity system line only (no lateral lines). Water is available at the spring overflow and at the bottom of Pinecrest. Happy Fishing on Opening Day if you come up.

04/24/11:  No change in road conditions. Weather has been windy and cold. Snow has been softening up during the day but hardening at night time. Weather reports indicate that better weather is coming the middle of the week. Additional road conditions will be posted during the week if access is gained to the internet while up at the subdivision this week.

04/23/11:  County crews were up working on the road today. They continued to widen and clear the roadway up to Dunderberg Road (DBR) and they also cut a one lane path 100 yards past DBR to the east. The snow is still deep at that point. Parking is very limited 3-4 spots at DBR with a tight turn-around area. Ample parking is available at the parking area just in from 395 on VL Road. The web site will be updated through tomorrow Sunday 04/24 as the Webmaster will be headed up for opening day on Monday. Attempts will be made to update the site remotely while up there if access can be gained to the internet. However, the cell site at Conway was not allowing "Data Transfers" the other day with only cell phone access. Check out the latest pictures provided by Carolyn Webb from the Virginia Lakes Resort.

04/22/11: No progress has been gained on clearing the road past Dunderberg Road (DBR) as of the end of the work day and for the week. The County crew has been working very hard and trying to widen the roadway 2 lanes up to DBR. Equipment breakdowns has slowed progress considerably. It is 2 lanes to the heliport (HP) and 1 to 1 1/2 lanes more-or-less in some places from the HP on up to DBR. Snow remains in some areas on the roadway farther along the way to Dunderberg road making the ride bumpy. It has been cold with winds and snow. There is a small parking area at DBR for perhaps 3-4 cars - but the road is technically closed. A current road condition report is expected late Saturday 04/23 with some updated pictures.

04/20/11:  County crew made it to Dunderberg Road today. Snow has been very hard and has been breaking shear pins on the blower and various welds. The road up to that point is still one way back down the road quite a ways. They plan on trying to widen the roadway tomorrow if their equipment remains operational. The whole road is technically closed at this time. The winds have been blowing most of the day although skies are clear. The snow along the road sides is very soft in some areas. It is possible that they will not get the road cleared to Trumbull Campground by opening day. Further reports will be provided as information is obtained. Check out the picture at Dunderberg Road from late this afternoon.

04/19/11:  Crews made it past the first left curve and into the slide hill area just beyond (see slide hill area picture from 04/18). This puts them about 100 yards or so from Dunderberg Road.The road is still one lane a considerable distance behind where work stopped for today.

04/18/11: The road crew made it to the end of the first left curve just after the long straight-a-way section by close of work today. They still have a ways to go before hitting Dunderberg Road. Lots of snow still in the area. The snow is breaking down so stay on known tracks. Here are the latest pictures.

04/17/11:  The road has been cleared, more-or-less, one lane from the 3.1 mile point to the first left curve (about 4 mile mark) way before Dunderberg Road as of the report received this evening. There are two pictures. One looking towards Dunderberg from the 3 1/2 mile marker and the other looking back to the east from the 3 3/4 mile marker. County crews should be widening the one lane portion beginning tomorrow.

04/12/11 - update:  They have cleared snow on both lanes of VL Road to 3.1 miles from 395.  They may try to make it to the first left curve at the end of the long straight-a-way tomorrow. Here is the latest picture.

04/12/11:  The VL Road has been cleared to the Lower Creek Campground road #139 turnoff as of the end of the 04/11 workday. The road is 2 lanes to the heliport and 1 lane to #139. The County will be clearing the 1 lane section today and hopefully moving forward. Check out the lastest picture taken at 7:10 PM last night by Carolyn Webb.

04/07/11:  The County continues to work on snow clearing on VL Road to 2 lanes. However, they have not made any mileage progress. They remain just below the heliport area. Based on this progress it does not appear that they will be to the subdivision by Friday of this week. Carolyn Webb said she would continue to provide us updates. Thanks Carolyn! Here are a couple of pictures from the end of the work day on 04/07. These pictures are below the heliport. One looking up the road and one down the road.

04/05/11 - update:  Carolyn Webb provided some pictures of the road clearing as of the end of work today. She said they are about 1 1/2 miles up the road. Check out the four (4) pictures that she provided.

04/05/11:  Carolyn Webb from VL Resort advised that the County started to plow the VL Road Monday 04/05/11. They brought up the blower on Friday and the grader on Monday. They have blown about 1 mile of snow and stopped around the heliport area. Carolyn will provide us an update as they progress. Frank Chop also contacted us this morning. He was told that they should be up to the subdivision by Friday if all goes well. There are some big drifts around Green Lakes Road turn off. There is still about 5 feet of snow at the subdivision with some higher amounts throughout the subdivision depending on shade and tree factors. A storm front is coming in Thursday and about 6 inches of new snow is expected.

03/30/11:  The Bridgeport Ranger District is sponsoring a free informative talk regarding avalanche awareness. The Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center is presenting "An Avalanche Awareness evening with Sue Burak" on Wednesday, April 13, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM at the Bridgeport Memorial Hall. The informative talk with Sue Burak will help explain avalanche danger, what defines avalanche terrain, and some basic steps for reducing avalanche risk. Also included will be some awesome avalanche videos - "Know Before You Go" and "More Than Meets The Eye." 

03/28/11:  Daryl Simons provided a couple of pictures that Carolyn Webb from the VL Resort sent him. The 03/21/11 pictures are of Conway summit looking west from the CalTrans area and the back area of the Webb home at the Summit. Lots of snow in these pictures. I also saw on the VL Ridge Weather Station Site that there had been a high of 109 inches of snow on 03/25/11. The snow level has settled back down to around 90 inches as of 2 PM today. Check out the pictures.

03/24/11:  Lots of snow is falling at the subdivision. The local weather station at Virginia Lakes Ridge states 11 inches in the last 6 hours (2 PM to 8 PM) today with a total of 100 inches. Here is a short paste from the weather station site:

Weather Conditions for:
Elev: 9200 ft; Latitude: 38.07; Longitude: -119.23

Current time:

Thu, 24 Mar 10:01 pm (PDT)

Most Recent Observation:

Thu, 24 Mar 9:00 pm (PDT)



24 Hr

24 Hr














6 hour

24 hour

6 hr Acc

24 hr Acc












24 Mar 9:00 pm







24 Mar 8:00 pm










24 Mar 7:00 pm










24 Mar 2:00 pm









24 Mar 1:00 pm









24 Mar 12:00 pm









24 Mar 9:00 am










23 Mar 2:00 pm










23 Mar 1:00 pm










23 Mar 12:00 pm










23 Mar 11:00 am










23 Mar 10:00 am









23 Mar 9:00 am










23 Mar 8:00 am










23 Mar 7:00 am










23 Mar 6:00 am










23 Mar 5:00 am









03/12/11:  Jay Wheaton reports there is about 7 feet of snow on the ground in the subdivision. The snow is real firm with about 2 inches of soft snow on top. The weather has been nice and the snow is melting. The road is not plowed but the snow is flat and hard. Pictures to follow.  

02/14/11:  Just returned from a trip (2-8 to 2-13) to the subdivision. The weather was clear blue skies and night time temps around 6-10F and 40F during the day. Saturday night however was 24F and in the 50s during the day. A small storm was moving in today and tomorrow.

The area had a couple of avalanches in the subdivision sometime back to December - no one knows when it took place. Both avalanches may have been from the same avalanche but split into by the mountain terrain. One was in the normal avalanche zone area over the very east end of Tip Top Lane and down into Glacier Dr. Some damage was done to structures in that area. The snow is still about 4-5 feet in that area. No damage on Easy Street that was observable. The other was above the upper water tank above Summit. Lots of trees came down above and around the tank but no damage to the tank that could be found.

The road in from 395 is open only to the parking area just in on Virginia Lakes Road about 1/2 mile. The road is covered with hard packed snow from lots of snowmobile traffic. The subdivision has 4-5 feet of snow in most areas. Water is flowing from the springs and is nice and clear and cold. The new orange hydrants at Pinecrest and Tamarack are working and providing water from the gravity line. There was not much road traffic observed up to Big Virginia Lake during the trip. A few pictures have been posted of the area.

01/21/11:  Latest snow info for the subdivision was provided by Frank Chop this morning. He said there was 3 1/2 to 4 feet of snow in front of his cabin on the horse trail along Virginia Lakes Road. Weather was clear with blue skies. Also for pretty close daily and hourly temperature, snow and precipitation information check out the "Virginia Lakes Ridge" weather station at: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?sid=VGAC1&table=1&banner=off or go to the links section to the left. Look under "Weather" and then click on "Virginia Lakes" to see the site.

01/20/11:  Member Ron Reck provided a couple of pictures that he took on January 5 when he cross country skied in. He said there was about 5 to 6 feet of snow in the subdivision with 8 inches of new snow. Check out the pictures of his cabin and Virginia Lakes Road looking west.

01/16/11:  Happy New Year! The latest road and snow information was received by Frank Chop from John Webb from the VL Lodge. The main Virginia Lakes Road is closed from the parking area just off 395 past the Summit Inn on into the subdivision. The snow depth is around 4 feet. The snow has been packed down pretty good from all the snowmobile activity on the road.

The cell site at Conway Summit now says  AT&T 3G when you use your cell phone. Hopefully we will have better cell phone service at the subdivision.


12/10/10: Member Ron Reck reports his cabin along Virginia Lakes Road had 28 inches of snow on his front deck this week.  Virginia Lakes Road remains open at this time.

11/23/10:  The two orange gravity line hydrants were locked off Saturday 11/20. See note below regarding access to them. It was also reported there was 16 inches of snow on Saturday. There probably is more now since a new storm moved in a few days ago. Rumors have it that Mammoth received 3 to 4 feet of snow. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

11/16/10:  The weather in the Virginia Lakes area has drastically changed within the last few weeks. The Aspen leaves have fallen, snow has arrived, and temperatures have dropped. A recent trip on 11/12 to 11/15 found 4 inches of snow and 1 inch of ice on the local lakes. Temperatures were in the low 20s during the night and low 40s during the day. It did warm up a little during the day on Sunday to the low 50s. The gravity system main line and two orange hydrants are in working order. 

It was decided to lock the two orange hydrants off during the winter months, beginning approximately 11/21, to prevent unauthorized use and vandalism. If you are a Water Corp. member in good standing, will visit your cabin in the sub division during the winter months, and have a need for water other than going to Spring #2 overflow, you may request a key. Each key request will require a nominal charge of $2.00 to cover the cost of key duplication and postage as to not burden other members with this cost. Each key issued will be numbered for tracking purposes. Please use the "Contact us" tab to the left to submit your request for a key.

If you happen to drive up to the sub division and want to go up Tamarack, please be aware of the ORANGE METAL SAFETY MARKER and ORANGE SAFETY CONES that are in the middle of the driveway apron at Virginia Lakes Road. The main gravity line shut-off valve cover box was severely damaged by a propane delivery truck. Access is still available to Tamarack, but one will have to go around the Orange Marker and Orange Cones on the left side. Do not go around on the right side as there is new fill dirt and your vehicle may get stuck. This condition will be repaired once the snow melts, the ground dries out, and work resumes on the gravity line replacement.

10/31/10:  The main gravity line has been turned on. No gravity laterals up Tamarack, Lodge Pole, Easy, or Glacier are on due to shallow pipe depth. Water on the gravity line is available at Pinecrest and Tamarack just off Virginia Lakes Road at the orange hydrants. As usual, water is also available at the spring area out of the white overflow line at spring #2 (see picture). This overflow line is about two feet above ground level and allows for filling of water buckets and other storage containers. We are also looking at ways to secure the orange hydrants during winter months to prevent unauthorized use and vandalism. If you have any suggestions please contact us via email at:   info@virginialakeswater.com

Work on the gravity line replacement has ended for the season. Work will start back up next year after the snow melts and the ground is solid.

Today it was reported that there was around 2 inches of snow but melting. Winds were blowing at Big Virginia Lake with no ice or fisherman. Little Virginia Lake has some ice. Night time temps have been down into the mid to high 20s.

The last day for trash pickup this season will be Wednesday morning November 17. If you happen to be at the sub division after that date, please take your trash home with you.

10/23/10:  The pumped water systems were shut down today, Saturday 10/23/10, due to weather conditions. It was snowing as the systems were shut down. It is anticipated that the gravity system (main line only - no laterals) will be turned on within a week after partial replacement of the line is completed down to Tamarack. The line should remain on during the winter months if no problems occur. This would be the first year, of the 50 year history of the water company, that a water line has been left on for use during the winter. The web site will be updated when the gravity line is turned on.

10/19/10:  The gravity line replacement is past Pinecrest and within 40 feet of Frank Chop's west property boundary. Weather had been wet since 10/15 with evening temps down to 34 but averaging around 40. The water systems are planned to be shut down the weekend of 10/23-10/24. The gravity main line will be turned on once work on the replacement line is finished for the season. No gravity lateral lines up Tamarack, Lodgepole, Easy, or Glacier will be on. Gravity line flow water will be available at Pinecrest and Tamarack at the orange handle spigots (see picture of the one at Pinecrest) when water flow is turned on. Also, water will be available, as usual, at spring #2 overflow white pipe (see picture)

The Aspen's have really changed colors - so beautiful!

10/11/10:  Progress continues on the gravity line and pumped line. The pumped line along Big V Road is in and being backfilled. It should be operational tomorrow 10/12 after being flushed and chlorinated. The gravity line is almost to Pinecrest. It is anticipated that the gravity line will be replaced to Tamarack or hopefully to Lodge Pole before winter sets in within the next two to three weeks.

The water systems are still on, except for the gravity system as previously noted in past posts.

Winter shut down of the water systems was set for this coming weekend of 10/16 but may be extended a week or so depending on weather conditions. We will not know until this weekend. If the shut down is extended, water should be available for all areas except Easy and Glacier.

A note will be posted here on the Web Site next week as to the water system status.

Check out the pictures section. Member Martha Zetterbaum sent some very nice views of the recent snow storm that came in around Monday 10/4/10.

10/02/10: Work continues on the gravity line and pumped line along Virginia Lakes Road. Several delays have occurred due to "Huge" rocks slowing progress.  Check out a few pictures of these rocks and their size. The new pipe depth is at least 4 feet or more where the old was 1 1/2 to 2 feet down. A big excavator was  brought in 09/29 to help speed up the digging. As of 09/29 the line had reached the Reck Cabin along Virginia Lakes Road near the turn off for the pump house road. Water to Easy and Glacier from the gravity line is still shut off. Water is available by bucket at the pump house area from the hydrant by the log cabin, at spring #2 overflow, or at other hydrants on Summit, Tip Top, and Beaver Run.

It is anticipated, depending on weather, that the pumped water system will be shut down the weekend of October 16 & 17. The gravity system main lines (not laterals), or portions of it, may be turned back on depending on progress of the line replacement. If this schedule changes a note will be posted here on the Website.

Don Meier is sending out late payment notices to those members who have not paid their assessments. Delays in receiving payments from members curtails work projects, funds available for projects, and ability to pay Water Company bills. If you have not paid, please send in your payment, to Ross Oswald, as directed on your assessment billing. If you need payment arrangements, please contact Don via email at don@virginialakeswater.com

09/17/10:  Work is progressing on the water gravity line replacement. The new gravity line shut-off valve was installed near the shed and pipe has been laid to around the log cabin as of today. More lines will be laid tomorrow down to around the entrance road just east of the pump house. A change in replacing the pumped line along Virginia Lakes Road (down to Pinecrest) took place. The new pumped line has been connected to the valve just north of log cabin in the road and pipe is also being laid. This line will go down to the Jensen cabin ending just before reaching Pinecrest. Our initial plan was to lay this pipe in the same trench as the new gravity line (to save $ and digging a trench later) starting at the pump house, then later extend the line up to the street valve and connect the three cabins on the old pump line when additional funds were available. That has now changed and the line will be put into service instead.

Currently the gravity system is not in operation. However, we have been able to back feed the gravity lines on Tamarack and Lodgepole by using fire hoses, garden hoses, and shutting off the main lateral street valves. We are not able to connect Easy and Glacier at this time. Water is available at Spring #2 overflow for those needing water. Just bring your 5 gallon bucket. It is anticipated that this condition will continue for two more weeks.

Please note: Travel up Tamarack has been blocked just above Beaver Run due to the temporary hose connections for the gravity system lines on Tamarack and Lodgepole. The top of Tamarack can be reached from Pinecrest and Tip Top.

The pumped system along Virginia Lakes Road is also not in operation at this time. It is anticipated that this line will be back in operation in about one week.

All other pumped water lines are in operation (high and low tanks systems).

We have been taking pictures of the work being done. We will posted a few here on our Web Site when they are made available to the Web Master. We will also have some pictures at our annual shareholder meeting next July 2010.

09/12/10:  Work will begin on the gravity line replacement starting Monday 09/13/10. The gravity line will be out of service temporarily during certain phases of the work. Progress updates will be provided.

09/05/2010:  Plans to replace the gravity system 6 inch main are underway. A contract has been signed to begin the work hopefully by mid or end of September 2010.  Due to the limited funds available, we anticipate half of the main line to be replaced this year (approximately to Tamarack) weather permitting. The remainder will be completed next year. The overall work to be done will be a new 6 inch main line from the pumping tank area to Glacier, an in-line shut off valve midway in the line, main shut offs at each street lateral (Tamarack, Lodgepole, Easy, and Glacier) and single hose bib riser valves (those orange handled ones) at Pinecrest, Tamarack, Lodgepole, Easy, and utilizing the existing hydrant at the end of the line at Glacier. The line will be 4 feet below the surface. This will allow for the main gravity line (no street laterals) to remain in operation during winter months once completed. The hose bib risers will eventually provide water during winter months, instead of having to get water at the spring overflow, for members coming up to the subdivision. We have not worked out a locking system for member use yet as we want to prevent unwanted use or tampering by outsiders which could potentially damage the system lines.

In addition, we plan to drop in a 4 inch line in the same gravity line trench from the pump house to just west of Pinecrest (down to the Jensen property). This will eventually replace the existing line that is on the pumped system in that area and not necessitate re-digging for this line at a later date (except for the three (3) existing service connections). This is a huge savings.

There may some traffic delays during the construction. Alternate routes will be available through the sub division.

Orange marker snow poles have been installed on all 12 of the hydrants throughout the sub division. Check out the picture. Hopefully these will help them from being damaged by snow mobiliary and others.

08/13/10: BOIL WATER ORDER has been removed.  A special Enumeration bacterial test of the system water was requested by the County Health Department and submitted after two prior water tests had passed. The Enumeration test also passed. Jay Wheaton then met with Jon Drozd from the County Health Department to inspect the water facilities. Mr. Drozd removed the "BOIL WATER ORDER" with the condition that we submit monthly water samples for the remainder of our pumping season (into October or so). We will continue to only use Spring #2 until we can extend the containment walls deeper on spring #1. The wall extension would then better protect the spring from outside surface water contamination and plant growth infiltration. Otherwise this is good news. The Mammoth Water District, which conducts the tests on our water samples, said that the test results we submitted are the best of the area waters that they test. Jay Wheaton will post the Boil Water Order removal notice at the Pump House shed bulletin board.

08/10/10:  Ed Skvarna, prior Water Company Vice President from 1967 thru 1975 passed away in Covina, CA on August 7, 2010 at age 86. Ed was a long time property owner in the sub division until selling his cabin and various lots.

08/04/10:  The new water pump purchased in 2009 was installed. This new pump replaced a much older #2 pump that was inoperative. We currently have been using two pumps on an alternating basis. This new addition will provide additional backup should a pump fail. Bert McKee will be jetting the pump carburetor for the subdivision elevation.
A County Planning Commission meeting will be coming up soon to review the various codes and regulations for our area. No date for the meeting at this time. A special enumeration bacterial water test was requested by the County Health Department after our water system passed two prior submitted water samples. Should this special test pass, we have hopes that the Boil Water Order will be removed.

07/26/10: The Additonal water quality test passed. The results have been submitted to the County Health Department to determine what further testing, if any, is required before the "Boil Water Order" can be lifted.

07/22/10:  Garden hose connections were installed on all the subdivision fire hydrants. At some locations there is one 1 1/2 inch fire hose connection and one garden hose connection. At a few locations there is only the garden hose connection which can easily be unscrewed to attach a 1 1/2 inch fire hose.

07/21/10:  Spring #1 overflow was installed underground by Ross Oswald and Jay Wheaton to eliminate as much surface water as possible around the spring. Additional vegetation was also cleared during this work. Two french drains were installed to assist in the removal of subsurface ground water run off by Spring #1 and surrounding tank areas. Spring #2 output lines were also covered to prevent UV and physical damage. The area was leveled with rock/gravel/sand fill to allow for better runoff conditions.

07/19/10:  Water quality test of the water system passed. An additional test to be completed and submitted next week.

07/03/10:  Great turnout of members for the annual meeting. The County Planning Department attended and discussed their recent survey results they sent out to all the Virginia Lakes Subdivision property owners. The existing board members were reelected. However, a change in the board positions will take affect. Jay Wheaton will now become the President with Bert McKee becoming a member-at-large. Bert wanted to remain on the board but begin to slowing reduce his responsibilities. Bert will be mentoring the younger board members with system operations and site information for the next couple of years/

07/01/10:  On July 1, Bert McKee, Don Meier, Jay Wheaton, David Berger, and Ross Oswald installed a metal beam under the pump house pumping platform. This beam will eliminate the frost heaving problems we have had for years with the lifting of the platform during year spring thaw. In the past this heaving condition has caused damage to the pump housings and connections. Check out the pictures.

06/22/10:  Just returned from the subdivision tonight. The pumped water systems are in operation.   The Lower Pumped system was turned on Saturday 06/19 and the Upper Pumped system was completed Sunday 06/20. Tanks were cleaned, snow damage repairs completed to pumping tanks and system chlorinated. We had one line break in the lower pumped system along Virginia Creek Road in some old piping. The leak was repaired. We also had a few leaks here and there from member lines/valves. The "Boil Water Order" is still in effect. We have been discussing the "Order" with the County and we believe we have a solution in the works.

Also, Due to the excellent response received by the County to their Virginia Lakes survey, The Mono County Planning Workshop for the Virginia Lakes area has been rescheduled from July 5 to July 3 at 2 PM. The Workshop will be held at our Subdivision's Annual Water Corporation meeting at the pump house to discuss the results. If at all possible, please try to attend this meeting.

06/11/10:  Road condition update: The subdivision roads are muddy and soft in areas. Wednesday, the trash company truck got stuck while dumping the trash dumpsters down by the spring area. As a result, several deep holes/ruts are in the dumpster road area. Be extra careful when driving in the dumpster area until these holes can be filled in. 

Also drive slowly on the subdivision roads to avoid further road damage as a result of the melting snow and water run-off.

Ice update on the lakes: Big V, Little V, Blue and Trumbull all are ice free.

Bridgeport's 148th Annual Fourth of July Celebration Schedule is attached:

Friday July 2 

Arts & Crafts Festival - School Street - 9:00 AM
Kids Fun Attractions - Courthouse Lawn - as soon as set up
Book Sale - Hosted by Friends of Library - School Street - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Turkey Shoot (Sponsored by Bridgeport Gun Club) *** Guns & ammo avail at range - Masonic Rd & Hwy 182 - 9:00 AM

Saturday July 3

Softball Tournament - Aurora Canyon Rd. - 8:00 AM
Arts & Crafts Festival - School Street - 9:00 AM
Kids Fun Attractions - Courthouse Lawn - as soon as set up
Book Sale - Hosted by Friends of Library - School Street - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Horseshoe Tournament - Singles - Prizes and More - In the Park - 9:30 AM
Bridgeport Ranch Rodeo - North End of Town - 11:00 AM
Community Dance - (18 & Under) E.S.A. - Memorial Hall - 8:00 PM
Dance (21 & older) Live Music - B.P. Indian Colony Comm. Center - 9:00 PM

Sunday July 4

Pancake Breakfast - Hosted by the Eastern Sierra Academy - Memorial Hall - 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM
Five Mile Run & Three Mile Walk - Lower Twin Lakes - 8:00 AM
Softball Tournament Finals - Aurora Canyon Rd. - 8:00 AM
Church Services - B.P. Christian Fellowship - Courthouse Lawn - 8:30 AM
Arts & Crafts Festival - School Street - 9:00 AM
Kids Fun Attractions - Courthouse Lawn - as soon as set up
Book Sale - Hosted by Friends of Library - School Street - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Parade - Main Street - 10:00 AM
Horseshoe Tournament - Doubles - Prizes and More! - In the Park - 11:00 AM
Mud Volleyball - Hosted by B.R Gun Club & C.H.S. Boosters - Jct 395 & 182 - 11:30 AM
Parade Awards - Courthouse State - 11:30 AM
B.B.Q. - Sponsored by Bridgeport Gun Club - In the Park - 11:30 - 2:00 PM
Five Yard Diaper Dash - Westside of courthouse - 12:00 AM
Find the Money In the Haystack - age limit 3 to 10 - Westside of Courthouse - 12:30 PM
Karaoke Sing-A-Long/D.J. - Courthouse Lawn - 12:30 PM
Watermelon Eating Contest - In Front of Courthouse - 1:00 PM
Arm Wrestling - Courthouse Lawn Stage Area - 1:30 PM
Rubber Duck Race - Jct 182 & 395 - 2:00 PM
Bridgeport Ranch Rodeo - North End of Town - 2:00 PM
Greased Pole Contest - age limit 14 - Courthouse Lawn - 3:30 PM
Spectacular Fireworks Display - Airport - Dark

Monday July 5

Arts & Crafts Festival - School Street - 9:00 AM
Kids Fun Attractions - Courthouse Lawn - as soon as set up

‘Safe and Sane Fireworks”
Available on July 4th
from Eastern Sierra Academy
at School St. and Highway 395

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT www.bridgeportcalifornia.com

06/09/10: Warm weather at the subdivision has melted much of the snow. A majority of the roads are now passable but muddy due to run-off water.  When driving on the subdivision roads be sure and go slow to limit damaging the road surfaces due to the soft surface from the melting snow and run-off water. The majority of the ice has melted on the lakes as well.

The pumped water system will not be in operation until sometime during the weekend of June 19 due to some system maintenance that needs to be completed before turn-on.

Each property owner should have received a letter/Questionaire from Mono County regarding the Virginia Lakes Area. Hopefully you completed and returned the Questionaire and can also attend the July 5 meeting to be held in Bridgeport. At this time, we do not know the location or time in Bridgeport. We hope to have more info by the time we hold our annual membership meeting at the pump house on July 3.

06/02/10:  The snow has been melting fairly rapidly. Ice at Big Virginia Lake was at approximately 2 1/2 to 3 feet with slush to hard pack on the surface. Open water at the inlet and outlet with some cracks in the ice surface. The worst day was Monday 05/31 for softness of the surface snow. Subdivision snow varied from one (1) foot to three (3) feet depending on the area. Temps were from 28 at night to 50 in the day time (period 5/27 to 6/01) and very little wind.

We anticipate starting the opening process of the pumped water system during the 06/12 weekend. That is if we have low or no snow levels, all goes well in locating all the drain valves, doing opening maintenance, clean up, and no line breaks. We will keep you posted on that progress.

No new bear sightings have been reported.

05/25/10:  Latest subdivision update: A big black colored bear visited Frank Chop's front porch within the last couple of days. The bear destroyed his ice chest on the porch. Frank pounded on the wall and window and the bear just sat there. He then tossed a couple of fire crackers and the bear moved on. The bear does not seem to have fear of people, but also is not aggressive that Frank could tell. If you are going to your cabin, be careful not to leave any food in your vehicle or outside of the cabin. Keep all trash inside your cabin or take it to the trash bins down by the pump house.

Weather/snow conditions:  There is still 2 feet to 3 to 4 feet of snow on Pinecrest and some of the other streets in the subdivision. Tip Top, Hawthorne. and Tamarack each have around 2 feet. The avalanche area has less snow up high due to the open areas to the sun light. The end of Tip Top by the avalanche area has around a foot of snow.  The area around the "Y" at Summit and Tip Top has a foot or so of snow. The pump house area road has about 2 feet of snow. Recent snow fall has been 4 to 5 inches within the last couple of days.

About 2 feet of snow has melted in the last couple of weeks.

A storm is coming in Tuesday night and will last until Friday. Snow is expected. Saturday 05/29 is expected to be clear and nice.

The gravity water system is on. The pumped system remains off and more than likely will not be on for several more weeks due to snow conditions.

Water is available at the white over flow pipes just south of the storage shed. Use the one white pipe to the left as you face the pipes as that one comes from spring #2. Spring #2 tested okay all last year and at the end of the season. If you use water from the gravity system, be sure and boil the water if you plan on using it to drink.

Temperature this afternoon around 12:30 PM was 48 degrees. Temps at 10 PM have been around 23 degrees.

05/21/10:  A report from Jay Wheaton advised that there is a bear in the area of the subdivision. Jay left a gallon of milk outside in a cooler at his cabin on Lodgepole DR and when he returned the cooler had been destroyed by a bear and the milk - well, it was too. Please report any other instances of bear sightings to your Webmaster at info@virginialakeswater.com  for updating here on the Web site.

Jay also said that snow remains in the subdivision from 1 to 2 feet and higher in some areas. Lakes still have ice on them but is becoming mushy due to the melting snow on top. Weather tends to go back and forth between warm and cold days.

05/01/2010:  The gravity water system was turned on due to ease of access to two valve areas. The pumped system will not be on until possibly late May. The main reason is due to snow conditions throughout the subdivision that cover multiple valve locations along with temperature (freezing) concerns that could damage some line areas, the pump house and storage tanks. We will try and get the pumped system on earlier if conditions change and will not cause damage to the system.

The "Boil Water Notice" is still in effect until water samples can be obtained from both systems, tested by the Health Department and then hopefully ultimate clearance to lift the "Boil Water Notice". Below for reference is the "Boil Water Notice".




DATE:  07/17/2009




Due to recent routine water sample testing positive for total coliform the VIRGINIA LAKES MUTUAL WATER CORPORATION’S water system advises system users to use boiled tap water or bottled water for drinking and cooking purposes as a safety precaution.

All tap water used for drinking or cooking should be boiled rapidly for one full minute. This is the preferred method to assure that water is safe to drink. An alternative method of purification-if gas or electricity is not available-is to use liquid household bleach (Clorox, Purex, etc.).

 Add 8 drops (or ¼ teaspoon) of bleach per gallon of clear water or 16 drops (1/2 teaspoon) per gallon of cloudy water. Mix thoroughly and allow to stand a minimum of 30 minutes before using. A chlorine taste and odor will result from this purification process and is an indication that adequate disinfection has taken place.

Water purification tablets may also be used by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Emergency water treatment and testing are being conducted by water system personnel to resolve this water quality emergency. Water system users will be notified as soon as the water is determined to be safe to drink.

For more information call:  Bert McKee – President: 775-846-3004 or

        Don Meier – Vice President: 775-720-4495

04/24/2010:  Opening Day of fishing season at Big Virginia Lake and surrounding lakes was very slow due to the cold weather. Lots of snow at the subdivision ranging from 4 feet to 10 plus feet with wind drifts. Ice depth on Big V was 5 to 6 feet with Little Virginia at around 4 feet. Several pictures provided - check the pictures folder to the left.

04/21/2010:  Assessment billing notices sent out by Don Meier. Please try and get your payment in by May 31, 2010. Mailing instructions are included in the notice that was mailed.

04/14/2010:  The latest road update from Frank. The County got the go-ahead to plow the road all the way to Big Virginia Lake this morning. There is about 4-5 feet of snow on the subdivision road. There is 2-3 inches of powder and the remainder is packed snow under that. Currently the entrance driveway approaches to the subdivision have limited parking as the cut-outs are small. Frank did not know if the County would be widening those areas. He also said there is ice on the road from around the pack station on in. Temps in the morning/night were 18 degrees. A snow storm is coming in the beginning of next week or so.

04/13/2010:  ROAD CLEAR - ROAD CLEAR - ROAD CLEAR: Frank Chop notified us around noon today that the County cleared the road past his cabin and to the end of the subdivision. They were continuing to clear snow on thier way to the Trumbull Campground entrance area.

04/08/2010:  Frank Chop advises that the County began clearing the Big V Road once again. They reached the entrance to the lower campground this morning. If all goes well, they should have the road clear by Tuesday of next week weather permitting. 

04/02/2010:  Frank Chop advises that the County began clearing the Virginia Lakes Road this morning. The area also received about a foot of snow earlier this week. A storm is due to come in next week and they are anticipating more snow to arrive. Currently there is about four feet of snow on the road.

03/25/2010:  Daryl Simons provided some additional pictures that Carol Webb (Big V Lodge) took of the lodge area in late February. Check out the pictures - lots of snow.

03/22/2010:  The latest word from the County Road Department is that they anticipate to begin plowing the Virginia Lakes Road on April 5th. It should take about a week if all goes well. They also stated that weather forecasts indicate the possibility of some late March storms which could change their plowing schedule.  Frank Chop also reported Thursday (03/18) that there was about 5 feet of snow in the subdivision and on the Virginia Lakes Road.

02/04/2010:  There has been lots of snow recently in the Eastern Sierras. Today, I received a couple of pictures from Daryl Simons that were taken by Carol Webb (Big V Lodge) of the Conway Summit area. The pictures were taken just after the storm that went through the area a week or so ago. If anyone has been to the subdivision please send pictures along to me at Ross@virginialakeswater.com) and I will post them.


12/06/09:  The gravity water system was shut down for the season on Saturday 12/05/09 by Frank Chop. The water systems will not be back in operation until approximately May 2010 depending on snow and temperature conditions.

11/01/09:  The gravity water system remains in operation. Temperatures had dropped to the 20's in the day and at night but they have recently been above freezing.

Water test results for the gravity system came back favorable. All systems have now tested okay twice in a row per the County request.

10/19/09:  On Saturday 10/17/09, the high tank and part of the low tank water systems were shut down. On Sunday 10/18/09, the remainder of the low tank system was shut down. The gravity system will remain on until weather conditions require it to be shut down. Frank Chop will shut the gravity system down. Frank typically tries to leave that system on as long as possible until day and night time temperatures are both at freezing levels. The low tank drain valve was also replaced on Saturday as was crack repair work on pumping tank "B" at the pump house area.

Good water tests were obtained on the low, high and gravity systems by Bert approximately 10/07. An additional test of the gravity system was taken by Jay on 10/14 and the results of that sample are pending.

Some pictures of the area were taken 10/14 to show the 10-12 inches of snow that fell on Monday 10/12 but was melting fast due to temperatures in the 50 and 60s.

10/02/09:  Phyllis Sain provided Ross Oswald with some old pictures of the pump house, pumping tanks, and log cabin all near our springs. The pictures of the pump house and pumping tanks are from 1974. The pump house is no longer there and the "A" frame type roofs on the pumping tanks now have a flat cement cover. The picture of the log cabin and subdivider Gil Wedertz is possibly from the late 60's. See the four pictures below.

10/01/09:  The water gravity system will not be shut down the weekend of 10/17 & 18.  It will be shut down when weather conditions worsen by Frank Chop.  However, the pumped systems will be shut down as noted below:

09/29/09:  Winter shut down of the water system is planned for weekend of 10/17 & 18 depending on weather conditions. If the plan to shut down changes, we will update the web site.

09/29/09:  No change in water testing. Bert will be taking samples this week for testing.

Work was completed on 09/25 & 26 by Jay and Ross to get the new fuel tank into operation. Fuel was delivered and old fuel transferred from the old tank. The inside pump house fuel lines were updated along with a fuel pump,  fuel solenoids for the 3 pumps and fuel filters. 

Jay and Ross also finished taking out the trees and bushes that were around pumping tanks #2 & #3 next to the storage shed. This completed the clearing work project to remove plant growth around both of these tanks and help to limit root migration into the tanks.

Work was also completed to dig out the broken drain valve for the low holding tank. This valve will be replaced when the system is shut down and tanks drained in October.

See the associated pictures below.

There has been a large water loss from the high tank this past week of between 1,000 to 2,000 gallons per day. The high tank was pumped full on Tuesday 09/22 and was empty on Thursday 09/24 (10,000 gallons). There were several families on Summit but water usage would not have been that much.

Jay, Bert and Ross began shutting off cabins on Summit along with part of the main line to determine where the loss was taking place. After considerable time a potential underground leak between the Water Company street shut off and a cabin stop-and-waste was found. Currently the cabin, which is not is use, has been shut off to stop the water loss. Repairs are pending.

09/07/09:  Work was completed on pouring the new double wall pump house fuel tank pad, and getting the tank set. Work was also done on an extra high drain out of the pump house should a water line fail and fill the pump house with 10,000 gallons of water.  Thanks to Jay Wheaton, Ross Oswald and friend Don Champion for the work done. Tank hookup should be completed late September.

See the associated pictures below.

Water tests again have come back okay for the low and high tanks and spring #2. Trouble continues with the gravity line due to the limited users on the line. Plans are being considered to replace the gravity line with new lines as those installed on Summit and Tip Top. No costs are available at this time.

A note of caution: A recent theft took place at the Funk cabin on Summit where a tool box  and contents were taken from the property. Just a reminder to keep your cabin and property secured when you are not there. No suspect(s) at this time.

08/03/09:  Here is some useful information provided by Walt Lehmann regarding plants that thrive in the Eastern Sierra and are somewhat fire resistant. Also there are several fire safety and defensible space links for your review as well as some contacts.

Plants: Plants_that_thrive_in_Eastern_Sierra.pdf    

www.cafirealliance.com - download material for Home Defense

http://takeresponsibility.cafirealliance.com - another link for fire safety information

Local BALM Fire Mitigation Specialist, contact Debra Hein (Bishop BLM office) - 760-872-5057 or  dhein@ca.blm.gov

Local USFS contact on Wilderness Fires: Ryan Stone at 760-932-5810 or  rrstone@fs.fed.us

The State Fire Assistance grants are available on the www.firesafecouncil.org website.

08/03/09:  Water samples were taken 07/28/09 from the upper, lower, and gravity systems and taken to Mammoth for testing. All three systems obtain water from Spring #2 since Spring #1 has been shut down. Test results were okay except for the gravity system which failed due to Coliform being present. It is felt that the gravity system failed due to the limited use currently on that line after flushing of all system lines was completed. Don Meier and Bert McKee are working to resolve.  The "Boil Water Order" is still in effect until we can get a clearance from the County. 

07/19/09:  One topic of discussion at the July 4 member meeting was protecting your property from fire by creating a "Defensible Space" around one's cabin. Check out the link below, that was provided by Jay Wheaton for more details.


07/17/09: Please review the "Boil Water Notice" that is posted below. We will update the website as we received further information regarding the water condition:  



DATE:  07/17/2009




Due to recent routine water sample testing positive for total coliform the VIRGINIA LAKES MUTUAL WATER CORPORATION’S water system advises system users to use boiled tap water or bottled water for drinking and cooking purposes as a safety precaution.

All tap water used for drinking or cooking should be boiled rapidly for one full minute. This is the preferred method to assure that water is safe to drink. An alternative method of purification-if gas or electricity is not available-is to use liquid household bleach (Chlorox, Purex, etc.).

 Add 8 drops (or ¼ teaspoon) of bleach per gallon of clear water or 16 drops (1/2 teaspoon) per gallon of cloudy water. Mix thoroughly and allow to stand a minimum of 30 minutes before using. A chlorine taste and odor will result from this purification process and is an indication that adequate disinfection has taken place.

Water purification tablets may also be used by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Emergency water treatment and testing are being conducted by water system personnel to resolve this water quality emergency. Water system users will be notified as soon as the water is determined to be safe to drink.

For more information call:  Bert McKee – President: 775-846-3004 or

        Don Meier – Vice President: 775-720-4495

07/16/09:  A water test from Spring 1 has failed. The holding tank has been cleaned and chlorinated. A second test is pending. Currently, the County has issued a "Boil Water Order" pending the retest. So, please boil your drinking water until further notice. Spring 1 has been closed off and the subdivision is being feed water from Spring 2 which has passed water tests. Board members are also looking to cleaning out the other holding tanks at the spring area to remove infiltration of roots and sediment into the tanks. We are looking for volunteers to help out sometime between Wednesday July 22 and Friday July 24 with the tank cleaning and also with pouring the cement pad for the replacement double wall fuel tank for the pumps. If you are interested in helping, please contact us through the "Contact Us" page here on the web or contact we at the subdivision.

07/04/09:  The annual Water Company meeting was held with a nice turnout of members. The Tiptop water line replacement has been completed down to the Hawthorne intersection. Further work on the line will be completed from Hawthorne down to the "Y" at Summit Dr. and then on down to the pump house. Some old plastic lines at the pump house will be replaced to correct leaks and old fittings. Some road cleanup is still needed from the replacement work. Road gravel and base material will be placed on Hawthorne, Pinecrest and other roads to fill some deep ruts and rough spots in the roads.

Dave Andersen announced he will be stepping down from the board as Secretary-Treasurer but will remain until the end of this year to assist. The addition of a 2nd Member at Large, instead of 1 Member at Large was voted on and approved at the member meeting. This will bring the number of Board members up to 5 from the current 4 members in addition to Dave being Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus. Due to Dave Andersen's pending departure, the following subdivision members were nominated and approved for addition to the Board. David Berger and Jay Wheaton.

Board members for next year 2009/2010 are as follows.:

Bert McKee - President
Don Meier - Vice President
Ross Oswald - Secretary - Treasurer
David Berger - Member at Large
Jay Wheaton - Member at Large
Dave Andersen - Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus (Assistant - Secretary-Treasurer)

06/29/09: The water system is up and running after the installation of the water line on Tip Top. There is still some cleanup work that is needed from the construction efforts. Hope to see you all at the Annual meeting on Saturday July 4 at 2:00 PM at the pump house.

06/19/09: Friday June 19, 2009 Project Status - The crew finished installing the lateral connection for Scott (Lot 7), and will be back filling the trench from Carey to that spot. Earlier today a lateral connection and valve was completed to Hoffman (Lot 5), the lot directly behind Dave Andersen's Cabin. This afternoon, Frank Chop will be "cooking" (sterilizing) the newly replaced Tip-Top Lane segment below the lower tank. If all goes well, the lower tank will be ready for pumping by early tomorrow.

06/18/09: Thursday June 18, 2009 Project status - The crew has completed the Tee intersection at Hawthorne and Tip-Top Lane. Water can be pumped to the lower tank anytime tomorrow. Also installed is the hydrant assembly by Frank & Betty Carey's cabin. They are proceeding northward up Tip-Top towards the large stump and anticipate being by Simon's (Lot 9) by tomorrow. So far so good!

06/16/09:  Tip-Top Lane water line replacement status as of mid-day, Tuesday June 16, 2009. The crew has completed the "Y" intersection at Pinecrest, and is now in front of Don Meier's' parcel. Two service laterals with cut-off valves have been reconnected to the main as they proceed southward along Tip-Top Lane. When more parts arrive today, the crew will begin work on the Hawthorne Rd intersection, allowing the remainder of Tip-Top Lane to be isolated. Once Tip-Top is isolated, the lower tank can be brought back on line. So far, the project seems to be on schedule for all service to be restored by June 27th.  Check out the pictures.

06/11/09: Work has started on the Tip Top water line. Currently we are not able to back feed water from the lower tank. We are hoping that will change to at least being able to back feed Pinecrest and Hawthorne. Don Meier will hopefully be at the subdivision tomorrow 06/12 to see what can be done. There is some water remaining in the lines below the construction area that may provide a little water until it is used up. We also have some minor pipe leaks at the pump house that need repair. Construction will be halted between June 27 and July 12 so water service can be provided during the holidays when the majority of members are up. More info to follow as it is received..


 We are ready to proceed with the replacement of the waterline on Tip Top Lane.  This construction activity will necessitate the shutting down of the lower supply tank.  Water users on the following streets will be affected:

 TAMARAK LANE from Tip Top Lane to Beaver Run

This construction activity is expected to start June 8, 2009 and continue into July.  We plan to suspend construction activity and have water service available from June 27th through July 12th.  While we normally try to schedule construction activity during the “off” times, the available of the contractor, at this time, necessitated that we move forward now.  We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause and will attempt to provide limited service, where practical, during this construction period.  We will attempt to keep you posted on progress and water availability on our web site: www.virginialakeswater.com

We are also looking at the possibilities of back feeding the lower tank water users from the upper tank which would not require any water shut-off.

05/21/09: The pumped low water tank system is operational. It is anticipated that the pumped high tank system will be operational Memorial Weekend if all goes well. Big and Little Virginia Lake ice is melting with many open water areas. Snow in the subdivision is clearing and most areas, except where shading is heavy, should be accessible. A couple pictures have been updated from 05/18/09 taken by Martha Zetterbaum.

05/14/09: The latest news from member Kathy Linn says that the ice on the lakes is breaking up along the edges. They had great fishing up until Saturday May 9. Winds were really blowing. They caught lots of fish! Kathy also had discussions with Frank Chop who agreed that the lake ice was too thin to safely be on.

05/04/09: HOT NEWS UPDATE! The gravity water system lines were put into service today according to Don Meier. Frank Chop assisted in locating some of the important valves that were covered by snow to get the lines flowing with water. There is no ETA for the pumped system.

04/29/09: Weather for Opening Day weekend for fishing season was interesting. Friday 4/24 it was snowing lightly at the top of Conway Summit. As one traveled in on Virginia Lakes Road the snow was heavier with snow sticking to the road around the Green Creek/Dunderberg cut off. At Frank Chop's cabin the snow was coming down heavy. By Saturday morning there was between 6 & 8 inches of new snow. The snow base under the new was solid and packed averaging around 2 to 2 1/2 feet where there were no drifts. 

Weather temps were down to 20 deg F in the evenings and mornings and low 40s in the day. Saturday morning winds were heavy and temps very cold on Big Virginia Lake. Approximately 30 - 40 people were on the lake. Ice depth was around 4 feet. The wind died down mid morning and the overcast went away to semi blue skies. Sunday skies were blue and very little wind with temps up slightly to around 28 in the morning and 48 in the day time. The fishing crowd on Big V was down to 20 fisherman or so. Carolyn Webb from Little Virginia stopped by Big V. She said that Fish and Game did not stock any broodstock fish in the Virginia Lakes at the end of last season. This may be the reason that most of the fish caught were around 10 to 12 inches. Monday weather was a repeat of Sunday. 

The water system is not on due to the low temps and snow levels. Don Meier will be up this week on Thursday for further evaluation on conditions.

I have attached a couple of pictures from Opening Day Weekend.

04/06/09: The clearing of Virginia Lakes Road began the first week in April and the road should be open soon unless we have a big late season storm. We will activate the water systems as soon as conditions permit. The 2009 Assessment Statements will be going out shortly from Don Meier. The annual meeting will be held on Saturday July 4, 2009 at 2:00 PM at the pump house. We encourage all members to attend. If you are unable to attend, please return your PROXY with your Assessment payment by May 31, 2009.

01/17/09: Harry M. Sain passed away at the age of 80  on Tuesday 01/13/09. He was laid to rest Saturday 01/17/09. Mr. Sain was one of the early builders in the Virginia Lakes Tract. He also operated the VL Water Company for many years in the 60's and 70's. Harry helped many members build their cabins over the years. Harry's wife Phyllis, daughter Elizabeth, and son-in-law Tom will continue to enjoy their "A" frame cabin that was built in the early 60's.  Harry will always be in the hearts and memories of those that knew him. Ours prayers go out to his family. May he rest in peace.

01/02/09: I was forwarded an old picture a while back of some workers installing a road sign at the entrance to Trumbull Lake. The picture appears to be from the late 40s or early 50s. It's your guess!

01/01/09: Happy New Year to all! Bert sent a few pictures in to illustrate the type of bear damage that is done when the retaining bar and/or lock is not secured properly on the trash dumpsters. One picture is from 2003 and the other from 08/2008. 


10/19/08: The pumped water system was shut down and winterized due to temperatures getting down to 5 and 27 degrees in the evening and early morning periods. The gravity system will remain on a little longer and will be shut down by Frank Chop.

09/22/08: Recent road realignment work was completed on Tip Top Lane from the pump house up to the top of Pinecrest. This work was done in preparation of installing a new water line in the road right-a-way to replace the old metal line. This line has had many problems in recent years. The work also required the removal of some trees as the road needed widening and straightening to allow for equipment to do the water line work. The road work alignment remained within the 60 foot road easement areas. Five (5) fire hydrants will be added as well as replacing six (6) water valves when the water line is installed. 

Wood from cutting the trees down was placed down near the trash dumpsters by the old log cabin/ pump house area for use by members. Take what you need, but think of other members as well.

07/05/08: Water company meeting was held. Fantastic attendance. Thanks to all those that attended. The existing Board Members were re-elected for 2008/2009. Dave Andersen - Secretary/Treasurer announced that this would be his last year on the board. If any member is interested in his position, please contact Don Meier for further details.

07/04/08: The water company was represented in the Bridgeport 4th of July Parade. Bert McKee drove his VW flat-bed Bug loaded with family and a great sign. Vintage Motorcycle riders - Don Meier, Karrie, Jake & Ross Oswald. We plan on doing it in 2009 as well.

6/04/08: Both the pumped and gravity water systems are up and running as of today. Bert McKee found that the loss of water from the tanks was caused by some members who had not turned off their stop and waste valves which caused cabin supply lines to break. Bert will discuss this issue at the July meeting.

5/29/08: Water system except for gravity was shut down Memorial weekend due to a leak in the system and weather conditions. Bert McKee will be checking the system first week of June to determine where the leak is in the system that is draining the tanks.

Weather during Memorial weekend was low of 26 to 28 degrees to high of 40 degrees with lots of snow. Approximately one foot of snow fell from Thursday to Sunday. Lots of runoff from melting snow as well.

5/17/08: Water gravity system is operational and the tanks for the pumped system are being filled. Foregoing any major system issues the pumped system should be operational by Memorial weekend.  

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